Speaking from the cheap seats of a Government that has lived up to the reputation of its grotesque natural instincts, Gail Teixeira suggests that Ali’s religion has brought goodwill to us from the Middle East, from Qatar, from Kuwait, from the United Arab Emirates etc.” she said.

Maybe this job of Gail’s is to emulate that of Winston Smith of the Ministry of Truth, George Orwell’s 1984 charachter, whose peversions of veracity were in constant escalation.

Crafting lies, specifically to realign old behaviors with current pieties, was his goal.

That required a studied application to the task, some high quality fakes and manufactured outcomes that tossed truth down memory holes.  

You see, preparing lies for a Ministry of Truth actually requires genius.

Gail’s delivery, with pure contrast, lacked that intellectual finesse, that nimbleness of imagination, requisite cleverness to hold our attention and convince us that Irfaan -whose appearance at the UN was reminiscent of an 8 year old boy’s performance at his third standard school concert- is not irretrievably out of his depth.

It was a lazy word -association, her selection of countries with known inherent race and religion, served up with the ignorance of conflating Arab with Muslim – a grouping that each finds immeasurably offensive.

And she’ll have to brush up on her geopolitics if she’s going to be the travelling salesman, an emissary from her Government’s Ministry of Truth.

Middle East, she may have overlooked, is an expanse of countries in a specific region so a nominal reference to this geographic sphere is just fluff.

Claiming the United Arab Emirates – famously racist towards Black Muslims, whose women, though given rights, can only practice them if a man grants that permission  – as a staunch supporter of Irfaan Ali, is hardly an endorsement of merit.

Plus, anybody trained to execute in the portfolio she wears would know that citing Qatar in the context of goodwill would only invoke its record of ‘slave’ labor, its discriminatory caste system, its public floggings and its disrespect for women .

In Kuwait, where light skin privilege prevails, blacks are mistreated as a matter of course.

And there are even finer nuances that would make Arab Irfaan a lower level Muslim just because of the color of his skin.

But let’s not laugh to distraction here.

For all that it lacks, Gail’s colorful portrait of Ali and her government is another installment of pruned misinformation, intended to whitewash its governing record of indecency, treachery, malfeasance and incompetence.

She is, seemingly, anticipating that it’ll escape notice, like it always has over their years of domination; when the lies went unchallenged and became that odd strand that escaped diligent inspection and got woven into the fabric of national politics.

It’s the fruit of “strenuous vagueness”- a phrase coined for a different time but fits Gail’s monologue just right, right now.

Sure, Sheikh Ahmed Dalmook Juma Al Maktoum visited Guyana to a lot of pomp and ceremony on his for- profit jaunt, to offload Sputnik vaccines at unconscionable prices.

But how will we know, if her Ministry of Truth presents his arrival as a trip of benevolence- this nice Muslim man coming to talk Agriculture and Electricity just because Irafaan is Muslim, with a cargo of Sputnik not yet approved by the World Health Organization, WHO, transported under questionable conditions for a people subjected to a government that seconds their health to the Sheik’s pay day?

Maybe we wouldn’t know because in Winston Smith’s Ministry of Truth, there is a Mr. Obrien whose focus is “controlling matter to control the mind…whose reality is in the skull”…

All media was controlled by Big Brother.

All interpretations are the duties of the Gails’.

In Guyana, where media is largely pro government, reverse programming would be the obligation of the Opposition- if only we had one operative and functional, as required by our Constitution.

The lack of counterprogramming makes lies routine, numbing reactions that should inflame to mere shrugs of expectation.

Police being routinely unlucky in capturing wanted Black men alive is as frequent as Black men dying by police bullets, while asleep in their homes or in their custody, where they may have been for several days in excess of lawful holding time, without charges being filed.

From the office of President, Irfaan has little to say that is remarkable and he does so in remarkably unconvincing fashion.

Black male slaughter outpaces fatalities at the hands of police and the police minister, Robeson, is deployed for an improved performance.

