It may be a consideration of opportunity.

The US embassy in Guyana serves a leader who is not in any meaningful sense a politician of substance, one that can point back to any ideological service to the Republican, Democratic, Independent political arms of his country, save to say “I do not wish to enroll in any particular party,” as he conflates this perceived strategy with his donations and him getting “whatever the hell” he wants in his business ventures as he “bought” politicians .

It may be this transactional approach to foreign policy that sees him embracing Filipino Dictator Rodrigo Duterte braggadocios murderer of his own citizens, as he mocks Democratic allies in an oddly adolescent package of Presidential conduct- unbecoming but with just the right degree of behavioral camouflage for diplomatic career professionals and their extended Agencies, not unlike Mercury Public Affairs, Government changing specialists, to operate.

There is symbiosis here. The untamed Trumped is allowed room to kick up and the dust he creates provides shade for those whose remit it is to place America’s interest above those of any other country’s, to work. Trumps kicking distracts from those working to protect against the replacement of the OAS (god forbid),  with the Union of South American Nations and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States being friendly with Russia, China, Cuba all deeds most egregious that would place a country’s figurative head on the platter of its US Ambassador, say…as in the Pink Tide days of Luis Almagro.

Per its own historic documentation, US Primacy is the mission of its diplomacy. Its intent is to remain first amongst unequals by its overall might that it uses to enforce its right.

Engineered coups and Government rotations are not outside of its arsenal.
It condemns fascism, for example, then deploys it to retain its primacy.

What is has done to Latin American leaders remains living testimony, according to its own documentation. Scholarly articles by reputable institutions like Global Research presents a list of US behavior too countries afoul of their mission.

The anecdotal conclusion as to why there has never been a coup in Washington is because there is no US Embassy there…that may have a Madame Ambassador … like a Sarah Ann Lynch, say.

So we’ve all learned to be wary of America campaigning for democracy and rights of the people and every vote counting and the rah rah rah that comes from Ambassadors who are citizens of a country that has perfected electoral exclusion by a crude gerrymandering mechanism, whose democracy is a rolling interpretation of circumstances and whose rights are applicable on a case by case basis…usually.

We’ve learned, too, to be alarmed by the presence of Mercury Public Affairs, especially when it is wrapped around Guyana’s American Ambassador and its Opposition Leader soiled and subversive enough to be the politician of preference for this team.

Alarm bells go off when the International Community, members of the Organization of American States, headed by America which flexes its 60% contribution muscle to get states to see its way, suddenly begin the chant of destruction against Guyana …if  you don’t want to pay more because we will pay less, you’ll join the destabilizing team…is the unspoken threat, we are thinking. 

And we become watchmen on our country’s walls when we note that Louis Almagaro, previously of left –leaning Pink Tide ideology is now the anointed Regime Change Apostle operating for a country that he once fought against to protect the sovereignty of his Geographical region from regime changes…

has become ‘sold’ enough to have sold out his Pink Tide Crusader Bolivian President friend whom he banished from his own country, some say for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver that he now spends as head of an organization that is dedicated to the preservation of American Primacy as it subordinates its member states to a paid chorus line that must sing to stay.

We’ve noted its new members, the Guyanese background singers looking for the crumbs from the Almagro table, we feel.

As Guyana’s elections remain in suspension because of the unprecedented but undoubtedly organized chaos that has become part of its General elections-  pursuant to violation of Constitution–  and the coordinated commentary of chastisement from members of the OAS, we are reminded of Kofi Annans’ prescience in his alarm over the re-definition of States Sovereignty and his fear of the inverse application  of “States being in service to their people and not vice versa.”  

Our eyes were opened to how elements of USAID could be manipulated, with America establishing that the rights of humans supersedes a State’s Sovereignty, what are accepted international standards, and that countries failing to meet these standards are candidates for ‘regime change’ -sovereignty notwithstanding.

Most Guyanese would agree that a government that is flagrantly oppressing its people, enriching itself by looting it’s nation’s treasury and diverting Foreign Direct Investment to projects that enrich itself and its tentacles should suffer some international rebuke; not unlike the  threatened ostracizing and international tar and feather party that is promised the Granger Coalition by the US Ambassador, who seems to have some vested interest in denying his incumbency in favor of a Party whose leader is cited as corrupt, a silent sanctioner of extra judicial killings and a plethora of disqualifications, by America’s own standards of humanitarianism, to sit at the civilized table of the OAS and partake of American largesse in the form of USAID.

