The latest round of disdain is again for GECOM Chair, Justice Claudette Singh, who has apparently requested immigration records for names that appeared as voters in Guyana’s March 2nd 2020 elections.

It comes amidst a contentious recount of a general election, that was forged during the government’s midterm in a No Confidence Motion by a Constitutional violation- (156:3) -of party crossing from government to Opposition, with the subsequent revelation of the US Ambassador’s meeting with the Opposition’s Lobby to discuss the No Confidence Motion that triggered the general election.

It’s a sequence of sabotage and foreign shoulder rubbing that has raised curiosity to the speculation of foreign entities deciding how Guyana should be governed, especially with the coordinated calls for power sharing coming with relative pre-maturity from the international paymasters who’ve made no attempt to hide their intention to sanction their wishes into reality.

The daily recount is now a predictable exercise in uncovering ‘irregularities’ –used conservatively – ranging voters who were able to be in one country while simultaneously voting in Guyana to being dead for decades earlier, yet voting on March 2nd 2020…
like the drama a Kaieteur news contributor thought was hilarious, in the ‘Mercury Rig Elections’ stab at mockery.

We would direct that ‘humorist’ to the elections in Ukraine in 2004 when the voters were given pens to fill out their ballots and did so….only to have their votes never count because the markings never showed because the ink in the pens was disappearing ink.

It’s the kind of fact that serious political reporters would have known of and consequently would, going forward, make it their duty to  ferret out all electoral anomalies…and not add supposed satire to the clown collection of asserted ‘body of work’.

And if asked, we’re sure that Ambassador Lynch would be able to tell us she’s heard of this being business as usual in countries like Ukraine, guilty of that and more in 2012 , as well.

That would have been, we’re thinking, part of her briefing, especially since she was the USAID REP in Afghanistan in 2008 -2009, operator of Democracy International, the election machine – when Mohamed Karzai was hoisted to power as the West’s choice for leader in an election that was so brazenly rigged , even the riggers laughed at their cheap success.

And not unlike Karzai, on whom there is voluminous detail of his crookery , thuggery and overall dishonesty, the crook Bharrat Jagdeo has become the object of the America’s  political fancy because like Karzai, he is a bridge to a region that can give them that relationship between partnership and occupation, with geopolitical access to Cuba whose politics unnerves them and Venezuela whose relationship with Russia infuriates them…all as the thought of controlling Guyana’s oil, the people’s patrimony, intoxicates them. 

Madame’s “smaller ones too” vision of governance has elevated ambition beyond practical application. It’s a broad stroke approach to brokering that her Conservative Party Government has deployed several times to satisfy that image they peddle – ‘Peace Keeper’.

In 2008 Condoleeza Rice had a similar remit in Kenya, when general elections ended in the stalemate of both the incumbent and Opposition declaring victory. Power sharing, of course, was their answer but was quickly discarded when the plan saw the incumbent party assigning all the meaningful government positions to its members, as the lesser roles went to the ‘smaller ones too’.

And the Europeans are not blameless, though we ‘shouldn’t’ be laughing at their calls for power sharing as their BREXIT failure confirms how that has worked for them. They, too, have the compulsion to suggest how other countries should govern themselves, when they fail openly and ignominiously at doing that for themselves.

In the end, its about their power sharing…no play on words…their aid packages to recipients who end up trading their independence, their democracy, their sovereignty to countries whose only interest is geographic control which they implement through draconian measures tied to aid packages…which typically translate to do what we say or… ‘sanctions’.

They ascribe their efforts to peace. We see them as control. They call their plan justice. We see it as subversion. They say democracy and we ask whose…


The America the Madam Ambassador Lynch exports is nonexistent and by extension, the democracy she touts that they champion.

The Europeans and members of their Union fall in to this category and the reason why we are even in their collective political orbit is because of our recent oil discovery, the understood political strength inherent in this and their attempts to steer us into some sphere of ideological alignment.

That they’ll do this by any means necessary, through a Bharrat Jagdeo who has incurred the scorn of the international community because of the corruption, drug trafficking and murders…to name a few high points of his inglory… tells us how much of their efforts are for Guyanese and not for them.

The priority is not the will of the people but a version of stability that doesn’t threaten western dominance.

Guyanese be damned.

So much for Lynch’s noisy democracy.

The takeaway could easily be that there is no democracy to preserve, no rights for the people, no sovereignty in independence.

Elections , we could be subdued to believe, are for the people who have propped up the country through economic benevolence- aid and gifts and nice shiny things to distract from the national back balling we’re getting.

But we’re more aware than they give us credit for. We’re not here to go to the polls and just to give the appearance of an election but we’re here to ensure that our vote is applied to our desires for governance.

For us,the ballot box will do what it was intended for- implement the change we desire.

Justice Claudette Singh, through the Agency she oversees has the right- per the Courts- to oversee the recount as she determines fit. …..verify what is questionable.

Guyana’s constitution allows for its elections to execute its representative value.

To allow any less, especially through external manipulation, would be to regularize an authoritarian democracy that answers to those external bodies that made it possible in the first place… a trade off that would be an abdication of our state of Independence, this time for Imperialism and not Colonialism which, arguably, may be kinder.

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