So this may be the contra Machiavellian approach to control through government…the less bloody way to assert power but to instill fear and trembling – and unmistakably.

Instead of co opting all media, reach for the low hanging fruit, Facebook and Twitter and a team of men with evidence so amateurishly manufactured that it is now oozing from its defective seams.

It would dovetail right into what has been happening since 2015, with an Administration on rolling defense, explaining the errancy of many of its agents.

Sure, it would reflect a broader decline in standards for political conduct but we’ve become programmed to accept that now because bad behavior continues to be filed under “we’re looking in to it” while business continues as usual, relegating urgent to pending, to ‘to –be- reviewed’ until it falls down the memory hole.

Concurrently, the machinators and ruminators are resetting the board; in this case, the  ‘North American Special Forces’ with audio and video from its Guyana Arm – saturating the space with such brazen falsehoods that we ought to be penalized for allowing it to stand for so long, without paying closer attention.

Nothing before its time.

It took a whistleblower to expose the fake letter from the security company supposedly apologizing to Simona for its employee who “did not strictly adhere to training protocols” and that ‘not’ will remain hashtag for that journalist who says he was rendering an editorial favour.

Now, it has taken another whistleblower to walk us through the recording posted on Soundcloud, of the meeting of the men who sat with Simona and the hostage –held business owner to go over the details of what she wanted her letter to read for public consumption.

It’s a textbook example of the collision of democracy and media, Mediacracy,  in its manipulative splendor, with all of its shadowy contours, shaping public perception while providing a smoke screen for politicians to get away with what would constitute breaking the law for Charlie Citizen.

In the tape, we can hear the hostage fighting for his business life but what we never paid attention to before was the leading questions being pushed at him. Trying his best to split the baby, as a matter of strategy, the business owner is heard both representing his employees and empathizing with Broomes, who is in the meeting.

And along with the journalist whose editorial contribution was the addition of the negative “not” to change the entire meaning of a statement, there is constant reference to a Travis who is, reportedly, a well-known TV anchor.

I think, I think they, I think…stutters the cornered business owner ….

…”were under the influence”…offers a voice many know but was amongst those of Team Travis….

No, says the business owner emphatically, they wasn’t drinking, as the team continues……

…was he a deportee, no says the business man ..he come back… you sure he wasn’t a deportee, they prod … no I do the background check, myself, says the business owner again, this time a little louder.

The Journalist who inserted ‘not’ as a point of editorial correction, then reads his statement with the ‘not’ in it,  even after the business man says it should read that he will “train his men for better understanding of the SOP’s”.

The business owner, hostaged and cornered then offers to have the guard apologize to Broomes  “later that day”.. after calling the then suspended employee on his cell phone to demonstrate to his captors that he didn’t “want no problem”. Ok says, Broomes.

The conclusion from this interview conducted by Special Forces Guyana is that the accused, Guard Goodluck, was neither a deportee nor a murderer but had returned to Guyana and was earning an honest living. Yet, the defenders of Broomes went to every length to demonize him, slander his character and remove his capability to earn a living as an armed guard…a job he was already cleared to do.

The wiley scheming to sanitize Broomes was reprehensible. That it involves men who, by virtue of their profession, should have had more than a perfunctory introduction to the Journalist Creed is despicable.

It’s comical that these men, playing secret agent, would be so clumsy in making a recording and posting their own botched evidence on social media under the caption Truth.

What’s disconcerting, though, is that this bumbling team claims and very publicly to represent a Party and Government, particularly a Government Minister and Member of Parliament and neither Government nor Party has denounced these recordings- video and audio- done in their name.

This is why public scrutiny is imperative and the bed fellowship of government and journalists, quasi or else, must be exposed, for the control of media by any government is the springboard to controlled information.

It takes communications with spine to keep governments accountable; to keep Republics from slipping into the pejorative form of itself.

President Granger is slated to hold the third press conference of his tenure….at a date to be announced.

As leader of the Party and head of the Government that is yet to investigate the Broomes behavior and its serious allegations, he, as employee of the People, will be expected to address the serial misconduct of Broomes in her capacity of Government official and Lawmaker which has been pending for close to sixty days, as well as the alleged threats to her life.

We’re still a Democracy which can still hold elected officials publicly accountable for matters that are not of benefit for the greater good.

Here’s the link to the Hostage Meeting…just in case the original is removed.

Heres the link to the audio as posted by the Broomes Truthers.

Note, for double the disinformation, the Truthers have spliced the tape and restarted it so that you have  14:59 minutes of recording when it should be a mere 7:30 minutes of interrogation.

We’ve also added the link to the Close Circuit TV video circulated by the Truthers but analyzed as a splice and dice by another Guyanese, showing the deception of the team on the mission to Salvage Simona.

Until this matter, which has cost a man his livelihood because of unproven allegations and manufactured evidence by a team of local and North American based media manipulators, is addressed by the Government and the Party that houses Simona Broomes, we will continue to keep it in the spotlight, in the interest of securing the good governance that was promised and the rights to non persecution by a Government official, as enshrined in the Constitution, for the victim, Guard Goodluck.

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