The headlines in this newspaper that is never too under-joyed to report something against the Coalition give a fair sense of overall politics.

Lately, they’ve expressed support for every foreign entity’s prescription for a recount, enlisting Bruce Golding’s Rule “…the officials to be engaged in the recount are selected based on their impartiality and those who have displayed partisan behavior are excluded” as stipulated proforma;

suggesting implicitly and explicitly that there is nothing particularly meritorious coming from GECOM’s Chairperson, Justice Claudette Singh or its Chief Elections officer, Keith Lowenfield.

This Organization of American States, OAS, once the group with which its hemispheric countries aligned to challenge imperialism in general and hegemony in particular, now operates like the hired hit man for the US which preys upon the natural resources of member countries,  it is said.

We won’t say that there is any truth to it but its collection of operatives, known more for their mercenary propensity than for what OAS Charter claims to represent, in tandem with its member states unwavering compliance with the the dictates of the country that provides the largest portion of its budgetary needs – America (see funding) -emits the revolting scent of politics in perpetual decay.

It’s no coincidence that Luis Almagro, the former Pink Tide left wing revolutionary and protector of his Latin American politics is now a Right Wing Head Honcho and Regime Change Apostle of the OAS, America’s regional destabilization unit used to pursue its questionable foreign policy.

It is said that his princely USD salary – the easier metric to calculate for explanation purposes– by Latin American standards, has changed his political religion.

But be that as it may, our focus is on Bruce Golding, Chief of the OAS Observer Mission and his suggested formulary on how Guyana must proceed with its General Election recount.

We’re not going to pre- suppose that Mr. Golding knows Mercury LLC was rented by Jagdeo with the knowledge of the US Government, despite reams of records of its Senators like Marco Rubio and its Ambassador, the Madam Sarah Ann Lynch, Mercury higher ups like Gustavo Arnavat who sitteth on the right hand of the regime change Apostle Almagro, that suggest as much.

We’re just going to look at Bruce Golding and how he may have qualified for this prestigious position in the OAS.

Typically, it follows a trajectory of political ambition which peaks at leadership, plateaus at the level of American Diplomacy, then falls precipitously with some measure of disgrace.

Golding rose to stardom in 2007 with the usual fanfare and pledge to clean up corruption crime and every assortment of ills that had plagued Jamaica, up until he entered office.

He was forced to resign in disgrace  in 2011, having run afoul of a US extradition order for the wanted drug king pin Dudus Coke , amongst other scandal-ridden occurrences like the infamous bridge construction bribe.

Golding was also around during the litigation of the Cuban donation of 4 million light bulbs that ended up, after a well machinated scheme of political robbery, hitting tax payers with $69 per donated light bulb. And we’re not saying he was participant in any of these unsavory activities but we’re just showing how the proximity to criminality may have padded his resume for an outfit that finds tarnish an attractive add on.

Then there’s this thing about his public persona versus his off stage demeanor.

Apparently, and this is not anecdotal, Bruce blasted the US for daring to tread on his country’s sovereignty in its demand for the extradition of the drug don, Dudus Coke, in a lengthy tirade that was purely for the consumption of his constituents.

When the cheering stopped and he was behind office doors, Golding, reportedly, had his operatives call the Jamaican US Embassy and grovel to the Charge D’Affaires, in the kind of humility that puffs up the imperialism of the US.

Unsurprisingly, the bending knees plea for forgiveness was captured by Wikileaks which cites, in 12 ,Golding’s team apologizing on his behalf.

The US embassy in Jamaica , thereafter, referred to his Administration as two-faced.

It may have been that poxed political resume that qualified Golding for Chief OAS mission Observer.

We don’t know, though a quick look around at its leaders and key players may suggest that we’re right.

What we do know is that it is one or both of those faces that he’s challenging Guyana’s sovereignty with, in implying that our Constitutionally mandated independent election agency should do as the Golding Rule suggests.

