On this platform, the holder of public, political, office is evaluated in the context of best practices. 

It is the simpleton’s errand to conclude that the evaluation is directly related to race and geographical location – with some caustic fling at Corentyne, in a distorted attempt to suggest that “Norton is being chewed and spat out” because he’s not of the predominant ethnicity of that region.

Contaminating the importance of doing the best job when ascended to public office, with cheap sentiment that sees fairness as excusing ineptitude because of race or some past employment affiliation, is part of the canker that prevents the sustained success of the Party, PNC, that was created in 1957 to give Afro Guyanese equal opportunity at the national political table.

Disappointingly these comments, more often than not, come from that echelon of Guyanese, many now expats, who are products of the better days of the PNC, when it was comparatively efficient and operated within a framework that was guided by its ideology …. which gave them opportunities they would not have ever dreamed of, if the administration even resembled this embarrassment they feel compelled to defend, in the name of race and whatever combination of trivia they pull together.

Where reasoning is specious, attempts at persuasion are pointless…as is evidenced in the absurd projection wrapped in the school yard pejoratives, unleashed by a swashbuckling apologist, fluent in terms like ‘nigger’ and ‘bobble head’ and others that suggest a poverty in vocabulary when thoughtful articulation is required.

If the defender had read objectively, he would never have concluded that Norton is being asked to clean up “after the mess created for eons” …assuming, of course, that his comprehensive skills are intact.

But, moving right along.

Of its many to date Guyana’s politics is, yet again, at its unfinest hour.

For all that transpired- the campaign for Granger to throw in the towel mid re-count  with a twist of visa weaponization from rogue US Secretary of State Pompeo – the ascending Opposition had more than early warning of what to expect, once in office.

Granger’s role had been reduced to that of subordinate Administrator by the resident Madam Ambassador, with the ‘support’ of Guyanese whose visas were to be spared the wrath of the soiled Pompeo…a conclusive bribe for their unpatriotism.

Madam Ambassador had assumed the role of resident Pro Consul  – the bouncer for Governments America no longer approves. The term, it is said, gained traction during the Reagan years and the role is preserved for the Guyana’s of the political moment , where government is merely a nominal role and the desires of the encroaching imperialist foreign country are incorporated as part of the governing administration’s.

This brings us to right now, when US domination in Guyana is more prevalent than not, with the International Republican Institute re-jiggering the voting process by coordinating with India and Canada.

The moral calculation that the choice of India betrays-with its own abundance of electoral woes– is, at best, troubling for the nation…but forebodes doom with the choice of First Past the Post Canada as an example.… warning that the system of Proportional Representation in Guyana, initiated after the 1951 Waddington Commission’s report, is now in jeopardy.

It would be critical to recall that this measure of voting was instituted as protection for the other races, after a  finding by Dr. Rita Hinden of the 1951 Waddington Commission who was concerned that Cheddi Jagan’s plot was that of one Party rule –2nd para below 2162 and was supported by Sir William Teeling’s report of Cheddi Jagan’s desire for forever power with his exploding East Indian Population which voted only for race 1140.

But why is America, so increasingly and with acceleration, interested in Guyana’s politics, you’re asking?

There’s a whole buffet of imperialist delicacies to choose from…not the least of which is the Reagan ‘backyard invasion blueprint’; fashioned when pro- Cuba Maurice Bishop was murdered by pro Russia Bernard Coard and the US landed on Grenada’s beach to ‘save Americans in Grenada’ as a show of force to both Russia and Cuba…

Prime delicacy here is Guyana’s neighbor; that ‘backyard’ of  Venezuela – the one that Trump was looking to garnish his warmonger bona fides on and that Marco Rubio and  John Bolton saw as resume enhancement.

About 4 decades ago, there was a similar Opportunity in Honduras…that was reduced to part military, part civilian government after the US – per local opinion -engineered corrupt general elections and upon losing, contained the actions of the President elected by the people, Roberto Suazo Córdova, by demanding that all decisions, foreign and domestic, be cleared by its US Ambassador, Negroponte …a proto type to the ‘Democracy Madam’ currently deployed to Guyana.

