It’s not without proof that the PPP Government is associated with the term Rogue State and it’s hard for them to disprove that they are… PPP Age of Disinformation notwithstanding.

Their own Feroze Mohamed, in 1995, when both of the Jagans were still alive, asked for US Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA assistance, when he discovered a huge gold smuggling ring – stealing the people’s patrimony.

Both Jagan’s, for all their imputed decency, didn’t do much to address the alarm sounded by Feroze, so that office wasn’t setup then.

That was 1995.

By 1999, Guyana had become the  region’s cocaine highway and the Guyana government, reportedly, engaged the US for help. But Bharat was at the helm then- largely in training under a waning Janet.

There is question as to how much vigor he invested in inviting the DEA to stem this trafficking of cocaine and guns through Guyana which, reportedly, created a very thriving shadow economy– even a Pradoville or two – that housed government servants who lived well beyond their government salaries – and with no known or traceable inheritance to account for their affluence, which manifested only when they became public servants.

By 2002, the Financial Actions Task Force FATF ,and its Caribbean counterpart CFATF – intergovernmental bodies established to monitor the flow of money from countries to ensure that those monies were not funding illegal activities- were failing in function in Guyana.

Sentiment of Christopher Ram ,at the time concurs with that of most objective observers…

…that Jagdeo was never serious about pursuing crime and its proceeds

that inextricable relationship with money and its cost to the nation for criminal beneficiaries

having allowed one of the corrective Bills passed in June 4th 2007 to hit every possible brick wall before it was finally passed, 2 years and 15 sittings of a committee later, on April 30th 2009. Then Jagdeo, Mr. Molasses when it comes to effecting anything that is lawful, took 107 more days before he, grudgingly, assented to same bill on Aug 14, 2009. Thereafter, with his innate aversion to law, he took another 87 days before the publication of Order # 22 of 2009 to bring the Act into force.

Guyana, by that time, was symptomatic of a Failed State, as measured by Global Economy’s Metric “Factionalized Elite” , the barometer which gauges, on a scale of 1-10, the propensity of a country’s governing agencies to become weak and ineffective because of lawlessness. Guyana’s economy registered 4.9 in 2007 to 5.1 in 2015, in an unwavering trajectory arcing to failure on this metric of defamation.

Straits were dire.

So, by the time 2007 rolled around, Roger Luncheon, straining under the weight of multiple portfolios – Head of Presidential Secretariat, Secretary of Defense Board, Cabinet secretary and after-life member of the PPP Executive – for which he showed sparse ability and just as much integrity, summoned the US Charge D’ Affaires to wave a white flag of sorts, after failing successfully to, effectively, deflect the international attention Guyana was receiving for its Narco State label. He may have felt that he was bearing the brunt of the finger pointing at the laxity and inadequacy of the Jagdeo Administration in that moment of national crisis.

Guyana had become a Rogue State on their watch and this is hardly a polemic, as asserted by Opposition scribes who base their arguments on race and partisan ideology.

Really, even in this PPP Age of Disinformation, just saying ” (sic) Guyana became a narco state under the PNC by tying Jim Jones’s alleged drug addiction into some convoluted package with money laundering, corruption, drug trafficking, and gun running became so uncontrollable that it eventually exploded with the massive suicide/murder of over 900 people”  can’t cut it.

The statement, manufactured for PPP Fear Factor, files neatly under frivolous and trifling…and is hollow and unsubstantiated.

By contrast, we need just look at the facts, the drug and gun busts that were adjudicated during the rogue regime of Jagdeo’s PPP and the inexplicable wealth of government officials that cannot be extricated or deemed coincidental without bursting into laughter at its preposterous premise.

We need just look at the fact that both Jagdeo and Ramotar were forced into international scrutiny, being forced to comply with Minimum Development Goals, to retain their seat at the International table…because the country which was on the trajectory of failed state had to submit to these compliance measures to be recognized as a civil counterpart.

And because it is always necessary to contrast their fabrication with fact and actuality, we need to underscore and spotlight these occurrences which are recorded and will remain historic data of the plunge of the nation under their multi decade, continuous leadership at both local and general levels and highlight the remarkable gains made by one ethnicity which enjoyed unparalleled access to all of the building blocks to that brokered success.

