Dogs, let out. Trump

With the glee of a five year old throwing barbs in a school yard, the neuroses of Donald Trump continues to smear National image as he unleashes a new barrage of ditties and stupidities based on information that he doesn’t quite have because it hasn’t quite been released, because it hasn’t been proven.

That the decision of FBI Director James Comey has upset several apple carts simultaneously is not quite the issue. The issue is that it has potentially uprooted the inherent gravitas and veracity that is expected from this Agency.

Whatever his reason and irrespective of his explanations, because of the Comey interjection, the FBI has become an influence on a national election and is now seen to have fallen prey to political jabs from the Republican Congress that has pledged, through multiple conventions of inquiries, to topple Hillary Clinton.

This is unquestionably a political move. In conceding by acts of omission, that Trump is on his way to an embarrassing loss on election night, Republicans have desperately scrambled to shore up the down-ballot in a last-ditch attempt to hold on to Senate and House majorities to block everything a President Clinton may do – per the Obama Presidency.

What was said to Comey remains unknown but in politics perception is reality so the idea that he may have been ‘coereced’ is not lost on voters who are angry by the thought of Republican influence on the announcement and the fall out of a possibility of having a Trumphole as the face of this nation.

Today’s headline in one Cincinnati news organ and covered by the Democratic Underground gives us small preview of what the poison from the Trump podium is generating.

The rest of civil America, meanwhile, pledges by the power of its vote to keep this Trump thing, this political charlatan, from getting anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue come November 8th, 2016.

Dogs at the polls….

Really Donald?


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