Real Quick.

Just thought we should all be in on the request by GECOM Commissioner, Vincent Alexander, to use the unretrieved National ID Cards to confirm whether the people to whom they have been issued are in fact live and real.

These cards are, reportedly, of people who registered as lawful voters from period 2008 through 2015 whose cards, at one time amounting to 35,000, just sat at GECOM…never retrieved by their applicants.

Question is why, in 2008, when the Administration was led by Bharrat Jagdeo there was no concern about the registrants applying for cards that were never retrieved, even when the presentation of an ID card was necessary to vote?

Why was there never any public service admonition of cards being applied for and never collected ?

Could there have been some publicized penalty, given that the process was funded on the backs of taxpayers?

And there’s more.

Why, in 2011 when Jagdeo was on the ticket as Presidential Candidate, did he not ask about the growing number of registration cards, which by then, three years after their number was known to be 20,000 had to have grown way past that number, with ‘continuous registration’ as a legally implemented national exercise?

What happened with those alleged voters in 2008 and 2011?

Is there any documented analysis, ergo audit, to confirm that they never took part in any of these elections that gave Jagdeo then Ramotar victories…both of whom won with this bloated list of electors that contained people whose cards were supposedly amongst the 20 plus thousand lying at GECOM?

In 2015, we got a hint as to why many of the 2008 registrants had not retrieved said cards when Jagdeo appointee, Dr. Steve Surujbally, discovered many of them, through the 2011 voting cycle and up to 2015, by then numbering 35,000 ,to be under aged and questionably existent, leading him to declare that 2015 voter eligibility would have been verified at polling stations when registrants presented to cast their votes.

This, of course, angered the charlatan Bharrat, since the scrutiny implemented by Dr. Surujbally was one of the decisive factors that caused his/Ramotar’s defeat in 2015…

…which, laughably but not surprisingly, prompted him to demand Surujbally to resign….obviously forgetting he was booted from his post of dictator to be replaced by the DULY ELECTED Coalition in the Constitutionally dictated process of democracy.

These are the necessary elements of truth to be remembered as the inundation of manufactured concern from PPP’s election official, Bibi Shadick and registered shock from Robeson Benn , run disinformation interference on the legitimate reasons why GECOM’s Vincent Alexander is expressing concern about the existence of a bloated list of electors that contains tens of thousands of untraceable registrants.

Loud and obnoxious is the default shelter the PPP scuttles to when their diabolical intent is exposed.

So, don’t be fooled. It’s just Jagdeo doing the PPP thing to distract us from the fact that they are bona fide riggers as the High Courts have declared – not once but twice.

We applaud Commissioner Alexander for maintaining the dignity and professionalism of his portfolio but would encourage him to be less apologetic about exposing the wrongs that the PPP condoned since 2008 in the form of underage registrants, using that list for the 2011 victory that Jagdeo claimed, then having those violators remain on a list of electors through 2015, when Ramotar ran and lost because the list was now under monitored scrutiny.

These facts need to be repeated several times per day

Repetition is not always redundancy.

Sometimes, it’s for emphasis.

Emphasize this thing.

This is a good point, too, at which to magnify the transactional hypocrisy of those Progressives who have returned to the PPP, citing Coalition improprieties as impetus, as they lower themselves into the slush that is Jagdeo and his Party’s Politics, to roost.

Welcome home.

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