Irfaan Ali and his PPP Government continue to lie about the progress being made in an industray that is economoncally dead.

In 2021, 20,000 production days were lost to strike.

That’s the story …the lie perpetrated by government with a reputation for immoral behavior.

The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) has confirmed that there were 63 strikes in the sugar belt for 2021 that resulted in 20,000 man days being lost. The financial consequence of this situation was a loss in value to the sugar industry because of industrial action totaling G$740M.

It noted that in October 2021 (the most favourable month of the year for sugar production), there were strikes for issues that were unrelated to the operations in the sugar sector (strike for G$250,000 cash grant and strike for flood relief).

The adverse financial impact of those October strikes totaled some G$378 million.

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