Trump, with his vinegared good will for President Biden, did not tell Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch to submit her resignation, as is the custom of an outgoing Administration to allow its successor opportunity to select its own.

The offense would have been a bit of cartoon villainy if she were not under Mike Pompeo, a transactional rogue, complicit in Trump’s high crime of bribing the Ukrainian President to provide false statements against candidate Biden, for slippery Trump to use as slime.

And Pompeo figures into this as the Secretary of State with character flaws not above mis –appropriating a $5.8K bottle of  whisky, who paired with John Bolton who wanted war with Venezuela and then assigned Sarah Ann Lynch as Plenipotentiary (do what the hell you want) Ambassador to Guyana, to negotiate the use of its backdoor to get to Maduro.

Sarah Ann wasn’t handpicked for aesthetics.

An Ambassador who would trade integrity for some smaller reward would do.

That meant selecting someone who didn’t mind staking a career in service to country on the lesser honor of service to cause.

Access to Maduro is the mission but there are several components to its achievement.

One was getting the International Republican Institute  (IRI)to shift, surreptitiously, from its ‘Vote Like a Boss’ slogan lent to the outgoing Party, to ‘Champions of Democracy’ for the incoming one, well steeped in amoral splendor.

Surreptitious, though, is impossible when the subjects of the slogan are all high profile thugs convicted by the documentation of the very State Department which the Ambassador represents.

Sarah enlisted Jagdeo as the conduit…

And why not? The road to wrong doing is easier traveled by familiar feet.  Better an old demon than a new god.

So, Sarah Ann Lynch executed her role shamelessly.

She reshaped her own definition of democracy to embrace a team infamously known for undemocratic practices, branded them ‘Champions of Democracy’ then institutionalized the brand by force feeding the media with the term.

Paradox or hypocrisy, we’ll skip the philosophy.

A government in place to pivot upon instruction is what is needed close to Venezuela. And that would be Guyana, the country with a governing goon squad now costumed in democracy to be activated for purpose.

The blood spilled on their watch should forever wash that notion away.

But this is not about moral reckoning, you see.

This is about corruption, the Sarah Ann Lynch & Co. definition of it, where illicit acts are called acts of civic virtue when they are furthering America’s Conservative interests in a specific political project –as in the geopolitical might to be gained, should Maduro be deposed.

And it doesn’t stop at Guyana’s shore lines.

Sarah took her act all the way to Texas as an off shoot of business with Exxon, which seems to have its own rights to the designation of villainy.

A company with cascading complaints, Exxon wears the blemish of ‘ecological destroyer’ for ignoring climate change warnings it had been advised of  since the 1970’s, as heavily as it does its reputation for murky exploitative deals with ‘unsophisticated’, oil bearing countries where it explores and drills with little regard for environmental security.

And, as other companies seek a greener path to energy in the face of impending climate disaster, Exxon, reportedly, is using this period of reduced clamor for drilling rights to increase its efforts for more ownership of more oil blocks, for more drilling and more damage to ecology and climate.

‘Drill Baby Drill…’ the Conservative convention mantra, lives on in Exxon.

By the way, did we mention that Exxon, a confessed fake believer in carbon tax, is an enduring donor to the International Republican Institute which is now providing Guyana assistance with reforming its voting machine, rewriting its Constitution, re-defining its laws as it adjusts policy to accommodate Exxon’s drilling and draining of oil without reputable and impartial oversight, through a contract that is perceived robbery?

See how this all ties in? There’s a thru line from Exxon to Pompeo to Madam Lynch, to IRI, to donations, to Exxon….LOOP.

Crooks beget crookery and criminals beget crime, would be a good way to sum it all up.

Now under the ‘Champions and Democracy’ canopy, the PPP’s criminal bulldozing of the rule of law is daily operation without rebuke from the Plenipotentiary Madam. Most notable is her failure to reprimand the antidemocratic lock out of the constitutionally mandated Opposition from its rightful place in Parliament.

No time to detail how Right Wing governments were hand crafted to combat once left leaning ‘Pink Tide’ Latin American governments, how economic assistance like loans and other forms of aid became the weapons of soft coercion and how this change of tide ebbed in politicians celebrated for their corruption and murder  like Bolsonaro from Brazil, theft like  Fernandez de Kirchner and Macri  further south in Argentina and how a little known Senator, Jeanine Añez, with a propensity for murder and corruption, was allowed to replace Evo Morales in Bolivia.

