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Those claiming shock that Nikki Haley was calculatedly measured and excessively wordy in her refusal to say ‘Slavery’ must not have been paying attention.

She’s been nothing but an open book along her journey to what she describes as political success. The road to that place meanders through political prostitution and she has been a dogged worker en route.

Like now, she came –back then– as a Governor of Color to add a dab of inclusivity to the South Carolina Grand Old Party (SCGOP) that was home to Strom Thurmond who left the Democratic Party that was not sufficiently racist for him..and his twisted concept of slavery.

Her storied Governorship is more fable than not…if we really look at her record of Corporate Subsidies, war on Obama Care and her record high number of low paying jobs for a work force that includes a Black population that is as low as 15% of the employment work force in a State where their total population hovers around 25%.

She must have heard of the Great Migration of Southern Blacks who left the sun for the snow looking for better lives- and known that their nomadic transition was a result of the Jim Crow South -that remnant of slavery that’s never dormant. South Carolina seceded from the Union in 1860 to preserve the inhumane practice…reminder.

Those artifacts would have been in the office she once occupied as Governor. It’s one of the uncomfortable truths we’ve seen her paraglide over. Politcal paragliding is her Party’s artform. Hovering over issues is the SCGOP’s virtual mission statement.

In 2004 we heard from Larry Koon that Nimarata Haley ran a smear campaign to unseat him from entrenchment in the 87th District GOP legislature of Lexington County, South Carolina. It was her politcal debut.

We say this not to sympathize with Larry La Bruce Koon-whose accusations of racism existed in abundance during his tenure- glowing House Resolution not withstanding. We say this to underscore that Nimarata Haley is a seasoned journey woman on the road to political prominence with the survival instincts of bacteria.

She’s a product of an organization that trumpets the characters of Jim De Mint and Mick Mulvaney steeped in their own ‘confoundment’ of racism and sideshows like Hogan Gidley who’s really just intellectually void. There’s also the shape shifting Lindsey Graham, the 4 year airman whose twirling combination of fear and ambition has placed him both for and against Trump’s despicable Jan 6th insurrection which got him both impeached and indicted. We’ll toss in Nancy Mace, another tarnished, shamelessly ambitious SCGOP politician who took her prostitution live to Trump Tower.

And we’ve assembled all these characters to illustrate that expecting anything other than artful insincerity and strategic evasion from Nikki Haley is an expectation not grounded in the tactics she has has been allowed to cultivate as a viable operating system in her local party, SCGOP, which is a subset of the national GOP.

Her most recent act of harloting was her public declaration that she would pardon Trump because ….”What’s in the best interest of the country is not letting an 80-year-old man sitting in jail, that continues to divide the country.

We don’t know where she found that beating heart and civic compassion from but she was South Carolina’s chief executive when headlines like ‘Graying of SC prisons will cost state’s taxpayers’ and Study: S.C. prisons have the U.S.’s third-highest population of convicted children were uncomfortably common.

Nikki said not a word. The stakes were smaller then.

She had made her self into a useful Republican operative who added color to an agenda that needed that cover to trash Obama without looking too white; and she made it to Governor…then UN Ambassador. We know that the political foundations that support the socially divsive and oppressive politics they call Conservatism are, in Nikki, well pleased.

Now she can be vice President or Secretary of State…if she can sell the incendiary, villainous, Trump, as a fragile octogenarian who is too revered by too many to sit behind bars for his provable crimes against our government and society.

Cynical Opportunism is part of her armory. She didn’t get too much traction with her pledge to make social media users verify their identities.

So this Pardon-Trump thing’s got to work. After all, the billionaire donors priming her contra constitution campaign seem to want that kind of governance, anyway.

Their brown -girl will hang in there because opportunity knocks.

Constitution be damned.

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