With the proconsul arrangement, US military assistance to Honduras  skyrocketed from about USD 4 million to 78 million annually and political infrastructure was remodeled to include a US Military base  from which attacks on Nicaruagua and El Salvador were launched at the behest of America’s ‘peace keeping’ President.

This, we’re contemplating, was already established in 2021 when three of the poorest and smallest countries in South America- Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana– signed a security master plan, arguably larger than their combined GDP’s and inarguably engineered by US with its tag along, France.

A product of that nonmilitary occupation was the infamous death squad Battalion 3-16 .

Guyana has already shown its capacity to rule by threat of death when it created a similar branch for democide – murder by Government – directed by America’s preferred politician- its advantageously inglorious Jagdeo, with infractions that are not unlike Noriega, whose end years of prison tourism should be a cautionary tale for those who see treason as currency to pay the political piper.

There’s nothing new under the sun, goes the aphorism and US politics is no exception.

To put it crudely, the governments of poor countries and particularly, nonwestern countries that become members of steering bodies like the UN and receive financial aid in the form of ‘good neighbor’ packages, never really win power when they win elections.

And it’s all wrapped in that world community litany that creates America to be more equal than most.

Disguised in phrases like ‘for the common good’, Jesse Helms, in either ignorance or irreverence, confirmed that UN Charter cannot touch US sovereignty and under America’s system, when international treaties are ratified, they simply become domestic United States law , is his revelation.

That’s why we ask that you focus on what never changes for the better but yet seems to pass international political muster …like the oppressive and criminal element in the ruling Party still being oppressive and criminal but has found political faith and favor with the western watch dogs of democracy.

Ask why but more importantly why now?

For those wringing their hands and singing lamentations at America’s sudden interest in Guyana’s politics, we’d ask that you look well past Exxon, a travesty in itself but one of our politicians’ doing.

The ongoing crisis of safety and in our capital city that our resident American Embassy describes as “critical for crime” is very similar to the levels they knew, when Jagdeo was president.

National Unemployment is still high and we’re submitting higher in the Afro Community… again a crisis of our politicians’ making.

Nepotism, cronyism, political mayhem and everything that makes Guyana a failed state is alive and well in national politics and is to be separated from its impending oil wealth – because soft invasions of the type that America’s IRI could be accused of focus on social collapse…

the stuff that never changes..that lack of moral rectitude that suggests a porousness in leaders, that could invite complicity in activity related to terrorism in America’s extended backyard…

which would deem the country ‘Captive Nation’ which would require the cavalry like Pro Consul Madam.

You get the BS.

This is why the Government needs to be operating at full capacity…with its other arm, the Opposition, firing on all cylinders, executing what it is constituted for… to check and balance the governing arm and to let the nation know, through civil discourse, what its findings are, and with expedience.

So let’s bring this thing to boil.

The Opposition, is a conglomeration of Parties of which the PNC is its largest. Like the rest of its parts, it’s inviable on its own.

The leader of the Opposition, to ensure that that he represents the interests of its parts, must consult with his peers before decision making or public declarations on behalf of the Opposition.

Failing that, he’s merely speaking on behalf of his Party and undermining the show of cohesion that must validate the Coalition.

And speaking on behalf of his party without any reference to Coalition ideology is the kind of thing that could breed Coalition devastation…not limited to Party switching.

As an aside, we support the Opposition Leader’s decision not to shake the hand of Ali…a gesture history and literature tells us is an expression of mutual trust.

But we wish he had refused with the poise of a politician who understands that public derision of constitutional office is typically a bad move. He could have stood next to Ali and have the picture taken …without the extension of a hand…all while observing COVID protocols. Posturing for media is never a good idea …and videotaping a pugnacious explanation neither excuses that nor is it the stuff that Party, Coalition, growth is made of.

That said, the gap between what was promised with new Coalition leadership and what it is on track to deliver six months in, falls woefully short of modest anticipation, not only because the method of delivery has merely changed ownership and without upward revision but because without a comprehensive agenda, there’s precious little to deliver.

So, we’re waiting for that other cavalry…the one seasoned and wise enough to take stewardship of the current PNC leaders and redirect the Party, in its role as APNU, to be an effective tribune of the people.

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