An environment in which our Political Gangsters can never be mistaken for ‘sanctimonious’ demands our political cognition to remain in over drive and our political intelligence/information gathering to be suspended in a state of proactive acuity.

For, while many of us were struggling to digest the savagery unleashed on three black boys

-the Henry’s and Darrel James whose murder happened the week before the Henry’s and hasn’t gotten its rightful place in the news cycle –

the PPP Government has been surreptitiously advancing an agenda that will further threaten the sovereignty of the nation’s Republic and the Democracy of citizens in hinting that Irfaan Ally is contemplating calling in the cavalry, as in entities foreign, to “bolster the investigative capacity of the police force as they probe the murders of three teenagers in the village of Cotton Tree as well as the “criminality which led to the disruption of lives along the Region Five corridor.”

The suspects- one the owner of the coconut grove where blood was found, then not found , have since been released for a ‘lack of evidence’ – save, of course, the ritualistically savaged bodies of the two teens, which is a travesty that will retain our protracted engagement until justice is served.

Their release, we’ve noted, has not been followed by any statement from Irfaan asserting that he has un-summoned the cavalry.

And if they are coming

…after nature ran a relay of torrential rains and scalding sun, to which was added foot slogging by locals and police over the property of the suspect released for lack of evidence AND ON WHOSE PROPERTY  the mutilated bodies were found

they couldn’t possibly be coming for evidence which couldn’t be found before all the natural and other contamination to the area occurred.

We weren’t quite confounded by the installation of the PPP, its Jagdeo- upon whom invective heaped by the State Department inadequately addresses his villainy.

Nor were we surprised by support from the  International Community, whose parasitic relationship to the US for its looseness with its taxpayers’ dollars seems to have bought this foreign alliance.
What our interpretation of the intent remains is their use of Guyana as a thru way to Venezuela to make a geopolitical conquest that will benefit every country but Guyana;

which will remain dangerously divided by Election Interference and racially disharmonious because the contradiction between egalitarianism and the exclusionary treatment of Afro Guyanese –

perceived strategically as less than by the PPP and its indoctrinaires

is evident in the imprisonment and shackling of Clairmont Mingo versus the Ponzi scheme grifters who got to use their perp walk as a runway to sashay their designer clothes.

We were actually given ample notice leading up to this call by Irfaan Ali for foreign ‘assistance’ at an opportune moment.

The assembly of crooks, all of irreparably damaged political character but absorbed enough by self-reverence and ever expanding egos in dreaming of a resurgence, were handpicked by the psychological profilers of agencies like the Organization of American States ergo a  Michael Kozak whose moniker of coup master is spoken with fear and trembling.   

Theirs were the voices of honesty and truth, suggesting our incapacity to configure evidence of bogus votes and our inability to discern the difference between fact and opinion…in the disinformation surge they accuse the Communists of.

The use of Bruce Golding, whose two faces are invaluable to a plot that requires him to appear judicious while sabotaging in synchrony, was as telling as comments of condemnation coming from Ralph ‘The Rapist now Chair of CARICOM.

Ralph’s transgressions of serial fondling, raping and sexual preemption, not confined to lewd and lascivious acts, reflect the demonstrable absence of character and incalculable immorality that make them uniquely useful to countries like the US, which sponsors Organizations like the OAS which seems to be repositories for the blemished.  

Soiled politicians are generally demoted to global irrelevance and with stigma.

Organizations, like the OAS, can trade that for a veneer of propriety by placing them in positions that sound honorable but for which their foibles and vices that made these men their picks, are prerequisite.

That’s why it’s hard to hang ‘The Honorable’ before Ralph Gonsalves, even if it’s political protocol.

The thing just swings off of his name like a broken shutter on a rusty nail.

But he’s the CARICOM Chair through whom Irfaan’s request for back up… “in wake of murders, violence on West Coast Berbice” must pass.

And Ralph’s fitness for making a decision to send Regional Security System, RSS, troops to Guyana cannot be divorced from him ascending to CARICOM Chair, as the PM of St Vincent since 2001, whose subsequent successive wins all came amidst wide spread cries of fraud and rigging which seemed not to interest the international community…not one bit.

But then again, Ralph’s country is not a natural resource bosom, doesn’t share a back yard with a political enemy, the conquest of which would yield a natural resource harvest.

Ali the Asset, not necessarily unwitting, overlords the geo political space that is the envy of every imperialist that sees controlling a nation’s natural resources as virtually owning that country.

