Trump, Russia,

With ultra conservative Mitch McConnell joining other ultra conservatives Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Jack Reed and key Democrats to investigate what the Central Intelligence Agency has confirmed as Russian interference in the national elections of the United States, the beginning of the easing of Trump from the presidential dais may have just begun.

Trump’s path to the nomination through social sewage lines and waste swamps, race-baiting and openly hating as he plundered his way to the nomination, has defaced the Republican Party well beyond the repair of any political scalpel.

And as the power brokers within – the Cheney’s and those of that ilk  – sat stunned as the Trump Piper lured voters with hollow promises and a vision of transforming politics to a layman’s playpen, they began laying the groundwork for the rescue operation of the Grand Old Party, with all of its tradition, exclusion and separation.

Pence, a staunch supporter of Ted Cruz and an open critic of Trump was tapped as Vice Presidential pick because he is a very malleable man who had the support of key insiders. Trump’s pick of Pence was not his genius in the least.  He had begun to cave shortly after the nomination when he realized that he, of necessity, had to work with the members of his party. Pence was part of his acquiescence. The  insiders anticipate a tremulous tenure under this Trump who is already laying up to be entertainingly inappropriate and a dangerous buffoon with his under-education and his manufactured information.

So, as Trump basks in the wafting stench of his suspicious election, Pence is doing everything Trump should be doing in order to transition with some semblance of knowledge of what sitting in the White House means. Pence is taking the daily Intelligence briefings a President needs to make informed decisions because Trump, with his negative IQ, has said he is “smart enough to remember what he was told the day before”. Pence is meeting with his Senate and Congressman friends in order to understand the mechanics of dealing with these law makers while Trump remains in his bubble thinking that ‘The Art of Deal’ is his blue print to governance.

And with with his signature con man gamesmanship, Trump is on his way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue shuffling the cards and rolling the dice… switching the cups as his supporters guess which one is hiding the plan he baited them with.

The Russian interference investigation now has strong bipartisan support. The ground under Trump has begun its tremor. Pence is comparatively prepped and ready to replace the act that is Donald Trump who is prepping to Executive Produce January’s edition of Celebrity Apprentice –  while First Lady to be, Melania, is prepping to defend her illegal status in the US during her modeling days and her racy pictures et al, published by international tabloids.

The Trump’s are still unsure whether they will occupy the White House.

Maybe they shouldn’t.

The politically sacrosanct has already been blemished.



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