Tragically, the rest of the population, particularly the Afro Guyanese with whom the PPP wages an unspoken civil war, suffered the governing pendulum of the PPP that wavered between the callous and the capricious taking respite in the broader state of cocky hyper governance.

And its culpability in overall mismanagement is clear.

A few days ago, Leslie Ramsammy, their former Minister of both Agriculture and Health -portfolios so disparate we’re not surprised that neither was of optimum service to the nation – joined the chorus of propagandists from his side of the choir, in a discordant chant about Haitians and Granger and Caretaker Government and some cheap shots that sounded like it came from the spitball Facebook Platoon that badly needs his tutoring.

Won’t link to it, won’t even tangentially promote Ramsammy’s unsophisticated attempt at being economical with the truth.

Really, he could have at least hidden behind a caveat instead of opting for wholesale foolishness….forgetting that he has a very vulnerable underbelly…because Team Coalition allows these things to be repeated unchallenged, creating a quasi truth.

To stick with the translated version of glass houses and stones which, quite frankly, would be more graphically rendered in Guyanese Creolese, Leslie Ramsammy would be wise to remember his tenure with the  Rogue State cultivated by Jagdeo and the failure of his faculties – which once  earned him a Ph.D. in Biochemistry- to figure out why the lawyer of soon to be deported, formerly most wanted, Roger Shaheed Khan would have associated him with Khan and an email to “Nancy” ..Salvador of Smith Myers Communications Ltd for a cell phone interceptor and geographic integrator to aid the services of Khan…

which he explained with inartful amnesia and convenient confusion to the media “I don’t know anything about that” when confronted with glaring evidence .

Instead of cowering behind the noise of Haitian contrivance for insurance from possible harm, with the impending arrival of the fallen king pin, the now vengeful and belittled felon Khan, he may want to find his memory and his passport to negotiate with a sympathetic embassy to be able  jet off to a place with distance between he and Khan of black squad fame…with at least 400 Black male victims to feather that cap.

There’s a lot that can be said about this Leslie Ramsammy outside of his self aggrandizing bios and encomiums by those who are dazzled by the glitz.

We remember Ramsammy mainly as a US citizen who held a Ministerial Portfolio in violation to the Constitution …yes, it was not only a Coalition infraction.

He was appointed Minister of Health in 2001 and oversaw a rickety health delivery system that saw 2-patient per bed care delivery, high stillbirth and after delivery death numbers, a mental health crisis ,all while receiving budgeted multiples of billions of dollars to finance its revamping, with no improvement.

International organizations offered improvement techniques for a multiplicity of practices … which is the nice way of citing practicing irregularities.

And what we also know of Leslie Ramsammy is, when he was ill he was medevac’d to the USA for treatment at Long Island Jewish Hospital … assumably because the bloated Hospital budget never made significant improvements to the Guyanese system and the budgeted funding for the Specialty Hospital never resulted in a specialty hospital being built…

…which leaves Leslie Ramsammy accountable to the nation for money that he oversaw at executive level for specific purposes which were never realized under his and his Administration’s watch.

We can only salivate at what would be the outcome, were the pledged Forensic Audits still to be conducted but in the wider context of Ramsammy using terms like “Disgraceful” to describe the Coalition, endorsing stock photos of RANDOM BLACK PEOPLE to promote a false claim of Haitian Invasion, he plunges into the realm of the led and not the leader by giving amplified voice to Hitler’s Mein Kampf “all propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed to” …and accelerates the tarnish that brightens the personality of this Ramsammy that was forged during an Administration that was never elevated in public esteem, is etched in history as a moral mistake, as it continues to promote a national agenda that is not only calculatedly lawless but  is systemically racist and exclusionary.

With Ramsammy, the supposed academic, taking time out to join forces with those for whom show -and- tell is successful with any picture, he reminds us of his romping with Roger Khan , international thug and fallen drug lord with many a scalp under his hatchet and the swiftness with which he, Ramsammy, could switch from scholar to scoundrel.

And now that the song is about Rigged Elections (smile) and Racism, we’re really not surprised that Ramsammy has chosen to join in the singing of those discordant notes of that Haitian Amen Chorus…

… not rendered to the tune of Sahani Raat by Ralph Blakeney and the Rythmaires, once a refrain that unified us in song….

As a public service, we’ve provided a link to the web site from which the PPP, in Strategy burlesque, pulls stock photos to cry Haitians….

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