And his second in command – not at all unrelated – Nestor Mendez doesn’t quite come with glowing tributes, being seen as less than patriotic because he was part of labeling the area Guatemala claims from his country, Belize, with the OAS nomenclature Adjacency Zone …angering Belizeans and piquing our curiosity as to what our claimed territories will be renamed, should the OAS have its way through the Golding’s under its command.

Word is, he made Pompeo proud enough to recite the “All men are born free” Human Rights declaration line that tolls like a death knell immediately before rights and freedom and democracy are snatched away under the umbrella of diplomacy.

When a citizen of a country that is not the US makes Pompeo proud (fifth para from bottom) in a border controversy, we should all be wary.

After the atrocities endured by people under the governments of despots during the World War II, the United Nations born in 1945, established a Document of Human Rights which was adopted in 1948.

Over the decades, Human Rights has become the pretext to effect US engineered regime change.

And after the United Nations took up a report against Jagdeo and his PPP for a violation of Human Rights, US State Department’s copious records about the use of Government for extra judicial killings and its 121st placement on the Corruption Perception Index in 2006, with a crime rate placement that was equally as unflattering, many thought that if there ever was a time for regime change in Guyana and after decades of electoral fraud, it would have been then, especially since the Jagdeo government was seen as benefiting from narco trafficking.

Nothing happened.

Now, in this season of government undermining and the renting of a registered government destabilizer, Mercury LLC, in document stating its remit as : ‘ Representing People’s Progressive Party (Guyana): Federal advocacy on behalf of the client before the U.S.House and Senate’ (pg 4/5)

for the very Jagdeo who is the subject of many a US Embassy report because his political magnetic field remained anchored in crime, as shown in US Dept. of State Documents and Wikileaks, we’re more than curious why the code words that portend government destabilization have only now and in the age of oil become the grammar of diplomatic relations.

The democracy and rights that we lost with the slaughter of more than 600 Afro Guyanese under Jagdeo are no longer of endangered species, so why the international community huddle and the hints at electoral fraud that was overseen by observers who were employed by the crime infected Jagdeo to run interference since March of 2019?

Apparently, it’s no coincidence that the US Ambassador to Guyana wrote an ‘Open Letter’ to us, rife with slogans like ‘People’s Rights’ and ‘Democracy’ .. the precursing trigger words to its participation in the destabilization of a Government, as it embraces an opposition leader who boasts of having retained the services of a rogue lobbying firm (Outlaws Inc. Matt Porter) whose catechism ranges tightly in ‘destabilize and overthrow’, with which the Ambassador has met to do business on behalf of Jagdeo, once called an ‘elected dictator’.

Of course America has an aversion to dictators, except when they could be used to further America’s imperial agenda so its embrace of the murderous dictator Jagdeo comes with little surprise, given the fact that Luis Almagro, head of its OAS regime change unit engages that activity with incomparable gusto, it is said.

With the Golding Rule now floated as the latest precept that we must accept for our rights and our democracy, we’re watching how it dovetails with calls for a rapid end to the elections process by Acting Assistant Secretary for the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Michael Kozak, better known as the Coup Master in circles familiar with the ruthless efficiency of his trade. .

Madam Lynch’s lesson on noisy democracy did not fall on deaf ears.

After all it was noisy…what with the Mercury LLC meetings/email exchanges she’s had with the rented saboteurs of the villain Jagdeo to discuss an inveigled No Confidence Motion and General Elections that disrupted our democracy and discarded our rights since April 2019 well before a General Election she was too biased to have overseen.

We’ve been awakened by the nail scraping sound of the gratuitous fault finding in our political process that was sabotaged by a nefarious foreign consortium, supported by a subservient international community and a few Guyanese foot soldiers seeking relevance.

An attempt to relegate our rights and defer our democracy by pre-eemtively de-legitimizing our polling process which was overseen by observers operating in the camp of the Opposition, will not be a spectator sport.

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