What is it about Guyana that makes the International Community think that it has the right to determine who governs the governed?

Because it’s a Sovereign nation and a country of laws- its 2020 General Elections already an event born of prematurity because of sabotage- the incumbent Party agreed in accordance with the General Elections Observers Act to INVITE  the international community to monitor polling activities for propriety.

Invitation, inherently, suggests that it was done not as an obligation but as a gesture of good will.

In retrospect, we say that a gentleman’s agreement should exclude those who must register as offenders of fairness and principle- not unlike a sex offender-  and Granger’s inherent decency may have forced him to look past the fact that his tenure was all of three years;

that the fourth was spent in litigation because the opponent to whom he was affording the honor of gentleman was a political rogue and scoundrel, proven and documented, who had used some sort of enticement to coerce an MP to declare he no longer had confidence in his ticket… in an act of violation of the Constitution.

For some beings, there is literally no rock bottom because there is as much existence of decency as there is a lack of capacity for embarrassment.

Words like hollow and demonic rush to mind. They don’t begin to do this character justice, however.

And this is the psyche of Granger’s opponent who handily outfoxed him in a masterstroke of manipulation by hiring the influence – peddling political ‘lobbying’ machine, Mercury Public Affairs.

Since way back in 2019 and right after the interruption of the tenure of duly elected Granger through an inveigled No Confidence Motion, Jagdeo began this current post- General Election disruption by hiring elements of the invited observers to begin a strategy to get him back in to office. It may have been before but this is the timeline we could establish, so far.

Evidence shows that the wily plotting of this arm of Government engaged in a year-long back channeling of information to the Organization of American States, to Conservative American Congressmen and Senators, news outlets, political fixers, many like Gustavo Arnavat, Joe Garcia, Mauricio Claver-Clarone  which, in turn, show emails going from Joe Garcia and Gustavo Arnat- to name a few- to  Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch, Mark Culliane, Elliot Pedrosa under heading “ARRANGE MEETING” .

We ask why these entities would engage an Opposition, liaise with the nation’s US Ambassador and extended members and arrange a meeting that excluded the Nation’s President, who is still the elected head of State, to discuss internal political matters as categorized, No confidence Motion, Upcoming Elections, General Update on Elections Process…

The Organization of American States, OAS, was one of Guyana’s Elections Observers and remains a critic of the process. It’s the same organization that is headed by Louis Almagro. It is the same Almagro of the same Organization of American States, which Gustavo Arnavat, subordinate of Almagro, is listed as an affiliate of, during the back channel conversation of the No Confidence Motion. It is also the same Almagro who welcomed Bolivian Evo Morales to his Presidency in 2019 and was mentioned as part of the cause of his exile  in 2020.

Unsurprisingly, as divine intervention in the form of confusion began to unravel the plot of the connivance, it is the same OAS that withdrew from Guyana citing unfairnessnot theirs but that of the Government that they were trying to topple.

The Opposition was engaged in an influence – peddling campaign and Ambassador Lynch was a recipient of that influence, as evidenced by the correspondence from Gustavo Arnavat August 14 & 15 of 2019, from Brian Lanza on August 22nd 2019 of the US Dept of State, and ambassador Lynch all about meeting with the PPP on Guyana’s Upcoming Elections as is the subject in evidence – we are thinking.

And since her credentials were accepted by the Government she was surreptitiously engaging external agencies about and meeting with its Opposition, she must have been in on whatever subversive intent was being plotted – we are still thinking.

We’ve noted the public excoriation or statements just short of, on social media, by the likes of Gregg Quin… British High Commissioner to Guyana. We wonder if he was part of this influence campaign.

We’ve responded to assertions of electoral fraud  by Canada’s High Commissioner to Guyana, Michael Grant and we wonder if he was part of the meetings organized by these members or affiliates of the OAS, that seem to have been intended to color their perception of Guyana’s elections.

We wonder if Fernando Ponz Canto, EU Ambassador to Guyana, knew of these meetings and their apparent intent before he, on behalf of the European Union, posted this in the public square.

And we especially wonder if Mia Amor Motley or any of the CARICOM observers, even Jason Carter of the Carter Center, had any clue about the involvement of Mercury and its secret liaisons with American Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch to discuss Guyana’s internal politics with its Opposition Leader, while there is still a sitting and duly elected President- and they were preparing to be impartial observers of the nation’s General Elections. 

