Maybe if we start here we’ll understand where Yesu is coming from.

He was born in 1928 just 10 years after Cheddi, so he lived through the formation of Jagans’ Political Affairs Committee which included Burnham, through Cheddi’s Chief Minister-ship from 1953, the break up of Cheddi and Burnham in 1957 when the PNC was formed, Britain’s new Constitution for British Guiana that year, Cheddi’s electoral victories  from 57- 63 and the ultimate frustration of Britain and the US with the “Communist” Jagans, palling around with Russia and Moa Tse Tung with Cuba looking on.

When Britain landed a war ship and intervened and took their colony from the “Communist” Jagans in 1953 Yesu was watching and was there, too, when the third party United Force was formed with the blessing of Britain in 1960.

He was witness to the  incorporation of the US by Britain since the perceived communism looked more like Cuba which was in America’s back yard, the 63 day strike engendered by the CIA, Britain’s establishment of the Proportional Representation system which allowed a Coalition between Burnham and d’Aguiar  the ouster of Cheddi and Communism at the 1964 elections and understood that the distinct message from the West was that they were ready to reject any form of Government that was not their vision of Capitalism.

Yesu’s biography says he was educated in London and then returned to Guyana where his business success is legendary.

But it’s his historically public efforts to appear non Partisan that brings us to his letter to President Granger at this moment of electoral uproar.

Maybe it’s his reference to Granger’s religion, faith in a Supreme Being and impending  journey to the beyond that arrests our attention.

It’s a cheap kind of religious shaming, faith bullying that those without tangible reasons tend to flame throw at the susceptible.

The old fundamentalist “god gonna get ya” begs the question whose god?

For those of us secure in our faith and confident in our relationship with our higher being Yesu is another fear monger, literally “driving the fear of god”  by wrapping his condemnation and judgment message in an election process that includes the presence of Russian hackers, pre- dated Statements of Polls with manufactured returns, none of which he mentions in his parlor sermon.

Or is he saying the other guy, the Beelzebub of politics, Jagdeo, is already condemned, slated for judgment of the fiery kind?

His reference to the footprint a person leaves behind would certainly support that… for the Jagdeo he defends indirectly has left ruins in his wake.

Jagdeo’s 2007 stomp to dictatorship did offend Yesu and his complaint to the US and Canadian High Commissioners, captured by Wiki Leaks details his frustration with an escalating tyrannical Jagdeo  but search as we did, we found no open letter from Yesu to Bharrat, suggesting that he search his soul and we concluded it was because Bharrat has no soul so Yesu never became his public pen pal.

But we did find a tax skirmish that involved a medical transcription company that Yesu attempted to establish and a run in he had with Jagdeo when he, Yesu, suggested that Queens Atlantic Investment, the NICIL company accused of rampant fraud, got the same tax breaks, Jagdeo’s friend Ramroop got for his Guyana Times… the kind of convoluted transactions that would urge one to question, honesty and patriotism of such a staunch proponent of democracy…that Yesu claims to be.

What we found too was Yesu’s “scathing attack” on Ramotar’s prorogation, his lambasting of the Constitution that he called backwards and archaic,  17th century and one that gives sole power to one man.

We’ll remind you that Cheddi Jagan felt the same way and pledged to fix it if/when he regained power. He regained power and loved it because he was allowed to become the dictator he decried in Burnham.

In his unconstitutional bequeathment of the power to Janet, she too made no attempt at promised reform- the removal of the Dictator part that is- but, like her husband before her administered hundreds of amendments to frame it for a forever PPP dictatorship.

She then handed over to Jagdeo who held on to it and even tried a third term maneuver to maintain the Ideological dictatorship that was founded on an East Indian First platform.

It was the same Constitution that was inherited by Granger, inclusive of the 1992 GECOM creation constitutionally established with its distinct agency and functions of independent of President and government Jurisdiction, rejiggered once more by the PPP in Constitution (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2000.

So Yesu’s his finger wagging suggestions that the Constitution, which was amended to threads by the PPP over their 23 year dominance…

contains flaws that “become political weapons, wielded forcefully by those who control them against those who do not… this is how elected autocrats subvert democracy, and other neutral agencies.. this requires to be amended immediately which will benefit all Stakeholders and not only the political parties ”…

sounds several Administrations too late and like a well crafted piece to remind the community that he was still one of them… even if he and Bharaat and Ramotar bumped up against each other multiple times in the past.

That British Guiana East Indian doctrine is still the life’s blood of the community.

Yesu was one of the founding members of the Global Organization for People of Indian Origin, established in 1989. It created the Non Residents of India organization with the Indian Government, with the aim of giving Indian Guyanese dual citizenship as persons of Indian origin which facilitates travel without a visa.

One People One Nation and One Destiny may be patriotic but the Indian First doctrine is the umbilical cord.

The name hurling from their Face Book platforms will attest to it.

And as the blow finale Yesu stayed on PPP talking point, sounding sanctimonious about sanctions that would economically cripple Guyana especially low income workers (hint hint) and essentially tinge the democracy of the Republic.

Yesu’s pious appeal for Granger to order a recount is to expect an action that is categorically unconstitutional.

His call for it is another one of his carefully orchestrated plays to look objective while remaining firmly committed to his community.

I reached out to ask why he, for all of his accomplishments and successful political tight rope walking to establish patriotic objectivity, would suddenly align himself with the likes of Jagdeo, a person of smudged repute whose intentions are so contemptuous of the citizens that he would run a Presidential candidate with a fabricated academic record and  19 pending felonies, in a brazen forewarning of the corruption that would ensue, should he get his way.

He’s not a PPP member, was the reply, he’s an Indian Supremacist.

Thanks I said, now it makes sense.

This is what happens when oil spills in to the cool aid.

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