After the upheaval caused by the Opposition’s purchase of $34million dollars worth of obstruction, there are a few things that have been made evident about President Granger…that we must amplify.

He is unruffled by the noise, even when it comes from an international community that has formed a strange alliance to undermine his integrity and de-legitimize any declaration of victory for him and the political Coalition that forms his arm of government.

He remains resolute in his love of country, his commitment to protecting every square mile of its sprawl and unfaltering in protecting this recent blessing of patrimony for Guyanese who lost their stake in the organized rape of resources permitted and executed by the Opposition and Jagdeo; now poster perfect politician for Organization of American States, OAS arm of diplomacy that just seems to blacklist politicians right around when their nations are poised to do something with oil….like Evo of Bolivia…’s exile ,  right when he began exporting Liquid Petroleum Gas to Uruguay and other neighboring countries

It’s hard not to see Granger’s natural decency, his patriotism and unselfish public service, in acquiescing to the suggestions that the general elections, which he invited the international community to observe for propriety, needed to be recounted.

As Guyanese, we know that it was a violation of the Constitution that hoisted Janet to the Presidency, for nowhere in that document does it provide for a Cheddi to appoint his wife President, who was subsequently deemed illegal by the country’s High Court…

and we know that it was flagrant disrespect for the nation that caused that illegal Janet to play revolving President with a willing Sam Hinds to violate the Constitution even further, in readying the nation’s nemesis, Bharrat Jagdeo to ascend to the Presidency, once again by appointment and not constitutionally mandated election.

Not once was there an international chorus of threats to delegitimize, excommunicate, nor were there any brazen letters from a US Ambassador to “The People of Guyana”  touting a deformed democracy that she had tailored for Guyanese with a threatening intonation of follow or else, a cryptic reference to despot Maduro and a menacing tow-the-line inference to our elected politicians with unvarnished disrespect for our country and the people elected to lead.

Lots of us were angry that the Granger -led Administration was so timid in the face of this public act of contempt for our laws and our leaders in a move that smelled of imperialism but we have since had to rescind our thoughts after Granger’s quiet display of fortitude gave us a masterclass in statesmanship and showed us that love of country is not just identifying with the nationality but being prepared for political martyrdom to protect every square mile of its terrain; to “foil the shock of rude invaders” who may think our natural resources were misplaced and that by the laws of imperialism, it is theirs and by right.

Undermining of governments is not novel strategy for countries that call themselves leaders but it becomes a warning of ill intent when it aligns with a Party and Opposition and a Jagdeo that its intelligence documents conclude are filled with repartee…


…partisan horse manure, as they mocked his hollow tribal conclusion that the litter problem in the country UNDER HIS PRESIDENCY is “a direct result of the Guyanese people losing respect for the rule of law when the PNC outlawed wheat flour during Burnham’s self-sufficiency drive. End Comment.

In this, they confirmed Jagdeo’s idiocy and when oil oozed and adjacent to the oil they have designs on in Venezuela, it was easy for them to look back at his void of honesty and decency when, at a Union of South American Nations meet up (UNASAUR) , Jagdeo supported Uruguyan President Vasquez’s opinion on People’s Right to Self-Determination, the Principle of Non- Intervention and rejected the installation of foreign bases anywhere (page 2/3 4th para from top).

They’d already had him pegged as a rogue leader who condoned corruption and murder and a louse whose highway to his gutter politics was always the low road…Wikileaks

…so they knew bribing him would be no hurdle.

And as Jagdeo extolled his lack of pedigree, showed that he was a two-bit scrapper and a divisive street fighter who placed his personal prominence over national safety when he encouraged his tribe to burn and destroy Guyana;

…as he organized disruptions of the elections tally to draw international distaste to the process,

in a move that is so similar to that preceding a call for government removal, we are convinced that the use of the ‘V’ word by Ambassador Lynch in her contemptuous ‘Open Letter to the People of Guyana’ was more of a threatening reference to their attempted installation of a Trump-friendly Juan Guiado  in a Venezuela ‘regime change’ after Trump made no secret of his longing for Venezuela’s oil.

And this would be a good point at which to tell the Madame Ambassador that Guyana’s ‘regime’ was removed by a free and fair election in 2015 that gave us a Granger ‘Government’ and that her country’s absence during the tumult of the 23 years of that regime’s existence begs many a question of their current intent, particularly in the wake of our country’s newly found oil and the taste for that commodity by her country’s conservative… regime??

In spite of the Ambassador’s finger wagging and the engineered pile on by countries questioning Guyana’s elections process that was monitored by Ambassador Lynch, who is inarguably biased and unquestionably a meeting member of the cadre hired by the blemished Jagdeo to win an election he preempted by inveiglement, President Granger remains the epitome of grace and statesmanship.

Like he did the international community, Granger reminds us of why he is the elder statesman the global intelligence Community lauded as calm and inspiring when he cautioned APNU supporters to await elections results in  2011;

why he has no problem being vilified by a team that once bashed Jagdeo when it was convenient to show his cocaine corrupt government and now hails him as Guyana’s second coming during this oil soaked battle for leadership, in what comes across as a US led campaign forging consensus amongst OAS dependents, in pursuit of their own gains …

…or are we misreading the snarling ‘Open Letter’ the Madame Ambassador penned to the Nation’s people citing Venezuela as her point of reference?

