Now if Carl Greenidge feels that people who don’t “understand the difference between profit-sharing and an arrangement that has a royalty plus normal or near normal profit tax” shouldn’t give public opinions,  then maybe he should teach them what they need to know, instead denigrating his multiple portfolios in a show of thin skin that contravenes the requirement for public office.

After all he’s the diplomat, the person who’s been selected to make non confrontational representation on the nation’s behalf and if he can’t do that with his own people then the probability of charity and home must be mutually exclusive.

Or maybe his response does more than that.

It reflects on the political foundation of this guard, a foundation predicated upon a coarseness intended to exude strength which then instills fear which then produces political muteness – the sound preferred by politicians who feel their actions should not be questioned, as they continue to behave badly.

For all of his accomplishments and I say so not derisively, Carl should be the first to know that people denied information seek it out for themselves…finding that with the most attractive outcomes.

And Carl, the economist, must know that the Ghanaian contract is one that is ripe for comparison…even if from a fundamental and layman’s perspective , given the thread bare details and the shroud of convolution Guyana’s contract was exhumed from.

He must know that Guyana’s poor reputation for contract negotiations, including those under the current Administration, would force people to want to see more… see how competitive Guyana’s contract is, how it compares to the best and the worst, if it employs the most recent strategies and of intrinsic importance, how it translates to benefits for Guyanese.

But they, the upper crust of Government, view these things from the turrets of the Administration.

Looking down his upturned nose at the plebiscites in the courtyard, he is suggesting collective ignorance of the term  ‘offshore’ in the context of oil; comanding with the tone of the pointed finger to Clive Thomas’ contribution to the “oil and gas discussion” which he says is the benchmark that under -intellectual commoners should be confined to, as he punctuates his excoriation with a self-  important stab at some snotty advice served in a word salad even he would need some kaopectate to digest.

And, that he is inferring that neighbors will use force against rigs – a reference to Suriname in 2000- suggests that he is not executing his task as the nation’s foreign diplomat. Intelligent anticipation of future tasks should be his maxim here, not fear mongering. Has he discussed this possibility and a solution with the relevant body at the UN and if he has can he assure us that he is working in his portfolio to protect the nation’s patrimony, instead of trying to drive fear in to enquiring minds?

No surprise that he concludes that the opinions,other than those he deems favorable, are irresponsible.


The “little” and “substance” he denigrates voiced concerns with are terms he continues to demonstrate with indisputable dexterity.

…an inheritance from the old guard…when in doubt buze out.

The man doth protest too much and in the context of oil and the Guyana government, it is dog whistle for rescue by the Government’s Face Book Communications Team – a pit bull force that boasts academic acumen, ranging from diplomatic experience to legal degrees, none of which are produced upon request but invalidated with every post.

And in a salvo of stupidity, rife with name calling and pictorial show and tell, they emblazon cyberspace with their version of the Government’s accomplishments…dimming its beacon one lumen at a time, assuring it of its place in political darkness.

For all of his faults and failures to act, I really don’t think Carl needs the help of pavlovian propaganda which reduces the heft of his verifiable resume.

He just needs to stop being a functional saboteur.

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