Not sure why the PPP Press Statement professes some sort of shock that GECOM has declared – using the tools afforded the situation LEGALLY– that elections will not be held when Clan Jagdeo wants them to be held.

Hilarious, really, when you sift through Bharrat’s unrighteous indignation, citing a Constitution that he pissed on very day he was in Office and amended the guts out of in Unicameral Legislature, to suit his PARTY and their dynastic ambitions.

But that’s a whole other segment of contempt that will be placed at the doorsteps of the Coalition which will forever be remembered for NOT ADDRESSING CONSTITUTION REFORM – knowing how Jagdeo had gutted it  and remade it into the PPP’s image.

A lil history now because I find historical references to be the best parameters for discussion.

Jagdeo was knighted President by the foisted Janet Jagan, who played President from 1997- 1999 in a show of white dominance over natives when, in a fit of contempt, she threw the order preventing her swearing in over her shoulder

which she had done, anyway, earlier in the day, in anticipation of the Court Order preventing her swearing -in …

… a clear indication of her premeditation to flout the order of the Chief Justice and Chancellor of the Judiciary, Desiree Bernard, in the capacity of highest civil servant in the land, President.

We know the draughts game they, subsequently, played in shuffling him and Sam Hinds in and out of office so Janet could do, in Guyana, what she didn’t dare do in Chicago.

So the boy king, Bharrat, ascended to the throne in 1999, in the spirit of CONTEMPT FOR THE LAW .

And here’s the kicker that you wouldn’t find in of the PPP dominated Wikipedia pages of Guyana’s political history….because the Coalition, when in Opposition and now in Government, didn’t think it was a wise investment and a Communications Imperative to correct the warped history that the PPP has plastered over every reference to the record of the nation’s politics.

In 2001, the 1997 elections, in which Janet had forced herself on the nation, was declared NULL and VOID by Justice Claudette Singh who cited missing ballots and poll station violations amongst a series of election day improprieties.

That meant that a FAKE PRESIDENT had appointed a President who, by extension, was a flappin counterfeit…but no one addresses this crap…stuff that should be hanging from every lantern post in Guyana ….to remind us of the brazenness of this group of people who want to fashion Guyana for their personal gain…

Good Point at which to say …Ffff

…but I’m a Sunday Christian…

I’ll say bless you my child, instead…and continue.

In 2001, Elections were held and Jagdeo pulled a Janet.

More than 30,000 votes were missing and from predominantly Afro Guyanese ballot areas which caused the PNC to file an injunction against Baharat ’s ascension to the Presidency.

For skeptics like me, I’ll concede, if he never served a purpose, Oscar Clarke did at this time and may have actually earned his Cacique Crown Of Honor National Award…
….though that may be pushing it… ….and exposed Joe Singh, whose service from the PPP intersected with the appointment of his son as head of the nation’s Customs Anti Narcotics Unit with no professional experience and admitting the removal of 30,000 Afro Guyanese votes from the voting register while he was heading GECOM.

This time Chief Justice Desiree Bernard granted the injunction and Bharrat had to take off his costume and wait for a recount.

The recount was historic in that it gave the UF a seat in Parliament.

Then, Bharrat, with glib piety, knowing that it was just the smaller part of his scheme that had been uncovered, declared, with phony humility, “I will not be sworn in until the legal challenges are dealt with because I have respect for the law” .

Word is, the skies darkened and bells of all the Cathedrals tolled in unison to deflect the damnation….

…. when the hurly burly is done … when the battle is lost and won ...

We can go on and look at the deliberate delay of Local Government Elections, the last under the PPP in 1994 … after which Bharat repeatedly said GECOM was not ready for more LGE’s …. manipulating every agency to delay elections in his quest for a PPP dynasty… understanding that he was an abhorred leader who would have lost in every region; diabolical micro management perfectly captured by WIKILEAKS

and his manipulation of GECOM through 2011 …when the one thing he couldn’t change in a  Unilateral House, term limits, made Donald possible.

Then 2015 happened and here we are with a Coalition that rode in with all this ammunition and didn’t fire a fatal shot.

Bharat, meanwhile, is foaming at the bit to place his boy king into office… much like Janet did with him.

It’s not about country for these people but about race through Partisan Politics.

If Jagdeo could muster up a speck of patriotism, he would see that Irfan Ali is a bad face for our country, on the international stage.

If he could invoke a sliver of national pride, he would revisit the Motto of One People, One Nation and One Destiny and see how much he did to dismantle that, how he constructed a wedge, at every opportunity, to conquer by division.

If he were not benefitting well beyond his salaried position, he would not have appealed to the oozing immorality of the defecting MP, who was in politics, not for his constituents but for himself…well evidenced in how he abandoned their ideology by his sudden defection and defiance of MP ticket protocol.

For Bharrat and his clan, leadership is their domain, their inheritance and the spoils of dirty clannish politics is the natural resources that they can pawn for their race’s benefit.

Now the Coalition is, finally, looking like it’s working for the nation…utilizing all the legal tools, exploring every Constitutional angle to give the electorate a chance to vote when they want to and not when the Pirates of the PPP force them to the polls through sleazy manoeuvers.

Campaigning is now afoot ….a good thing for the electorate … that should have more than the traditional choices of the crippling behemoths PNC and PPP, operating on agendas so archaic and out of touch that they are etched in stone.

Here’s to hoping that voter education will be as robust as campaigning should be….though, from all accounts, there’s much to be discussed publicly on that one.


  1. And to think with this public information we would get ,irrespective of allegiances, push back in the name of decency. Where are all the facebook swamis, or oracles? Jump in , it would be healthy for your aparrent amnesia to the past and present disrespect.

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