While the rest of the country tries to sell how important it is for foreign observers to oversee our recount, one actually tweeting “Seems the government of Guyana is intent to continue rigging the elections” in consolation of the Carter Center’s lament that it hadn’t gotten an INVITATION, it is important for us to follow the trail of activity for the one Observer of WHITE origin in whom they are well pleased.

In January 2019, the Madam Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch was confirmed by her government and sent to Guyana as an Ambassador with limitless power – that having been bestowed upon her – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in 2018.

She arrived in Guyana on or around in March 9 2019. On March 13th she presented her Credentials to President Granger was accepted by him on behalf of us all, then on April 10th 2019, she was emailed by Mercury LLC on behalf of Jagdeo and his Party about his inveigled No Confidence Motion.

In other words, in less than one month and after the ceremonious presentation of her credentials to the country’s leadership and the President’s acceptance of said credentials on our behalf,  Madam Ambassador Lynch was in email communication about Jagdeo’s No Confidence Motion…an activity we’d like to be confirmed (we’re requesting, Coalition) as having been shared with President Granger at some point before we saw the Mercury Records – if she were not working against him.

On august 13 and 15 of 2019 we see records of “arrange meeting” with same Madam Ambassador, then on August 22nd,  2019 the Madam is listed as having had a “meeting”… twice..all in reference to Mercury Public Affairs LLC ‘s lobbying for Jagdeo and his PPP, which the Madame joined, apparently surreptitiously, after presenting herself as an envoy from her country to ours in good faith and was accepted on our behalf, in accordance with her representation.

We won’t call Madam a spy but would it be wrong to say subversive and question her appointment to Guyana along with her authority to act in relative unilateral manner, gauging how quickly after her arrival she began her liaisons on behalf of Guyana’s opposition?

Was the Madam mocking us when she said “Moving forward, we will continue to encourage genuinely free and fair elections, freedom of speech and assembly, multiparty representation, and a constitutional judiciary process.  We will emphasize the importance of citizen security and territorial integrity along your long-established borders” during President Granger’s acceptance of her on our behalf?

Surely, the Madam wasn’t treating us like a people incapable, for we understood then, as we do now, that free and fair elections was never the Coalition’s challenge, that she knew that it was the PPP with the rancid Jagdeo whose record shows prosecutions of and for the very violations of free and fair elections that she addressed.

We knew that she knew that Guyana has a multiparty representation, since the Opposition is a Constitutionally protected arm of Government whose salaries are paid by the Guyanese tax payer, that it remains a functional part of our politics and that it was the very Jagdeo who used our parliament as a revolving door with disruptive protests abusing the very element of governing inclusion that she emphasized.

That Jagdeo’s last abuse of the system which Madam champions produced a No Confidence Motion in which she seems to have a vested interest through Mercury LLC, is stunningly curious.

That she sings off of the same Sanctions Song Sheet of the Party that she was meeting with or on behalf of, with intentions that were obviously not of the national benefit that is in keeping with her declared function, shades Madam in a color that will question the moral and political philosophy and intent behind her appointment to our country.

We are not going to challenge her truthfulness, when she stood before our leadership and presented herself as a neutral leader of mutual developmental goals for our country and the surrounding region.

But, we will question her political gamesmanship that we found out after she didn’t tell us that she was meeting with the lobbyist of our nation’s Opposition that derailed our duly elected Government and that after so doing, she continues to hold herself out as a neutral Observer of a process to which she has injected her comments in scolding fashion, with threats of sanctions and Venezuela for punctuation, in a travesty of claims of championing democracy.

And if Madame Ambassador Lynch thinks we are thinking she is of imperialist intentions with an agenda to control the natural resource, OIL, that Trump wants through Guaido’s hoisting to replace Maduro in Venezuela – SHE DAMN RIGHT WE THINKING WHAT SHE THINKING WE THINKING.

This 2020 election that was conducted with the oversight of international Observers , disrupted with coaching of international interlopers, will not be dictated by forces that extend beyond the voters and their democratic right to select a leader.

We are aware of the soft incursions that arrive in diplomatic pouches but like the Watchmen on the Wall, we are standing guard, not claiming to be guardians of partisan democracy but patriots protecting a country from those who would seek our patrimony through the treasonous core of the enemy that lies within.

