Let’s say that someone offered to get you your dream car.
The only catch is that you would be required to keep it properly maintained with no compromise.

Would you accept the offer?

I tell my clients to picture their bodies as their dream cars. I use the comparison because like that car, whatever it is, you wouldn’t compromise maintenance or fuel requirements in order to keep the car in shape in order to continuously get maximum performance from it.

Why should your body be any different?

The saying goes, “You are what you eat” and it can’t be any more true!

A pescatarian diet is ideal for anyone. The philosophy behind it is eating as close to Earth as possible through the consumption of fruits, nuts, berries, good fats, and limited meat sources.

Try cooking with colors. A colorful plate is a healthy plate.

Colors also stimulate happiness and feel good hormones.

In other words, be happy with what you eat!

Andrew Mentis, owner of Northern Light Fitness, is a health and fitness guru who keeps food and exercise attractive and affordable.

“I may not be the best cook but I stay Picasso in the kitchen…”
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This artistic display of fruit and vegetables says it all.

Northern Light Fitness

You have to check this guy out!

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