Why call it age when it’s just a progression in years?

Problem is we’ve been trained to think that every year added to our lives is a step further away from life itself.

Over here we think of it differently.

We see the change in our bodies as milestones to that vintage image of us.

We embrace our greys and glow with our wrinkles.

We accept that aging turns muscle into extra pounds and though we may not sprint any more we’ll be darned if we won’t, at least, walk briskly.

Like Emily Dickinson we believe “we turn not older with years but newer every day”.

This segment will be dedicated to people willing to share their transition to that of vintage.


  1. age of biblical entitlement eh – three score and ten, anything over and above is borrowed time. My sistha I hear you – the other day I sat here and burst into tears – why, I am loosing all my friends, grey, old, cancer, diabetes, heart attack, diabetes, parkinson, demintia, kidney disease, hair lost, and yes, grey hair. And if this list were not enough, knee replacements high on the list, sciatica, deep vein thrombosis, et. al. The late Rev. Willie Taplin Barrow whom I met several years ago at a community meeting said ‘you live long enough, you will walk with a stick’ – she had one. I see several persons with sticks and or wheel chairs as movable companions. In Guyanese parlance, my late mother used to say ‘i in feelin so hot today at sometimes when we speak, or ‘my head tun back’ i see the same as I am getting there – I now understand her feelings now dead and gone. Why am I sharing this experience, because I see some of the tell tail signs. The aging process is no fun thing – but a couple days at the gym is a gift if you can.

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