Bruce Golding, head of the Observation team and of speckled political character, would  have been her contact and we’re left to wonder what exchange she may have had with him about convincing Granger to receive another overseer team after CARICOM left .

Her parting words, ‘it is clear there are forces that do not want to see the votes recounted’ were spun like cheap silk by the treacherous PPP hiding behind every disruption to shade their corruption. …

We’ll get a chance to expose those FORCES to the Honorable Mia Amor Mottley soon enough.

Determining their reason for apparently trying to de-legitimize Granger is not our remit here.

What is, is exposing the dark plot- like effort to remove him in favor of a former Party whose leader was the subject of many an intelligence record – per Wikileaks- and for reasons that were copiously colored with words like nefarious and corrupt and murder and trafficking in contraband and cocaine and guns, then money laundry and Federal Action Task Force and Millenium Development Goals and a plethora of unflattering statements that would signal to honest brokers that he is a political plague with a political character to match, as is evidenced in the records they have access to.

Part of our effort, too, is to figure out why the sudden shift of men who famously battled the canker of Jagdeo – like Yesu Persaud- to caucusing under his tent. The refrain remains honesty and integrity in elections which should be a laugh track when referring to Jagdeo’s ascension to rule and the musical presidency played with Sam Hinds to finally perch him as illegitimate overlord.

Might we add that Guyana has a Constitution that caters to a democratic election and the selection of a candidate by those legally allowed to vote.

The involvement of Mercury Public Affairs, in a word stinks. There’s no separation between its involvement and the collision of words like corruption, will of the people, democracy, legitimacy, duly elected government, in an insidious mash up to suggest Granger perfidy.

Washington and its allies at the OAS are more driven in 2020 to make decisions about which government is better for Guyana than they’ve ever been before the discovery of billions of barrels of oil beneath its surface.

Not so long ago, their attempt to oust neighboring Maduro, didn’t quite take off.

Mauricio Claver was one of the White House advisers calling leaders to get their support of Trump’s choice, Guaido. His wiki page boasts of his hard lined stance against Cuba. He’s featured on page 50 of Mercury document thru April 2019 under headings indicating meeting, Gustavo Arnavat, PPP  No Confidence Motion, April 10, 2019.

Louis Almagro head of OAS was one of the callers too. His call for a fair tabulation of Guyana’s votes was channeled by the soiled US Secretary of State, Pompeo, (para before questions) now famous for playing a part in what Trump has been impeached for.

Marco Rubio, another name featuring on the Mercury document is said to have been a player in the Maduro ouster, as was John Bolton for whom there is no readily available description that would quite paint his selectively principled picture.

Trump’s knowledge of nothing and having been hoisted to office through Russian interference makes him uniquely accessible for hawks pushing a more Right Wing Latin America.

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Colombia’s Ivan Duque give them hope.

In Guyana, neither right nor left but decidedly unscrupulous, unprincipled and with an overabundance of immorality, is Bharrat Jagdeo whose political infamy makes him especially attractive to the Mercury types.

As an addict to relevance, he’s prime candidate to willingly execute any malignant assignment that may soothe him in to feeling that he’s a force of good.

No, this is no reflection on how I feel about the person but a vivid picture of what must be thought by the Mecury types, of a man who was once a country’s President but is now willing to secretly work with them to undermine its government.

In the end, though, it’s about oil.

The US, it is said, was after Venezuela’s oil since sanctions were imposed upon Chavez.

Trump’s intellectual constriction narrows in only on the commodity and nothing else, so he too wants Venezuela’s oil.

And right across the border are multiples of billions of barrels of oil that will be overseen by a politician of sound character, a man whose stellar military record and service to country stops them in their tracks;
whose  choice of Cuba and not the US for his critical health needs tells them that he had a confidence in Cuba that makes them squirm and that he sees right through ‘the OAS charter of Representative Democracy is an indispensable blah  blah blah blah’ because it got Evo Morales exiled from his home.

The OAS is a political mercenary… no words to mince here.

And they may not know it yet but the will and the democracy and the rights and the legitimacy and all the filler words they are using to camouflage the fact that they have recruited their equivalent to a useful idiot in Jagdeo to disenfranchise the remainder of the people, are all tenets, are all gifts guaranteed to ALL of the people under the Constitution that they respect and will not allow a foreign marauder to hijack.

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