Law enforcement continues to masquerade as political hygiene.

Chief Elections officer Keith Lowenfield’s arrest, pursuant to investigations into electoral fraud, engraves another low point on Guyana’s political landscape .

The saturation of race over politics and the fate of the Lowenfield’s was long sealed with PPP promoted graphics of him, with a noose around his neck, accompanied by other Afro Guyanese in a boat to ‘Ghana’, during foreign assisted general elections.

The plenipotentiary Madam, whose previous jobs included denouncing political manhunts and recommending sanctions against governments engaged in racial cleansing, remains on her tuffet strategically silent;

seemingly, until the winner of the General Elections in her own ‘third world’ country, America, determines whether its Stalinist ruler would have been planted for a 2nd term.

We’d ask where is the uproar from Guyana’s Political Opposition, as the pursuit of racial disharmony continues unchecked under the vicarious 3rd term of Jagdeo, the Butcher of Blacks, in Guyana.

But then we’re still wondering what is the Opposition at all, who is its Leader, what is the Party’s structure, why so many parallel heads and why the Party members are not demanding a straight line to leadership, along with specific goals to make the party a viable, far reaching and inclusive entity…

which would exclude the power brokers, the patronage seekers, the idealists, the ideologues, the dilettantes and the groups that undermine the efficacy of the intent.

Politics proceeds appropriately in the ominous cover of darkness– the selective power outage on streets of enemies who are snatched from their homes by government goons.

The ‘law of suspects’ – an oppressive feature in the land of tyrants- fuels the mission of Afro Guyanese subjugation, with the arrest and re-arrest of a political opponent currently before the court for the same alleged offense.

With the preceding 45 days or so, as a frame of reference, the tyranny of Guyana’s Butcher of Blacks, 3rd term Jagdeo, has descended with new vigor now that it has the overt support of the international community.

He’s on a roll, he thinks, to disintegrate the national Motto of One People One Nation and One Destiny and replace it with his ideological ideal of Guyana for his people.

The revisionist history of ‘his people’s’ building of Guyana, which was amplified during the foreign interference with the General elections, portended as a springboard to the continuation of the structural disenfranchisement of Afro Guyanese he started prior to 2015.

So the coordinated protests demanding justice for the slaughtered and the prosecuted cannot stop now, People, for the Jagdeo’s of politics rely on fear and frustration to disenchant, then discourage.

The police must never again be the hired hands of leadership should the Minister of Home Affairs be an impotent compliant to the demands of a Government that skirts the law and flouts the Constitution to turn its ‘protect and serve’ unit against its people.

This cycle of arrests in Guyana is designed to disguise regulation’s low purpose, which is to persecute political rivals and suggest a racial dominance over leadership’s selected enemy – a Political Party whose make up is predominantly Afro Guyanese.

We’d say take it to the courts but the bastardization of the judicial circuit is unmistakable.

So the Jackboots of body snatching and the manufactured hysteria of ‘who’s next’ will prevail.

History confirms that the leaders with the least to offer are the ones who thrive on governing by fear. Consequently, the politics of fear remains as accurate a measure of the patriotism of those who fear monger, as it remains a strong indicator of their absence of character.

Jagdeo has exceeded these yardsticks with superlatives.

But it’s always the resistance, People, the perpetual, courageous resistance that harnesses dictators, even when they are place holders for the benefit of the installing entity.

This regime has made it clear that it will place the harassment and persecution of its political enemies above the ritualistic slaughter of three young black men….the Henry’s and Darrel James whose murder, yet to be investigated, remains underreported.

The continued residence of Diplomatic personnel in Guyana gives the unpopular government a gloss of legitimacy in exchange for a western back entrance to Venezuela and oil…lots of oil.

Calculated cannot be overstated here.

Meanwhile, if there is an Opposition Party Leader, we’d suggest that they step forward to address the political persecution being conducted against their politicians, in the wake of this recent arrest of Mr. Lowenfield and that the calls for swift justice for the boys murdered, remain at the forefront of all of their political efforts, lest the Henry’s and Darren James join the stockpile of murdered and vanished black men that Jagdeo, the Butcher of Blacks, accumulated during his reign of despotism prior to 2015.

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