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We now know that the main difference...


After what should have been two good meetings the headlines are now tumult and hostility, stepping on the infrequent positives that come out of the Opposition. Too late now, as the Opposition scrambles for the reset button to try to climb out of friendly fire.


The lawless sprawl of incongruence interrupting the...


With Donald Trump ’s roll back of protected lands in Utah, he has confirmed that he is a decided idiot, though the word that ends with ‘hole’ would be both more appropriate and descriptive.

There is a sickness that goes well beyond bigotry that he displays when proclaiming, with drooling delight, that he is undoing Barrack Obama’s legacy.

Somebody needs to tell him that the legacy of President Obama transcends anything that he can reverse with legislature.

All his proclamations are doing right now is confirming that he and the faction of the Republican Party that stands amidst his stench and stigma, are actively trying to reinstate the racism that the Constitution now outlaws.

Buses no longer have ‘fronts’ reserved for those of Republican hue and lunch counters no longer have ropes to stream the Trumps, Grassley’s and Hatch’s to sections that prohibit ‘Coloreds’.

Thankfully, there are more people in America who possess the common decency that never visited Trump and that has obviously escaped many who call themselves Republican and Conservative, in the era of Trump, that make the rest of us have hope that this country we call home is home to us all and not only to those of the Trumpian view.

The Constitution still stands with formidability and the Justices still have a sense of patriotism and national pride- even if a Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch sit amongst them.

And the best part is, Donald Trump DOES have a shelf life with an expiration date that portends to be much earlier than its normal expectancy.

I have a dream…


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