There is due alarm that the Madame Ambassador was ferried to polling sites by an overtly partisan election observer who just happens to own a plane and was, allegedly, wined and dined by a business man whose business misfortune see’s him or his stores as such frequent victims of robberies, that he may just be on that international list of most watched persons that the Madam Ambassador should be familiar with, they say.

We’re already suspicious that our General elections can be plottedno pun– on a graph that careens from subversion to crimes and criminality.

And if her testimony to the US House Foreign Affairs is to be taken verbatim, we know that a seasoned operative like Madam Lynch would have done more than due diligence on the characters that would hold starring roles in the ‘Cross-Cutting Challenges: Corruption and Transnational Criminal Organizations’ of that testimony…that she and her State Department would have more than perfunctory knowledge of the team she has aligned her self with, seemingly, after pledging intent to be of service to ALL of Guyana.

As a matter of fact we know that she does. This State Department record would attest to that. And the 30 days that Irfaan Ali was allegedly given to respond to the nineteen “trumped-up charges” by Guyana’s Special Organized Crime Unit SOCU came and went without a response. So he is still international persona non grata…which Lynch would have to know.

What we don’t understand though, is why, at the apex of our General Elections graph, sits people like the Madam Ambassador; the discovery of a surreptitious liaison with the Opposition that was an enigma to the US for its 23 years of dictatorship, per their own intelligence pg. 206-208 ; Mercury LLC with lead characters like Gustavo Arnavat and the Organization of American States with the Right converted Luis Almagro– names that induce fear and trembling amongst those who vote for their leaders but see them replaced by an external outfit, to list a few puzzling anomalies.

Invoking even more curiosity is why the Madam whose portfolio, we are sure, would give her access to the official profiles of a Tamesh Jagmohan would still be, allegedly, feted at his expense.

Her open representation to us about why she is in our country does not comport with what we are seeing now, not four months after she was accepted on our behalf by our President .

Scenes of the Godfather play out in our heads…maybe the Godmother …first with the covert alignment with the Opposition through its lobbyist and then the socializing with the folks whose dirty money has been quarantined for infection tracing by the units in service to her State Department.

And metaphors aside, for those calling for immediate sanctions and all the fire and brimstone their subservience to ‘superpowers’ can conjure up, be reminded that the real democracy – not the circus you guard- lies in our sovereignty.

Election observers come to Guyana by invitation. Every nation has implemented protocols to protect its shores during this pandemic. The CARICOM Observers, in respect to our sovereignty, agreed to test their team and confirm their health before their arrival on our shores. The Carter Center, as far as we know, did not test or prove to our health officials that their Team of Observers were Corona Virus free.

We’ll add here that cross-border travel domestically and internationally for the United States demands Corona Virus isolation of 14 days. Justice Singh has already set a date for the recount. Just a few facts for those who feel that the Carter Center can just show up and at this time of potential infection, ignoring the set recount date and pandemic protocols because they are coming from the Madam’s country.

And if the calls for sanctions and visa revocations make any foreign entity feel that they have the people on their side, they should be forewarned that the team that conflates sovereignty, democracy and rights with imperialism and hegemony is a mere fraction of our proud nation that will defend its Constitution and protect our Government from all forces, within and without and with resolve.


  1. If she is not being impartial in the country’s politics, can the President request that she be recalled, or at least be instructed about the acceptable behaviour of an ambassador in the host country?

  2. So this paragon of American virtue, ambassador Lynch came not only with the usual American virtues of interference and an eye for the oil but more than her share of comfort with American vices….lying that the man who wrote about the probable PPP win in the election was a good indicator of some of the hidden agenda…because while she was lying she was also meeting with Mercury.

    She was also deciding that the fate of those black and brown Guyanese who had already been jeopardized by the previous PPP government didn’t matter as long there was a clear path to as much oil with as little resistance as a country of less than a million could muster.

    Americans are very practiced and comfortable gagging the outcries of black and brown people in their own society much less the pitiful lot claiming ownership of their natural resources in South America.

    It’s not like they are shooting at us or anything. Just sending another soulless blonde envoy to take care of its interests. By now our fates were supposed to be settled anyway…who would care once Jagdeo was carefully reattached to the spigot of the treasury and irfaan was incompetently letting everything else fall to ruin.

    I doubt that the smiling pictures of her rubbing shoulders with DEA wanted men would make a ripple. She looks so comfortable and happy in that picture. Just another glorious day at the office.

    Almost complete with her assignment & ready to go on to tackle her next shithole.

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