Not unexpectedly Robeson does more of the same, being part of that loose league of ‘C’ list apologists.

So, we continue to get Gail from the Ministry of Truth who claims to be bullied by an Opposition so ‘fierce’ that she could STILL threaten its ability to function as the elected arm of government with sabotage, unless they ‘acknowledge’ a sitting government!!

Affirming that the PNC, largely Afro Guyanese, fills them with fear is the sociopolitical trope resurrected every time they enter office.

Nothing about this is governing.

The PPP is increasingly defined not by its shared beliefs, but by its shared machinations to foment racial animus …which attract predators pretending to be protectors, like the International Republican Institute, IRI.

And Gail makes the case like the woman in the ‘The Last Chronicle of Barsett’…  “frightfully, loudly, scornfully and worst of all continually”.

Not my fault that her Party operates like Vaudeville but I’m glad that there are so many literary parallels to which I could peg its treachery.

Many parts of their governance drink from the strong draft of IRI goal -crafting for target countries, brewed on easing ballot control and ‘conservative democracy’ into the political mechanism of countries in which America has geopolitical interest – like they do in Guyana, and in abundance.

And please don’t be smitten by the local job offers coming from the IRI.

That’s just part of how it seeps into daily operations on the way to its mission of reshaping domestic politics in ways favorable to US interests and policy makers, to expand polical involvement and enlarge its territory.

Guyana’s general elections and outcome were decidedly disorderly.

But it can never be divorced from the US State Department’s reincarnation of a Party and its leader Jagdeo, recorded as a thug in their diplomatic cables, whose governance, American Agency Council on Hemispheric Affairs, calls a Tattered Legacy.

And what can never be overlooked is the swift congratulations by the Organization of American States, OAS, of this government now under the Vice Presidency of the same character, Jagdeo, they had condemned for a variety of infractions not limited to fraudulent elections and human rights violations  all balled in to his tattered legacy.
This time, though, the OAS was under Louis Almagaro – the Leftist turned Rightist, who, apart from being integral to the removal of Evo Morales from Bolivia, was a feature recipient of communications from PPP lobbyist, Mercury LLC .

The lobbyist was vigorously interacting with Madam Lynch ,the US Ambassador, right before her handlers found that Jagdeo’s record of narco kleptocracy had the politcal purchasing power to buy America’s ‘suggestion‘ of having its IRI all up in Guyana’s political frame work – from Voting to Constitution to Regional Policy Reshaping .

It’s like Noriega’s purchased forgiveness of his criminal sins, when he agreed to help the US fight off Cuban/Russian inroads in to the hemisphere. He became the go between with US-backed contra rebels fighting Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista government and with the Salvadoran government and rebels. He was, also, a compadre of Coke Baron Pablo Escobar.

So he became America’s man because they had all the dirt they needed on him, according to copious reports …up until he refused another favor… it seems.

Earlier, we mentioned that there is an abundance of Vaudevillian parallels to peg the PPP to, but in all fairness, there are some of historical import, as well.

Credited for major contributions to the American Constitution, President James Madison, advised in his Federalist Papers , “A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.”

Those auxiliary precautions, in the case of Guyana, we’d say, would be the checks and balances of our governing structure- a Governing arm with an effective Opposition to exercise the necessary oversight.

Then, extending his thought, Madison concluded “Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm”.

As if we don’t know…

as if we haven’t realized why Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch is attempting to rebrand this soiled and vulnerable bunch as ‘Champions of Democracy’ from their perch atop murder and mayhem….

as America drops anchor off our shores for a colonization stay to prevent a left wing takeover in a region still influenced by Ronald Reagans policies…

via our nation which he, Reagan, once designated “A Beneficiary Developing Country”…

clearly for the benefit of his.

Congress for the larger arm of the Opposition’s Coalition, PNC, is now a matter of survival. 

As Gail’s Ministry of Truth would have us know, there is no greater motivator than fear.

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