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The opposite of failing to protest against the blemish that is this Trump, is indifference.

So, I applaud these protesting Americans who are reminding Trump that he is the selection only of those who are afflicted by intellectual stenosis.

Trump hunching and being schooled by the President he attempted to de-legitimize was a bit of poetic justice for those of us who were collectively offended by his campaign against President Obama.

Clumsy and uncomfortable, we got a taste of all of the adjectives that will define everything that will be done during his tenure. Things will either be ‘wonderful’ or ‘not so nice’, done ‘bigly’ or otherwise.

Subdued by a victory whose foul odor even he can smell Trump’s discomposure was obvious as the cameras snapped and President Obama’s eloquence and elegance became the focal point of the meeting, reducing Trump to an oafy, loafing presence, more insignificant than odd, chiming in just for punctuation, doing better with the head-nod that attracted us only to strangely coiffed do.

Usually a man of very colorful language, a person for whom the invective and the pejorative comes with a natural ease, Trump appeared sedated, not sedate and seemd to be realizing that this is more real than the reality TV he operates to stroke his hedonistic ego. Yes, this was a listening session but the President –Elect is expected to ask questions….especially coming off of a campaign which he ran on having all of the answers!!

For those who were impressed by the Trump Maverick, who celebrated his pledge to uproot the political traditions that created American exceptionalism and a Democracy that stood for centuries, waiting for the wall to keep out immigrants and repealing Obama care must be feel like waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve who will come bearing gifts.

But this Trump has no gift to bear. The ‘day one’ pledges to do things that were popular and polarizing amongst a subset of ‘nationalists’ are not practically possible on day one or even day last. Taking away health care from about twenty three million people, many of whom are these same ‘nationalists’, will create another social fall out that will impact the very budget that this Trump has pledged to ‘fix’ – a popular transitive verb in the Trump lexicon to supplement his short array of adjectives, unimaginative syntax and rudimentary sentence construction.

It’s very easy to be a rabble-rouser, to prey on the combustible emotions of job loss and high health care costs, of loss of homes and the escalating cost of education. Those are explosive platforms to present to a compromised set of people who feel that they are losing their social standing, their preeminence of racial stature to people who do not belong here; who are draining their wealth through entitlement programs and laws that give them housing and health care and food and shelter.

Its’ not so easy now to give up the benefits of this broken system that propelled him to comparative opulence for fear of having the house built on this shaky ground implode. ‘Fixing’ the loopholes would include those that gave him tax shelters and trade advantages that robbed the very people that he has championed, would spotlight his and his children’s exportation of jobs to countries with comparative slave labor forces, would increase the cost the building materials he typically buys for pennies on the American dollar, would crumble his little ginger bread house of despotic desires and wealth that was created by flaunting the accounting column with the figure that could be if all the other debts weren’t .

Reality is setting in. People have taken to the streets to protest his pock on the institution of Presidency that gave this country its reputation. Make America Great Again was a tribal call to those who have weaponized the Constitution and interpret it in primitive language.

The curtain has gone up and the first glimpse of this brawler who limboed his way to victory was hardly impressive. Maybe it’s because he has to now show us how his ill-disciplined, unpredictable and unreliable business acumen that gave him hollow wealth and tenuous standing will be used to “change Washington” and make it as successful as all of his “great structures”. It’s time for him to bring back the coal mines and steel mills and the the millions of jobs, along withe unicorns he didn’t tell people would be their mode of transportation.

Honestly, if I weren’t going to be directly impacted by the presence of this uniquely unqualified unrivaled square peg, I’d be paying to see the show.

But I’m not.

So, I’m mourning with the other 52 million who fought to continue the elegance, class and intellectuality of President and First Lady Obama, through the eminently qualified Hillary Clinton.

As you may have imagined, I’m not so hot on this Trump guy, this flagrant political impostor.





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