But we’ll tie their traits to the PPP government and show how its  ideology once considered communist and Jagdeo’s oversight of a Home Affairs Ministry that caused America concern, have now become the bona fides that the IRI and Lynch are massaging to convince these shallow players with deep egos that they are exactly  the political types America needs to help to ‘stabilize’ the region.

Their efforts are for their cause, their country and if any Guyanese believes that Madam Lynch or any IRI operative is rejiggering voting and the constitution to favor Guyanese, then they are not being guided by the politicians whose job it is to keep them informed and civically educated.

Their Embassy Mission is EXPLICIT.

The absence of a functional Opposition, as an institution, remains a barrier to the constitutional obligation of check and balance and allows for the dictatorial practices of a one Party State.  

It is not over- speculation to see that the less than organized execution within the Opposition is not merely a demonstration of its lack of strategy but is the basis for the contempt and disrespect it is shown by a Government which, by constitution, must work with it – and by a resident foreign community which feels empowered to disregard it.

The PNCR and AFC Leaders seeking audience with Ambassador Lynch in what her website called a ‘productive’ meeting is exactly the division that she will use to justify her exacerbation of it; especially when she asks the Opposition for “strategies to alleviate poverty, address climate change and enhance national security” as if she were the designated carrier pigeon – when the system demands that both sides of Government meet at one table, as the governing body of the country. 

And, it is this exacerbation that she took to Texas, like the chaperone of Team Jagdeo, with such effusive enthusiasm that she claimed PPP victory with the inclusive pronoun “we”, in questionable protocol and unprincipled partiality.

She knows that symbolism matters in politics and that a few optics may assist in shaping positive perceptions of a man, grisly with detail, that her own State Department has captured, with gruesome precision.

The theatric photo ops she arranged to make an icon out of a charlatan was the kind of cheap shot and dirty trick her handlers knew she could excel at….

any storm for a port.

The AM- CHAM meet up, held at 10777 Westheimer Road, Suite 1075 Houston, Texas 77042 USA, brought opportunity to show her multidimensional maneuvers in shady diplomacy.

Indeed, Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee and Al green represent that 18th Congressional District but conversations have confirmed that they are not as ‘au fait’ as they needed to be when they were lulled into welcoming a political deviant with blood stained hands, into their city.

Al Green, knows only now, that the deforestation anticipated by Norway when Jagdeo took their money to do so,  is still in dispute and that  it is as pretentious  as the 2010 ‘Champions of the Earth Award’ he got from the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). He now knows that Jagdeo deforested at least 1.4 million hectares of Guyana’s forest.

Sheila Jackson Lee knows only now that the ceremonial Congressional Recognition she gave to Jagdeo is a desecration of its honor that would be supported by the notes her State Department has on his public service.

And though these events emblazoned every print media available in Guyana, we’ll highlight that none of this made Houston News – neither the 9th nor 18th Congressional Districts represented by the Congress people – because it simply is not news Houston could use.

Good thing.

Their constituents won’t know of the ruse that was run on their leaders, as an American Ambassador, Sarah Ann Lynch, stood by with the smile of a crocodile.

Guyanese aren’t that lucky, however.

The nation’s crisis in Government, now a one party domination, has a close friend in its US Ambassador.

Corruption, the feature that brought them together, gets to yield mutual reward.

Here, the Ambassador and the IRI are of one accord unlike, say, in Haiti, when US Ambassador, Brian Dean Curran, protested that the IRI was undermining US POLICY of working with the whole of govt…  in an Inspector General’s report that  IRI’s website tries to down play by referring to the Ambassador as “Mr. Curran, a 30-year Foreign Service veteran and a Clinton appointee retained by President Bush in a brazen spin headline  “NY TIMES ARTICLE ATTACKS IRI WORK IN HAITI” .

Lynch is no hold over, so that may account for her silence on the state of roads in Guyana… a signatory to the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 that pledge a commitment to reducing vehicular deaths.

According to this article , GYD 61million in road work- since the election of Sarah’s Govt. was executed by S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies.

Further checking reveals that Jagmohan is not only a person of interest to international law enforcement but is, also, the jaunting friend of financial means with whom Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch has some familiarity, outside of his wanted poster.

We’ve not been able to ascertain that he is an engineer or that he has contracted with any engineers OF QUALIFICATION AND REPUTE  but he has to be the luckiest contract- receiver in Guyana because he’s gotten quite a lot of road construction contracts for his hardware supply store

as Lynch and the IRI seemingly approve  .….to keep the theme of corruption going.

And, like a mob boss, Sarah may even get a street renamed after her by the country’s most corrupt governing faction.

In Guyana, when under PPP domination, corruption always has this kind of happy ending.

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