When Evan Ellis’ piece on the 2020 elected PPP government cited its “unique combination”  of youth, new ideas and technocratic talent, there was a sense that this Government had been selected to lease Guyana to America to interrupt that “troika of tyranny” that was the new buzz phrase for the conservative elements in American politics.

Havana to Caracas to Managua was the through line, perpetuated by John Bolton, the Republican blow torch who was just too dangerous, even for his fellow warmongers.

He’d made some headway previously when the dull-wittedness of Trump provided cover for conservative ambitions to oust Maduro, to “take” his oil and to contain the “genesis of a sordid cradle of communism in the Western Hemisphere” with, America taking direct action against all three regimes to “defend the rule of law, liberty, and basic human decency in our region. ”

Regime change was their mission and for Guyana, it was obvious when its US Ambassador, Lynch, was escorted as an election observer by prime PPP donor Tamesh Jagmohan who is on an assortment of US Federal investigation lists …it is said.

Did we mention Gerry Gouveia, another person whose name is involuntarily co- mingled with questionable activities?

We’re surely not accusing him of wrong doing but Madam Lynch’s socializing with these PPP characters of doubtful repute was an ominous indication that Guyana was already in America’s debit column.

And the ensuing ‘open letters’ from local political players who seemed to have bought the rosy picture of new beginnings under the old adversaries of US Politics- Bharrat Jagdeo whose “Janet Jagan communism” remains America’s nemesis – were similar to the changes in political  tastes of politicians in other regime- change countries, who had ‘suddenly’ found America’s bid to change their country’s political operation better than national attempts.

Madam Lynch’s announcement on Feb 20th 2020, two weeks before the March 2nd  general election date, that the International Republican Institute (IRI) was playing a role in Guyana’s elections by offering assistance to voters with disabilities, was a signal that the incursion had begun.

We say that because in Madam’s country, those decisions are made with the participation of the contesting parties well ahead of election day and after mutual agreement on the mechanics of the effort.

We were not afforded that dignity and respect in our own country, not from the Madam who knows her country’s standards.

And, there was no push back on the participation of this agency with a reputation for election interference by the Granger Government, either.

There was only speculation, after the fact, at voter anomalies and even then, with faint contention.

With zero representation for the people who trusted these politicians- GRANGER’S  COALITION-  to negotiate for them on political matters, the IRI’s infiltration was secured through coopting the rogue arm of  government, the PPP , which is always the point of least resistance, as extrapolated from their known acts of political thuggery by the American Government, which has a record of the PPP’s porous points.

And with only half of the Governments consent-PPP only-we got the IRI.

Often referred to as a cloak and dagger outfit whose ostensible good –will missions are cover for a subversive agenda, their fabric of democracy is of the type that arcs political operations and outcomes in the direction that the Bolton’s would see as favorable to the rule of “law, liberty and basic human decency”- Conservative watch words for American supremacy.

Worthy of note here is that the IRI was founded in 1983 at the behest of Ronald Reagan. Its express intent was to replace the tax payer funded activities of the CIA, whose covert involvement in regime selection and displacement were becoming an embarrassment. The National Endowment for Democracy then became the ostensible CIA, some say just as lethal but with less blood.

Of course the January 6th 2021 incursion at the US Capitol dismantled America’s claim of championing democracy – a status that many in its population always saw as literal pride and prejudice.

And what it exposed, too, was the comparative disinterest by the democracy -driven IRI in its own country’s democracy; as the legitimacy of the duly and democratically elected President Biden remains challenged by the Party of the IRI founders- Republicans- in every State.

Democracy, unlike Charity, it seems, does not begin at home.

Could be why the only official notification  of the IRI’s takeover of Guyana’s electoral apparatus came from the US Ambassador.

Could be why, too, she showed unabashed partiality to the PPP during the election campaign, even scheduling meetings with its Lobbyist, Mercury Public Affairs, a company with a taste for dollars irrespective of source….

as its forced departure from representing Turkey’s soiled President suggests and its representation of Ngozi okonjo-iweala, known more for her association with fraud than as head of World Trade Organization.

