When we said Guyana heads into a new era of criminal Government with the blessing of the International Community and the fear of its citizens it was neither sour grapes nor speculation but an opinion based strictly, solely and superlatively on fact…

transgressions and criminal charges copiously documented against a President and Vice president that will comprise the face of our nation.

Those are the facts – for those advocating a conciliatory tone, as factual as the small, vile, racist, noose- brandishing campaign that came from their Party;

a campaign so imbued with the corrupt rewards of dealing with a government that is no stranger to international scorn or international sanctions in the form of travel restrictions, that it attracted the international diplomatic criminal class and the locals with tenuous virtue;

as it did those of better graces who, in the face of returns on investment, descended to demagoguery and the loose language of “PNC RIGGERS” that exposes a racism neither wealth nor education can contain.

Many are suggesting a meeting between/amongst the Parties, with the aim of toning down the acrimony and/or engaging in shared governance – which sounds like the rainbow illuminated happy-ending thing to do in a carefully crafted tale.

But the reality is that Guyana’s politics has now been infected with the harsh bigotry of overt imperialists who will now shape Guyana’s socio economic and political agendas through the government that they machinated into existence.

There’s some connective tissue between a President whose criminality received nineteen indictments and a Vice President once deemed the scourge of the region, constitutionally denied but  now circumventing his way into a third term, to puppeteer a President who is manifestly unfit for office.

That tissue is black gold for those who like their gold in that color…usually foreign –government election interferers with their immoral local helpers, selected to pick up the pennies that fall on the way to the Treasury, in the form of return on investments for campaign donations.

And this is where we’re forced to connect a few obvious dots in what is tantamount to the perfect insurrection storm.

With an absence of morality offset only by an abundance of penalty, Jagdeo and Ali made the Imperialists’ list of fools and knaves just when skulduggery was needed for political capital.

An election coup was never attempted before …at least successfully… not until the perfect storm and these maligned players sat under the stars at the same time.

One of the sadder parts is that this coup wasn’t quite a coup, wasn’t quite a coup at all but those who are the direct victims of its hybrid have had a harsh lesson taught.

And sadly it comes at a time when the PPP campaign revealed, with unbridled braggadocio, their thoughts about one sixth of its population.

Race and being opposed to any effort directed at improving the lot of Afro Guyanese was the very heart and soul of the PPP campaign.

People may have dismissed the image of a specific female politician birthing every variation of an ape as funny;

the nooses around the necks of black politicians or their agents as trivial as the images of others placed in a boat to Ghana;

as much as they dismissed revisionist history by East Indian scribes diminishing the fact that the fore parents of the African population in every part of Columbus’ New World provided the INITIAL LABOR FORCE AND FOR DECADES for the foundation of every one of its countries.

That it spilled over to the political kidnapping of the Afro Freedom Fighter Cuffy was just another wanton act of brazen disrespect for Afro Guyanese history.

And they offered no deference when Afro Guyanese rightfully adopted and advocated the intent behind the ‘Black Lives Matter’ slogan.

Instead, they doubled down on some indifference, unconsciously demonstrating why the other five races that form the quilt of the nation’s population are destined for the same social failure they suffered during previous PPP mal Administrations.

‘All Lives Matter’ is typically advanced by those so malevolently determined to keep racism and its tentacles alive that they promote this hollow platitude not worthy of the words that create its composition.

‘Black Lives Matter’, for their education, is a spotlight on systemic policies, uneven laws that uniquely affect African descendants as it is a demand for those matters to be addressed and fixed specifically.

The twenty three years prior to 2015 in failing to do any of this gave us extrajudicial killings of blacks at unprecedented rates.

But back to the new era of criminal government.

Guyanese of all stripes would be patriotic if they pledge to be vigilant, more patriotic than partisan during this installed Government of a Jagdeo whom the CIA and US State Department have, for decades, robed in deserved inglory.

The vigilance should not look past the fact that this ‘Coup’ was not the typical ‘Coup’ and the partisan failures, in all of its parts

– the failure to communicate, the cloistering of effort, the refusal of expertise, the grandstanding and overall hubris-

must be the ‘DON’TS of this next Coalition effort.

For it was all of these ‘DON’TS that contributed to the success of the non-coup coup .

Diaspora engagement remains an unused tool, not to be implemented selectively but with bureaucratic guidance.

There’s much to be done now, lots to be done immediately….

And in parting I’ll say this.

We’ve seen the current two top executives in their separate and multiple roles as public servants.

And in her continuous judgment of that period, History continues to confess that she cannot find that timeline to be exculpatory of any of the malfeasance reflected in the poverty, disease and diminishing returns that bodies like the Inter American Development Bank and the good old US State Department recorded with frequency and diligence, when these two had the helm of the Ship of State in their hands.

Being President is a singularly unique role of matching distinction that either elevates or exaggerates character.

And, I’m suggesting that pre-supposes that there’s character, to start off with.

# Dedicated to those COALITION MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS, at home and abroad, who for love of country, preservation of Motto and the safe -guarding of the place of all who comprise its national fabric, without wavering, stood firm and fast during the 2020 General Elections and with untiring  effort and expanded resources fought for the fair count of every legitimate voter in an election that had unprecedented International interference.
You have earned your place in our political History.

We are exponentially grateful.


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