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Dear Trump,

If you, Roy Moore, Newt Gingrich, Mitch McConnell and other multi-wived reprobates are going to be in Jerusalem when Jesus comes, then, I’m going ask Him if He could change his venue…particularly because heretics from the religious right like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, John Hagee and other trumpeting apostates may be there as well and many of us do not want to soil our hereafter in their presence.

I know you’re an unchurched buffoon because you famously cited Two Corinthians instead of Second Corinthians, as those of us who really went to church would have learned in Sunday school. So, for you, declaring Jerusalem for Israel was not born of your religious rectitude. Instead, it was your irreverent pandering, promise keeping to your rich Jewish supporters like Sheldon Adelson – Mr. Las Vegas, no less, with his holy gambling spirit- who gave 80 million to the Republican National Congress and 5 million for your inauguration, which was so sparsely attended, we know that you must have put the change in your puzzling tin because you’re a man with a declared avarice for money received by any means…

And knowing how scrambled your thoughts are, you figured you could make Pat, Falwell and all the sponsors of ‘Christians for Jews’, equally as happy with the same announcement…it would spare you the vocabulary you’re already challenged by, especially all that tongue-tying pronunciation.

You know which Christians for Jews ….that huge lobby that makes people like you and the other Christians in your Party read the bible with forked – tongue; pardoning your sexual deviancy and Roy Moore’s pedophilia while decrying our LGBT citizens; preaching how much we must love one another while supporting bigots who march on whole towns and kill innocent bystanders in the process; sending tax payer’s dollars to Israel to bolster their protection against those terrorist Muslims while Israel denies those Muslims a place to call home and even more fundamental, the slashing of taxes to care for our own poor because bigots like Hatch and Grassley fear that those people will buy booze, go to movies and just wait for others to take care of their hospital bills… as you all cite the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Maybe you haven’t been told yet, Trump, that you are irrevocably witless when it comes to foreign policy. To boast that American Presidents promised Israel to make Jerusalem its capital for decades and have not done so to date is to be declaratively dunce on foreign policy; especially as it pertains to the Middle East.

If you had done any pertinent political electives in the Ivy League Schools you claim to have attended, you would have learned the history of that region; the religiosity of the peoples and the 1947 UN Special Committee on Palestine re-mapping that gave about 1.8 million Palestinians a mere 45.5% of then Palestine and 608K Jews 55.5% of the same land, to paraphrase. You would have learned of that sensitive square kilometer of land called the Old City which houses the Jewish Western Wall, the Christian Church of Holy Sepulcher, where Christ is said to be buried and the Muslim Al Aqusa Mosque and Dome of the rock. You would have learned that the UN, because of these religious roots, had made this area essentially everyone’s and no one’s land in particular, of the famous Israeli 6 day war when Israel took ownership of that land which put Jewish and Arab and Muslim contention into perpetuity.

So, it wasn’t because they were slothful, Trump. They were politically sensitive in NEVER naming Jerusalem the Capital of Israel because it stirs up emotions to the point of war and suicide attacks and ISIS.

And this is why you will, perpetually, defer the actual establishment of the US embassy there because yours was a hollow stunt recognized only by Netanyahu but frowned upon by all other nations in the UN who are becoming fed up of your gamesmanship and your desecration of the level at which leaders sit.

My sense is that your recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital will remain yours, singularly, while the rest of the world will stick with Tel Aviv.

They understand the politics of the region – a mass of knowledge too sizeable and complex for your fleeting consciousness.

And when the Oil Producing Arab nations begin to raise the price on their barrels of crude to the US, please don’t say you’ll go in and take the oil and embarrass us.

Just keep on pretending to Netanyahu that you will move your embassy to Jerusalem and confirm that you will have to build another wall, this time a moat, around it for its protection.

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