It’s never a wrong time to be named Singh in Guyana, particularly when the first name is Joe.

With a resume of premier appointments and matching supreme failures, good ole Joe is still the go–to operative for political Parties seeking the appearance of hiring credentialled personnel.

But Joe’s deficiencies are his brand and his string of recorded poor performance should be levelled against the Ali Administration that’s seating him again.

We’re not saying that a septuagenarian- nearing octo- should be denied employment, mind you.

But we’re saying that a septuagenarian with a consistent record of failure and padded accomplishments – lies about lots in his military record (it is said) – had no time to reform, by virtue of his revolving appointments that ignored his immediate- past underperformance and thus, has no place for on the job training with a Natural Resource Fund.

Apart from the parachute jumps that he allegedly failed at …for starters, Joe was the Chairman of GECOM in 2001 – the year Janet’s 1997 stolen Presidency was ruled null and void by then Justice Claudette Singh and the very the year that Bharrat, illegally sworn in by illegal Janet, was busted for nullifying 30,000 votes and claiming a victory by securing 45000 votes from the PNC stronghold in Charlestown.


Honest Joe, a sworn servant to the national Constitution, stayed on to work with the illegally appointed Bharrat with unbroken stride …unbothered by his legitimacy.

He accepted Bharrat’s appointment to head the  Conservation International Agency from 2001 -2005 and was the principled patriot there when the McKinsey report, paid for by the Jagdeo Administration, came under scrutiny for overstating and inflating the accomplishments of the Agency.

Joe Singh again, in another scandal alleging his inflating and overstating of accomplishments.

And because the PPP is impressed by a pattern of dishonesty –seemingly– good ole Joe was then crowned Head of Guyana Telephone and Telegraph from 2005 to 2010, where he oversaw the epic failure of the USD 60 million Global Marine Talks and the “landing of 700-miles of submarine fiber-optic cable off the Atlantic Coast.”

Another success …failure accomplished! 

Now on to the Board of Geology and Mines Commission which, predictably, ended like every other assignment gifted to Joe- in crashing failure, with calls for his removal after crime and death remained expected fare in the mining business, during his tenure.

With the quality of performance that rates his stock a perpetual buy for a Government that retains its documented nomenclature of Criminal Enterprise, Joe is now headed to sit at the right hand of Exxon, international resource rapist and for a PPP Government that has spent 25 years with an ideology firmly set by ethnic nationalism and not civic patriotism.

So Joe is their guy and for everything- from head to toe- that he brings to the Natural Resource Fund – a grandfathered record of flamboyant incompetence that will force Ashni Singh, of speckled repute, to assist with whatever creative accounting Joe may need to sign off on – is the thinking.

We’re here again because not much has been reconfigured to make the nation’s economic vehicle deliver to all classes.

Hoping that the newly minted PNC Opposition, under its new Leader, will be giving an update on what his arm of Government proposes, as a watchful countermeasure.  

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