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This document that boasts of denying safe...


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This document that boasts of denying safe...



That the superlatives to describe the crass incivility that is Donald Trump’s personality are immeasurable, was established during his gutter slog to  Party Nomination, long before he lost the Popular Vote and won the Electoral College – a political vestige that should have been retired centuries ago.

So being shocked by his vulgarity and disrespect to yet another woman- Mika of MSNBC’s Morning Joe– should not be followed by “he’s President and has the highest office in the land”.

Indeed, the office is the highest in the land but that is only so when its occupant is not marooned on moral low ground, languishing in his indignity with a wife who is willing to protect her classless bread and butter by excusing his ingraciousness with reasons like ‘boy talk’ or saying that “…he punches back ten times harder when he is attacked.”

Melania, we may give a pass because we know she got to the White House by proxy and by the long odds of vitriol, precisely paired with the right strength of sewer tactics, accented with the exact measure of revolt from a specific demographic that thought a ‘Washington Outsider and Something Different’ meant a Government overhaul, border walls, banning Muslims and dismantling all things Obama, who’s birth certificate Trump dedicate three years and “hundreds of thousands’ to locate…though he never did.

We do empathize with her dilemma…having to live with a man whose quick-wittedness is confined to denigration, mostly of women, and whose fixation on women’s’ bodies  and their blood suggests that he may be suspended in the reptilian stage of development.

But let’s not confuse the occupancy of the Oval Office with its functionality.

Donald is in the office but not of it.  Lost on his way to politics, he found himself in the White House and several grade levels of academic proficiency above his capacity. Shakespeare’s Hamlet comes to mind… ‘the body is with the King but the king is not with the body’…

Donald may be President but Presidential he’s not. Stop expecting him to be normal and adult because those things he isn’t either. The Peter Principle applies here…he has ‘risen to his level of incompetence’ though one could argue that he had gotten there long before the swamp he pledged to drain swept him up in its current.

He’s a mere commoner, devoid of social graces, oozing with plebeian coarseness, a dedicated low brow whose reptilian instincts positioned him in the upstream flow and deposited him at 16 Pennsylvania Avenue….way above his sewer.

He may be labeled President but he’s more Philistine in arrested socialization.

America’s Democracy worked.

Now let’s see if he’ll drop his pants and bare his Presidential bottom to Kim Jung Il.

For him, that would be diplomacy.


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