We could think of a multiplicity of reasons to have held Roger Khan in jail; because he violated so much and was never held accountable.

To say that he was questioned on the murders of Donald Allison and Ronald Waddell and then let go because he maintained his innocenceis an affront to the law and the nation it represents.

To release a dangerous criminal into the population on USD 1,000 bail when young men are locked up for years for a joint of marijuana demonstrates the parallel paths to justice in the country…or not.

Khan came to Guyana as a fleeing felon in 1994 and before he was extradited from the region as an arch criminal, he had bought Kaow Island, strategic for its wharf, from bankrupt Willems Timber, received a construction contract at University of Guyana –obviously with no background check– which he, reportedly, used as a money laundry, became a known associate of the PPP Government most notably, Leslie Ramsammy with whose assistance he bought a cell phone interceptor and geographic integrator for for the purpose of eavesdropping on law enforcement to prevent clashes between his lawlessness and the law, for starters (which Ramsammy denied in spite of evidence to the contrary) owned a housing development, a construction company, a carpet cleaning service in Guyana , a nightclub, houses at Farm on the East Bank, a mansion at D’Aguiar Park, owned Aurelius Timber company and had dozens of employees as body guards and batmen.

Did Khan pay property taxes on his properties, business taxes on his businesses, employee taxes into National Insurance Scheme as mandated by law for his  employees, personal income taxes as dictated by law for earned income?

Was this part of the case against him when he was held upon return to Guyana on September 21, 2019 and “maintained his innocence”?

Was his custody based only upon the murders of Ronald Waddell and Donald Allison and was this the determination by Government’s lawyers who had, at least, ten years of a profile of a man who entered the country as a fleeing felon and acquired wealth to the extent that he became the subject of the US Drug Enforcement Agency and yet could not provide any information to these interrogators that would have violated any of the laws of Guyana??

Isn’t it a felony to misrepresent information in order to receive a government contract for construction at University of Guyana?

Isn’t transshipping weapons for FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia) and in exchange for Columbia coke through Guyana, then using Guyana as a distribution point, a crime?

His confession of vigilantism in containing ‘The Troublesin Guyana when blood filled the streets of villages on the East Coast through his doing, when he, Khan, was the Cappo of the Phantom Squad with military equipment that rivaled and out did the nation’s Police Force, with the alleged complicity of the unmourned Ronald Gajraj of Ministry of Home Affairs infamy, did not violate any laws?

Wasn’t the corruption cited in Wikileaks that tied the Guyana Police Force to the PPP government through threats by Khan to members whom he was allegedly bribing not worth investigation ..since only the former Commissioner is dead?

Wasn’t the collaboration between the Gajraj and Luncheon duo cited in wiki leaks “Gajraj (now Guyana’s High Commissioner to India) orchestrated Guyana’s “death squads” in 2002-03 — certainly in close collaboration with Khan. Luncheon (President Jagdeo’s deputy) is known to have intervened and ordered the authorities to release Khan and return his equipment as described in para 4. Also, eyewitnesses say they have seen Khan leaving the President’s office.” not enough to look further in to this Roger Khan character?

Indeed Gajraj was removed by death but Luncheon is still with us…

When Khan was first denied bail by Judge Dora Izarry, then finally sentenced by her, as his previous lawyers Robert Simels and Arianne Irving awaited sentencing, having been convicted of witness tampering and other charges arising out of their representation of Khan, she made some uncomfortably uncomplimentary statements about Khan being a flight risk back to Guyana and juxtaposed it with the, then, PPP government’s integrity and its Police and Military forces being compromised by the villain Khan.

We understood because the PPP government had cemented an image of disrepute.

We don’t understand, though, how this deported arch criminal, whose crimes against Guyana were never litigated for Guyana and under its laws, could be detained with the fanfare of a murderous narco terrorist then unleashed into the community on USD 1000 bail.

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