We would like the Government of Guyana to know that we are firmly behind them.

But we want to know why a vigorous offensive has not yet been launched….at least overtly enough for supporters to know that something is being done by the people that were legitimately elected to lead the country –  in the face of this crisis.

This is not the time to cite the errors or the epistles of shortcomings that are on the wall of the Coalition Government because there are volumes.

Instead, this is the time to save our country from the character of politics and politicians that brought the country to the depths of its existence, post-Independence.

We must start by introspection instead of castigation and those who have dedicated volumes of space on social media to lambasting the character of the politician who voted against their Party, or to self-glorifying statements of analysis of whose fault it is, should consider themselves as counterproductive actors to the cause, going forward.

The idea- if it is so- of the Government not sharing a general course of direction with the public for fear that it will forewarn the Opposition, is quite archaic and will only serve to confirm to the average man- in- the- street ,whose political sentiment is now in limbo, that they are destined to be subjected to the cunning of the other side because the Government on which it depends is doing nothing… forty eight hours into the 90 day deadline for snap elections.   

In times of national anxiety assuaging fears is effective strategy.

Some things are quite simple.

Guyanese outside of cultish politics are frightened by the prospect of the PPP Opposition regaining power.

What alarms them more, now, is the chicanery, the devilishness that was employed to challenge the population’s confidence in the Government…imposed by default through a Constitution that was manipulated and amended to threads by the very Party, particularly its leader,  who has now weaponized it to regain political power.

We can pose many an argument against the Government for making that challenge so easy , and trust me there are many, but they speak solely to the undue arrogance of Coalition Politicians,  to Government’s failure to implement timely Constitution renovation,  and its cavalier refusal to seek assistance in the areas in which there is a clear lack of operational knowledge.

Many say the Government deserved what it got and on many grounds that is true.

But the people of Guyana do not deserve what happened to the Government of Guyana in Parliament on December 21, 2018.

They voted for a Government that works for the nation, not for a Party and in many areas, over the course of some forty three months, they were let down and spectacularly.

But in crises, we measure outcomes and in this crisis we have two known variables…one we have only had the opportunity to know for less than four years.

The other we knew for twenty three years and endured the depths of socioeconomic despair and dis-repair, particularly from 1999- 2011 under its unflinchingly immoral leader Bharat Jagdeo…whose criminality extends – now openly- to the nation’s Parliament.

Indeed, Guyana is a Democracy and a person can cast his vote as he sees fit. But there is nothing democratic in an action that is induced by anything but common decency and innate morality…which isn’t an instantaneous injection during a vote that rides on the defection of one person at a critical juncture.

So the Government may have been outfoxed by an immoral Opposition and an unethical recipient of its overtures.

Except for the magnanimous statement from the President, who should be commended for emerging from respite to address the nation, the response from the Coalition has, since, been akin to shell –shock, political catatonia.

We won’t ask why but we’ll cite the calls and the offers of expertise that they’ve been receiving well prior to this crisis and exponentially now that the prospect of retrograde government looms menacingly large.

They may have been mulling amongst themselves, on all things government but the fact that it’s at this point tells us that what is amongst them is insufficient to stave off this insidious offensive by a Party and a Leader  with a solid record of corruption in all of its forms; an indelible record of parasitic leadership, an incontestable record of international tarnish.

In perilous times, in times that portend the magnitude of social catastrophe that a PPP Government, with the machinations of a politician who would use the Nation’s Parliament against it and with the silent but able help of his Party Executives, the Coalition Government, even if it is its last gasp, has a fiduciary responsibility to represent the Nation and the people who voted it in to Office.

In the interest of preserving Guyana, keeping it true to its tag line, Land of Six Peoples, true to its Motto, One People One Nation and one Destiny, we ask the Coalition Government to, at the very least, speak to those from its extended borders who are calling and emailing with offers to assist.

This has become a Political Imperative …with eighty eight days of ninety remaining.



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