Double standard you ask?

Possibly because the US withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council to protest the UN’s objection against the treatment of Palestinians by Israel.

Humanitarianism is like the Madame Ambassador’s definition of Democracy. It is delivered on a sliding scale to be tweaked based upon the players.

But let’s not get side-tracked.

It’s unhidden knowledge that America embraces necessary crooks and thugs, dictators and strong men and those of the very character that they deem “eligible for regime change” and when they can be used for purposes that could be of benefit to US Primacy, they are promoted to necessary crooks and thugs, in a swapping of American Values for American Primacy.

In Venezuela, America’s mission was it’s nation’s oil.

Trump’s lieutenants MarcoRubio and JohnBolton had been working on a massage plan to ooze it their way. Clarion declarations of Maduro’s evil sounded the battle cry of impending regime change by America.

Plan failed and did so spectacularly. Guaido never made its past waving in the streets as the newly knighted American puppet ready to turn over oil for recognition. Trump, a failure measured by his very existence, failed with signature fury…casting his incompetence even when puppetteered on his puppet handlers.

That was just the crust of the pie, Madame Ambassador Sarah Lynch served when she addressed her letter to people of Guyana…that would be me, if you’re wondering.

But here is the filling.

America, because it contributes almost a quarter of the UN budget, 22%, imposed Sanctions unilaterally on Maduro.

Don’t get us wrong. We think the guy is an animal, akin to despots like Bharrat Jagdeo who allows extrajudicial killings then hides the executioner on foreign diplomatic appointments in India and Bangladesh. …as opposed to Norway.

But the aim here is to show that America defied UN Charter because it weaponizes its contributions to world organizations.

Giving is its strategy to maintain its mission of Primacy.

UN Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet gave the equivalent of a retreating whimper…citing outcomes of the measure instead of condemning it magna voce, underscoring that even the UNITED NATIONS are bound by its Charter and the US, even flexing its monetary muscle should be held to the same obligation.

The Madame Ambassador’s barely dressed statement of contempt“Guyana is certainly not Venezuela; let’s keep it that way” in her letter to the People of Guyana – ME – titled Why We Champion Democracy was not the “tut tut” of a frustrated school marm but the snarl of an imperialist asserting its intent and perceived right to interfere in our elections because it can muscle its way through the rules it holds everyone else to.  

Maybe we’re supposed to be frightened because Guyana would be filed in the S…T-HOLE category by her polished President, whose limitations provide the cover career diplomats such as she needs to keep US Primacy paramount, particularly when it involves US determination of leadership and the  “shared commitment to supporting improved governance,”  she unsubtly suggests, in her closing directive.

In response, we’ll cite her “At its heart, democracy is the expression of our freedom to be represented.  As such, each adult citizen must have one vote and each vote must have one value.” because on that we agree.

And since it’s our freedom and our democracy and our vote it is OUR RIGHT to determine whom we elect to govern; which we did when we went to the polls and selected a specific candidate from a specific party…like she gets to do when she votes.

When the results are finally declared and after unprecedented and epic disruption orchestrated by the purchase of $34 million worth of disruption expertise, we expect the winning candidate to lead – just as she does when she votes – and the Opposition to become a functional arm of government as occurs in her country after she casts her vote.

And as wry as she thought herGuyana is certainly not Venezuela; let’s keep it that way” may have been and irrespective of the chorus line of diplomats she may have assemble to sing America’s lyrics to the tune of Guyana’s elections, we are still hopeful in the Charter of the 193 member United Nations and will rest in its Articles 1:2, 2:1, 2:7 as we rest in the existence of International Law ; pledging to ensure that the Sovereignty of our country, bought and paid for on the backs of the fore parents of its Six Peoples will not be hustled from under us by a country or an organization with a cheque book.

2020 may be the year of regime change …for the disorder in her country’s White House… but Guyana will look forward to the orderly transition of the next duly elected Government… the last regime being dismissed by the ballot of 2015 Mercury et al are trying to over turn with the help of the Ambassador ….it seems.

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