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It was the fear of foreign interference in American governance that impelled the Founding Fathers to implement counteracting buffers and safeguards into the Constitution.

King Charles II was their example.

In need of an infusion of cash in 1662, Charles sold Dunkirk, a portion of his country England, to his cousin Louis XIV of France. Part of the monetary deal was his agreement to convert to Catholicism. This conversion gave Louis the power to enforce Catholicism to favor the Pope and ostracize Protestants. To help secure the money from Louis, Charles enlisted his sister Henrietta to assist in negotiations between him and Louis.

It was the commission of these acts of deceit and disloyalty by this family that became the underpinning of the contemplation and implementation of several Articles and Clauses in the US Constitution by its forefathers, to protect citizens from the roguery of Presidents.

Trump’s brazen hosting of the Russian Sergey’s – Sergey Kislyak and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov shortly after his ascension to office and immediately after he fired the head of the FBI who was tracking his compromised National Security Advisor Michael Flynn brought the foresight fear of the Framers into full view.

His 2016 campaign for President had exposed his desire for a business venture in Moscow and his ‘letter of intent’ to deal with America’s arch enemy. His win was clouded by evidence of Russian interference which was buttressed by his lap dog deference to Putin’s denial and his initiation of rolling back the norms of respecting institutional integrity, in America.

What the Framer’s good intentions have revealed is that their anticipation of deceit never imagined the infidelity of a Trump so the Constitution has proven porous in the advent of this singularly treacherous politician. The laws that were outfitted to defend from actors of short honor are now straining under the weight of its total absence and are finding ineffectiveness when applied as legal defense.

The courtesies afforded to normal minds, like 30 days for replies to court documents, have now found inefficiency in responses submitted on its last day, forging an extra thirty. The right to appeal has become the playground of this one miscreant, Trump, whose color and proclaimed wealth afforded him the practice to perfect his circumvention of the law, through appeal and delay and the privilege to persecute judges and jury through public abuse without penalty, that is enough of a deterrent.

The stringency of the laws that were created contemplated the known ills of those who had assumed office.

Turns out, Trump is of greater blight.

The collusion and emoluments of the Constitution were thwarted by politicians more availed to partisanship and power than patriotism. So they voted not to impeach Trump over his obvious violations. The interpretation of what appears plain to most – that a person who is part of insurrection cannot hold political office – was interpreted otherwise by the Supreme Court which restored Trump as a viable candidate to contend for the highest office in the land.

Trump’s political utility became a commodity in high demand. The combination of his immoral compass and intellectual limitation made him the best candidate for threats, both foreign and domestic.

The deck being stacked against us is hardly in contention. We know the nature of this crook who is now the head of the Republican Party, once principled enough to be anti-slavery and famous for the positive momentous occurrences in our nation’s history, under Abraham Lincoln.

That President Lincoln was arguably one of the most articulate and well read Presidents is mentioned to differentiate between him and the inferior stock that has replaced the politicians of this once illustrious Party – with Trump bringing it to a calcified level of under-educated indecency.

We’re now forced to go to the polls in November 2024, having seen legal and administrative restraints straining at their knots. We should take it as the political gods giving us a chance to vote decidedly for democracy, human rights and the Federal Republic that constitutes them.

Maybe we’ll get the opportunity to ensure that a practiced insurrectionist doesn’t get to ascend to the office from which he can invalidate our Constitutional rights and install him and his family as the ‘Charles II’ family of traitors that will deliver our nation to the New World Order, in which his shallow vanity thinks he will overlord.

Puppet strings are very potent limbs…

Those orchestrating America’s demise have found the controls of this American Presidential marionette and are holding them firmly in hand.

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