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This is not about payback to the Democratic Party,  spurning Hillary Clinton, or about an email server that has been determined by litigation and re-lititigation to have not compromised the security of America.

This is bigger than partisan politics; dislike of the Clinton’s.

This smells of cyber-war and the co opting of a willing puppet whose delusions are so grand they may well be treasonous.

I am not one for conspiracy theories but when things defy logic, defy common sense, then examining conspiracy becomes necessary.

America will never admit how compromised its electoral integrity is. There was lots of care taken to underscore that the ballot boxes were not on a central server but were on state servers; making the task of infiltration near to impossible.

Why, if America’s arch nemesis, that knew of this election for four years, that had co-opted the one fragile mind of the single megalomaniac that they could douse with false compliments, with hollow praise and shallow salutations, not infiltrate every system, singly?

I’m glad that Team Clinton hasn’t conceded yet because this is worth examination.

Their ground game was strategic. Her credentials are impeccable. Her experience irrefutable. Her international gravitas commendable.

We know that Rudy Giuliani, by his own admission, alluded, with glee, to the few tricks they had up their sleeves…and at this point it could extend well past Comey and his retraction of Hillary’s email investigation which could have been a red herring to begin with.

Neither Trump nor his surrogates do well hiding secrets. The night before the election Trump said, repeatedly, ominously,  that his team needed no entertainers, no concerts to turn out the vote. He said that his ‘Movement’ was ready to show the establishment how upset they were. We understand upset and we understand lying about lying in exit polls. What we don’t understand is where the numbers of disaffected voters crawled out from.

All the reputable polls – a calculation that is done mathematically after conversations with focus groups – told us that 38% of them wanted change so it’s not like there was an avalanche of Republicans or Democrats or Bernie supporters crying for this drastic level of change.

Everyone else wanted improvement.

Per polling data, the following are the voter turn out numbers:

In 2012 Obama got 65.9 million

In 2012 Romney got 60.9 million

2016  Clinton got 59.1 million

2016 Trump – 59 million

On top of this, the Republican National Congress’ model had Trump losing…not even getting 200 electoral votes.

He also, lost the popular vote in addition to this fudgery with the electoral turn out.

No, this was no tectonic shift in voter preference, not by a long shot.

Trump was foreshadowing, like most psychopaths, when he said the system is rigged. He knew of the tricks that Rudy had up his sleeves.

This stinks to high heaven.

Supreme Court needs to be on standby here and all of the pollsters with their mathematical formulae need to be summoned to match up their calculations with voter turn out.

Maybe, even if she concedes, there can be a legal re- visitation of the facts…especially since concession is not a Constitutional demand.


Looks like the Russians aren’t only coming.

They’re here.




  1. Verian It is worrying that recent elections have consistently produced Unanswerable Swings, all favouring Conservative Candidates.Take the UK ‘upset’.Then in Brazil a ” Miracle” brought the center right candidate from out of the gutter. NOW THIS. Why are we prepared to accept a CON rather than Question tge results?

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