Apparently, our response, after weeks of listening to dangerous talk about responding to idiotic talk all swirling around the Maduro/Guaido nexus, made us prematurely anxious, for Granger has since agreed to a recount, like he agreed to the CARICOM Team II to do a recount because he has nothing to hide; no paid American lobbying group’s choreographed political steps to follow, to ascend to office.

For the people have spoken with their votes and in deciding to do a whole, total and complete re-tally, he is telling, not only his supporters but the Ambassador Lynch-types singing along with her what most of us are too crass to convey in the natural poise that he has.

He is a citizen who has served his country as a protector of its borders and guardian of its institutions. He believes in the rule of law and will not conspire with lobbyists or external forces to undermine them or further deface the battered Constitution he inherited, after winning his seat into the Presidency.

The 34 million investment may have been for the imposition of Jagdeo upon us to be the pipeline for the multiple billions in oil to bypass us …and feed into to the big pipe draining both oil and dollars away from us.

But the political gods have remained on our side and used what was meant for our demise to expose all who would harm us…

…hardly metaphorical in the season in which good overcame evil, the higher being crushing the head of the snake.

And, in counter chorus to the one being directed by those citing ‘noisy democracy’ and conducting those singing ‘people’s rights’ in descant, Guyanese, not of the  ilk of Mercury clientele, are

singing praises for a recount;

chanting welcome to oversight;

crooning count through one to ten…and in three fold!!!

It’s easy to proclaim‘Why We Champion Democracy’ but often, the democracy that is waved as some symbol of superior civilization comes after an election that may be lawful but illegitimate.

34 million has bought us all a chance to look past the veneer, in every respect.

We’ve seen what diplomacy stands for when international organizations allow a specific country to demand member support proportional to its volunteered financial pledge with the unspoken ‘pay more or we’ll pay less cudgel’.

We’ve seen men, formerly of rectitude, ignore electoral malpractice when it was the act of the Party and leader they now bandy around.

And we’ve seen soup drinkers stoop even lower than their troughs to register whatever protest they feel would dismiss them from their current irrelevance.

I’ll leave those names to be inserted by you, Dear Reader...

But the most valuable purchase receipt of this 34 million expenditure is the unintended amassing of hundreds of thousands of Guyanese, all of multiple hues, to register their protest against a nation that holds itself out as the fount of moral legitimacy because its 22% financial standing gives it access to claim “international law” – broad brush code word for do as we say– under its authority.

That and with some tranche of a modern democracy that hasn’t quite yet made it to the shores of the Home of the United Nations, the US seems to think that it has the right to dismiss our electoral choice in favor of a thug and a serial failure, whose foreign policy during his pre-oil governments was an ongoing auction of promised favors.

He, Jagdeo, had made good on them then, in the form of harvesting rights and 99 year leases for our natural resources, to Foreign Direct Investors in a convoluted formula that computed revenues in the Minus Column for the People’s Treasury and in the Sundry Expense and Slush Fund columns, an excess of executive allowances to facilitate the fine living of those who benefit from theft.

The support of an Opposition Leader, steeped in corruption not limited to murder, is not such a deviation from US policy because its foreign policy is often buttressed by this. Coopting the cooperative tyrant is a strategy to maintain its quest for world dominance. It’s the less noticed version of an overt regime change.

And a beast that knows the rod of its master is a beast better used for the harvest. After Wikileaks, Jagdeo knows his master.

The constant conversations by Western ‘Leaders’ of the “unpredictability of democratic governments in Third World countries and the policies they might adopt” may have been the basis of foreign policy back when it was fashionable to refer to us as ‘a half made people’.

Talk of our decrepitude because of a history of whatever, may still linger and form the basis of Governments feeling that their financial strength gives them the right to muddy our elections to select a leader that would better serve them.

The US led branding of Guyana’s elections as being everything but fair may have worked in the “Tin Pot” Republics that they have destabilized.

And, if the Guyanese converts singing songs of threats and warning off the Ambassador Lynch song sheet is some sort of affirmation that she has begun her erosion into the Tin Pot Republic, she may want to to know that the bulk of the population are not of the ‘half made people’ we were frequently referred to as, or more colorfully, the “monkeys uncomfortable in shoes” that her Conservative Icon, Ronald Reagan “The Great Communicator”, used to add more color to the general sentiment.

She may not know it but her choir is of the subset in which dwells Jagdeo… the man they once deemed a corrupt leader.

President Granger is the embodiment of decency, a man of academic excellence and one without social blemish.

Those are things she can’t say about her President… at least with a straight face.

He is the incumbent, still in good standing and will stay that way through the recount of the votes that she, Mercury Public Affairs, the soiled Pompeo, Marco Rubio, Gustav Arnavat surrogate of Luis Almagro the regime change Apostle and all of Destabilization’s little helpers called unfair and an abuse of the people’s rights…as in their people not ours., since a Granger victory would not be in their favor..apparently.

All the suggestions on how GECOM, legally adjudicated as the only elections authoritative body, should organize the recount are just noise.

We have elected a leader and this process will determine that;
international de-stabilizers with the help of the OAS, notwithstanding. .


  1. SOMEBODY had to tell them without pulling punches and you certainly did in this piece Verian Mentis- Barker; more power to you.

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