It’s not only because, for the first time in Party history, its leader was resoundingly rejected by receiving exactly zero nominations to return to leadership,  

but it’s because for the first time in its history, said Leader will not be there to open the official ceremony of its Congress.

Maybe his absence does involve “matters of his health”.

But leaders who are morally committed to their agency would hardly slink off on the eve of their Party’s most critical event…

one that will have direct bearing on the course of the nation’s politics…

now fraught with upheaval as it sits in the hands of politicians once deemed unfit the US State Department but now redeemed by them for matters not of benefit to ALL Guyanese.

The absence of PNC Leadership at Party and Government levels has reduced their functions to mockery.

Of greater concern is the Opposition which is the Constitutional arm of balance for our Government.

The Opportunity to restore the Party to its ideological function will be granted through Congress, where a Leader will be elected.

But beyond that and of national importance is the election/selection of an Opposition Leader who is sufficiently assertive to exercise his constitutional obligations from the mandated post of Opposition;

one who will seek to lead, not by blaming but by proactively holding leadership accountable to policy measures aimed at the overall upliftment of the nation.

Aubrey Norton, as Party Leader, will be in the best position to ask that such a leader be appointed by Granger… the keeper of the list…

Our confidence is in Aubrey Norton.

That’s why we are supporting him and will ask that you support him too.



  1. If Norton becomes the Leader, why does he have to ask Granger to appoint the opposition leader? Is this keeper of the list a real position in the PNC? And what if Granger refuses to choose a different leader? Then what, a crisis?

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