Panama Papers?

Take a look at Demerara Waves.

‘US welcomes Guyana’s support for Democracy in Venezuela…“Great to see Guyana adds its voice for the call to restore democracy in Venezuela. This the second time in less than one month that the  Irfaan Ali-led administration has backed the US’….Guyana, which is a member of the Lima Group, had not endorsed all of the loosely-knit entity’s statements on Venezuela in recent months, but coming soon after the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) was declared the winner of the general elections, this country joined with other countries and groups to call for broad-based support among Venezuelans for an interim government.”

Another “noble American Goal” achieved by US Coup Master Michael Kozak…exquisitely timed to take advantage of the presence of the intellectually disadvantaged Trump whose understanding of foreign policy is constricted to juvenile similes complete with onomatopoeia – sound effects -topped off with outlandish superlatives as in “Boom, like a rocket that you’ve never seen before” – all wrapped in some churlish glee that sits like a bow on top of a package of abject ignorance and demonic indifference…. “it would be cool to invade Venezuela …it’s part of America anyway” .

We’re sure that the Madam Ambassador was tasked with installing the gangster Government Guyana now has ahead of a Biden Presidency, and to do so for all of the above.

Be that as it may, though, the previous President, if his apologists are correct, was duty bound to come to the mic and address his employees- the citizens of Guyana- on the mafia pressure the Madam and her cohorts were placing on him to use our country as a launch pad to attack Venezuela…like other leaders across Continents did when America was forcing them to pawn their nation’s human rights and democracy for what America says it should be.

Sunlight, especially in these matters of engineered abdication, remains the best disinfectant.

America has an engraved record of standing on the wrong side in the electoral conflicts of countries in which they have a unique interest, overtly supporting dictators in an ironic subversion of the democracy they “come to spread”. It dovetails with its US State Dept. motto: ‘Leading  America’s foreign policy to Advance the interest and security of the American people… a loose array of words chosen for easy adaptation to the ‘made for circumstances’ democracy and human rights they manufacture as needed.

Could be that its Congress is unaware of the clever, resourceful manipulations of its diplomatic emissaries, of their use of the plenipotentiary (do what the hell you want) portfolio to rearrange governments, in contravention to what their country claims to stand for.

We say this only because America likes to cite the fact that it fought TWO world wars in “defense of a democratic way of life” -which runs contrary to the Election outcome in Guyana.

And for those hurdling the point to say that the election was ceded, the contention here is the interference which demands a post analysis…like America did with its ‘Russian Interference’.  

That Guyana now has an installed Government is infinitely worrisome but the connivance associated with the imposition of a government that the US State department found to be in violation of activities that would not be condoned in America just a few short years ago, begs the question of why they think it is fair to supplant, upon Guyanese, a man and a government for whom they spared no invectives.

Jagdeo and his Government were the subject of copious State Department documentation for unsavory activities that included extrajudicial killings from his Ministry of Home Affairs, turning the country into a cocaine highway, being in Admin during a sustained level of trafficking in persons, running a money laundry, misappropriating Lottery Fund for a personal makeover , all government activities egregious enough to have diminished his ‘grata’ in diplomatic circles.

For this full US about face on a man that its State Department dubbed the ‘scourge of the region’ and through whose political Party, a man with 19 indictments was sat in the highest office, every alarm should be should ringing and Guyanese concerned about the takeover of their independence by an America, whose ill-principled leader is slowly chipping away at his country’s institutions in deference to dictators and their style of governance, should be wondering how far away they are from a Maduro or a Cuba, the political boogey men the Ambassadors’ Lynch dangle, as their ‘reason’ to supplant their brand of dictatorship.

As America’s coup master, Michael Kozak, gloats about the “three weeks” in which this Gangster Government “backed them twice”, patriotic Guyanese should be thinking how many joists in its nation’s institutions have been slid out from the national structure of State, how precariously social normalcy is balancing, as Guyanese become anesthetized, accepting, of the insertion of rogues and scoundrels into its normal governing mechanism.

The cheers and castigation remain an ongoing chorus from that political Party, too addled by indoctrination to look past the initial euphoria of conquering their racial enemy, to note that America’s patronage of an unlikely Presidency is the kind of full -throated endorsement that acts more like a place holder.  

We’ve seen this kind of thing up and down the continent of Africa…from Kenya to Congo and everywhere in between…until patronage is no longer useful.

But back to Guyana, where they think the 60% of us, not spellbound enough to have our baby pawed by an Ambassador exploiting the frequent incoherence of her planted President, are not committed to exposing and continuously, the engineered acrimony our would- be imperialists are promoting for cover.

The puppet masters of the Trump Administration are clearly buying time here, as they’ve done in countries before, in the hopes of their figurehead securing another term by the very dirty tricks the US calls election meddling, with an added touch of postal service sabotage, in a salute to America’s ideological enemy, Fascism.

That said, the foreign installed government in Guyana is marching briskly forward, doing all the things Western countries and their pilot organizations OAS, CARICOM, LIMA GROUP, deem as fascist, thugocratic,  violating democracy and human rights, of which they are the self-proclaimed keepers.

And while many may have been distracted by Kozak celebrating his 3 week milestone of phenomenal gains through their Ali-Jagdeo conduit to Venezuela, we were documenting the Government’s makeover, with a more larcenous face lift to facilitate its enrichment policy and of course, promote civil forfeiture.

We saw the Appointment in the Ministry of Culture of a Mr. Greg Charles, known as Kashif Muhammad, who is well known to America’s FBI but not as an Agent. 

We’ve heard of a Jason Abdullah, largely because of his inheritance of family profession from Guyana’s equivalent to John Gotti, mostly because of his accuracy with ish shying at a Kaiteur News penman and lately because, it is said, that he has been given an appointment in the office of the Presidency for matters that demand his kill set…

as was a Kwame McCoy known more for a sexual proclivity following criminal investigations initiated by Jagdeo – UHUM- , than for any competence that his current appointment to the Office of Presidency would require.

and the pledge to strip away African Ancestral Lands that have been in the hands of Afro Guyanese for multiple decades, in an obvious attempt to provoke, is not Administrative housekeeping… not when the PPP has given away thousands of acres in illegal 99 year leases to East Indians during their 23 tear dictatorship.

‘US welcomes Guyana’s support for Democracy in Venezuela’ is their stereo typical kind of paternalism, the overt congratulation to cloak manipulation in a condescending show of benevolence as they mislead the politically ‘unsophisticated’, they would report to their State Department.

For the 60% of the country not cheering these dark days of Guyana’s existence, the retooling of the Opposition with a clear ideology and a charter to serve ALL citizens as its Constitutional arm of government is urgent, as it heads to Parliament.

That would exclude frequent boycotts and the wasteful walkouts…all of which should be banished to Parliaments past.

Nor will we find rancorous exchanges becoming, as they’re not there to provide entertainment.

But we’ll anticipate proper conduct on the floor of Parliament, holding to decorum and executing the duty of exchanging in substance, with clarity and for the people’s purpose.  

For in the end, they too are the recipients of tax payers’ dollars and are there to serve the people, ONLY.

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