Political blemishes, like those Bharrat Jagdeo and his front man Irfan Ali wear , are the badges of qualification for companies like Mercury which seems to prefer clientele with the convenient admixture of penetrable patriotism and political thuggery.

And these moral failings on the political front signal opportunity for almost unimpeded insurgence by the IRI’s and their ‘assistance’ programs to infiltrate a select nation- state’s political machinery, to establish the US as a global colossus.

Thing is, we the sacrificed, the not a blade of grass generation, understand that psychological profiling is part of the IRI’s arsenal and that looking at leaders in their cultural and political context is rudimentary to profiling.

Context here would be the enduring cleavage of inherited division from colonial days and how Team Jagdeo has perverted this division into systemic racism, with political service directed primarily often solely, to his Party and its members.

But the IRI already knows this. State Department reporting over the years has captured this graphically (7) .

Gauging from the government destabilization in Honduras and Bolivia, for starters, in which there was US involvement through the OAS and IRI, Jagdeo’s personality matches Roberto Micheletti, the questionably patriotic replacement of the ousted Zelaya.

 It also matches that of Bolivia’s Jeanine Anez, not because of gender per se but because she preferred personal power to nation building.

So, supporting a ‘victory’ for the PPP was sound strategy for America which has appended these ‘assistance agencies’ to its conventional war machine in its continued quest for global dominance.

As we said earlier, we are of thenot a blade of grass generationand will continue to fight the pawning of our Republic by a rogue government, whose lesser parts have been massaged into treason by a destabilizing outfit that just happens to find the pro US anti -country government factions in victim states, that can get them to their goal.

The destabilizing of Haitia couple of times – post the Duvalier’s, has had a protracted unsettlement for its nationals…some 30 years later , despite America’s conferred protector status , undoubtedly camouflage for diplomatic consumption, which intellectually clumsy Trump exposed with his uncultured honesty.

Couldn’t this be Guyana?

Reporting has captured the State Department’s distaste for those not down with the program in the following exchange with a reporter:

“We want to make sure we neutralize them. Not necessarily by going after them, but the timely insertion of some kind of deterrent is important.”

They’ve got their “inserted deterrent” in their foes- Team Jagdeo –they’ve now befriended to execute their regional agenda.

Don’t we deserve a Political Opposition that’s cogent and constructive enough to save our country from this threat to our Republic?

Don’t we?

We’ll continue to appeal to the remnant of the Opposition that’s more about politics than posturing.

We’ll continue to call on them to be more about ideas and philosophical principles than about a single person, a purported leader and a constitution that counterproductively gives reverence unto itself, by granting the Party leader full and unquestionable dominion over everything Party- even its thinking. 

The IRI has already planted its flag.

For all its proclamations of supporting ‘noisy democracy’, resident western diplomats were silent when the PPP Government, operating under the principle of democracy, locked the constitutional Opposition out of legislature; not only with its uncoveted brand of discourteousness but with the quiet applause of the IRI through the Resident US Ambassador, who champions democracy.

We say this because she is yet to say how a government that excludes its constitutional Opposition from mandatory participation, in a move of authoritarianism, is still of her democracy.

And we say this because there is an obvious assault on the path to progress in David Ganger’s posture, atop a Party with senior operatives hog tied by a constitution so defective, that it gives him the gall to claim leadership, as his Opposition leaders seek mitigation at the feet of the foreigners who have plotted their demise.

For all the admiration once doled upon him, Granger is uninterested in being admired; specifically when he has the upper hand and defaults to hostage taking to force a culture of fear that pressures his Party members to betray principle.

Thing is, ultimate responsibility for the trajectory of our Republic lies with all of us and those who have the power to clear the log jam in Opposition leadership should already be in the process of doing so and not waiting for the pageant of Congress.

The invaders have already struck the first blow or the Pied Pipers have already secured the rats.

Either metaphor means that our Republic is in the process of being made over by an imperialist power, America, that doesn’t mind fomenting mayhem when it doesn’t get its way.

And it is being enabled, aided and abetted by the PPP – the Party with the malfeasant characters they’ve now rebranded their vehicle to democracy…of their own variety.

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