America is known for sending peace keeping troops, usually at the ‘request’ of its nstalled government, which really translates to the soft occupation of territory, as is seen throughout Africa from, Somalia to Niger.

We’ve already dismissed as impractical, forensic investigators coming to probe murders on an absolutely contaminated crime scene.

And through all this, Guyanese are abuzz with speculation, especially since the diplomatically soiled Pompeo is scheduled to land in the country for an official nod to the government that they hoisted into power, through the extracurricular diplomatic activities of its Plenipotentiary Madam.  

But we’d like to offer this, as the hypothesizing seems to be occurring in a vacuum of Guyanese thinking.

America, despite Trump, is still a country that has three branches of Government.

Trump, single-handedly, could not send troops to Guyana, to its borders or to that of Venezuela for that matter, nor could he start a war, without the consent of US Congress.

Pompeo knows this and knows that November’s general election in America could well render them both former.

We’ve noted that he has asked Asset Ali for a report on the ‘non-negotiable elements with respect to Venezuela’ maybe as bravado, maybe as preparation should Trump return to office.

Either way, unless America’s Republic, like Guyana’s, is pejoratively prefaced by ‘Banana’, a military attack against Venezuela will not be like Trump’s orders to with withdraw from Syria , complete with a firing and replacing of a willing General, now that there are open discussions on defying orders deemed unlawful or harmful to allies and favorable to Trump’s singular advantage.

In addition, Guyana’s Government Opposition has a Constitutional role to play, as well.

And we know that Ali has absolutely no obligation to give Pompeo any report on the ‘non-negotiable elements with respect to Venezuela’ without Government Opposition’ knowledge, consultation and approval, Opposition Leaders.

Ali and Jagdeo’s …well really Jagdeo through Ali…decision to have any kind of foreign military presence on our sovereign soil has to be done with the approval of the Opposition.

See, they may be the installed leaders of the Government but that must be separated from country.

Government is that temporary thing – when dictators are not allowed to prevail say, for twenty three years, – which the citizens go to the polls to elect at Constitutionally dictated periods – which means it has a shelf life.

Our country is ours, not any Party’s, so that the summoning of any foreign entity to occupy our soil must be approved by us all through our political representatives… any deviation from which can be given sunlight on world’s stage through the United Nations and more so, with the advanced technology of social media.

And given the history of Western ‘invasion’ – typically to ‘forestall a dictatorship’- we’d be hard pressed to see how this PPP Government of  Gangsters, that has already signaled deference to occupation by a foreign power, would not be the unceasing assignment of proactive microscopic surveillance by an Opposition that must now be soldered to due diligence.

As we said earlier, in contemplation of Asset Ali giving foreign troops permission to be on our soil, this all started with the savagery of Joel Henry, Isaiah Henry and Darrel James ,young black men that were disfigured with the the unholiness of demons in murders that have not been detached from racial retribution.

The installed Government, of Party with a history drenched in the blood that flowed from similar deeds, released suspects for lack of evidence.

We, the other people, the human beings, have the evidence, or at the very least, the motive to invite foreign forces to our soil.

They are the three graves that will go down in the history of our Nation’s politics, that are too closely related to Election Interference and the restoration of ‘grata’ to Political Gangsters, by a State Department that has a vested interest in a country that sits in the back yard of their newly minted compliant state.

We, the rest of the people, the human kind, will not bury the issue with the martyred souls but will push for the justice that the Government is obliged to provide through its legal system…even as they present ‘new evidence’ , weeks after the mutilation and now interment of the Henry’s, claiming the bodies were placed where found after they were butchered.

Of course this new evidence is questionable …as questionable as the cloaking of the names of the suspects…when men smoking a spliff are vilified in news organs which publish their names, addresses, pictures without conscience.

So we’ll stand by. For justice will be served.

And while we await the status on the battery to death of Darrel James whose murder has not received due publicity…he being slaughtered in Crane and the Henry’s in Cotton Tree…we pledge support for the continued protests by Guyanese in demanding justice for the slaughter of black men, a practice that this Party, when in Government, conducts as part of its plot to weaponize the nation’s forces to subordinate the demographic they’ve chosen as their enemy.

We know that this Movement is expected to flare and fade and we know that protesters can’t be in the streets every day but when the cause becomes a Movement and the Movement’s mission is justice, then the momentum only lulls as the goals and ideas change to match the response to their efforts.

We stand with you as you regroup, reshape your long -term vision and will be here to celebrate you through every rung of accomplishment.

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