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“Comey’s departure from FBI protocol is “antithetical to the interests of justice.”

Who’s twisting this guy’s arm?

He has to know that -more when than if-  Hillary will be his boss.

And, in spite of his solid record of service and reputation for following policy, he looks very compromised here.

Worst of all,his announcement is so devoid of substance, more a statement of some administrative failure on his part than it is one on discovery of wrong doing, that we have to wonder what would have been this veteran lawman’s motivation to fall so significantly short of professional expectation.

Who’s lurking in the shadows here… trying to machinate what is already beyond reach? Could it be the hand of a Cheyney or the Architects of the Heritage Foundation? Could it be the new- breed Conservative, Jason Chaffetz, Head of House Oversight Committee, Jew turned Mormon, selfish seeker of opportunity, unscrupulously flipping politics and religion, whose life is now dedicated to persecuting Democrats, a party he once belonged to? Is it Trey Gowdy whose campaign promise was to hang Benghazi on Clinton? Is there a Petraeus-like surprise lurking anywhere in this Comey’s career???

No. This is not reckless speculation. This is placing all of the conceivable possibilities in the pot of analysis….an attempt to look at all of the logical reasons a man in this position would make an announcement that reduces the pedigree of the American election process, as much as a Trump candidacy has.

Trump’s promise to change his party’s status quo was no idle threat.  He found the path of least resistance to claim victory in his party. That path was to outshine those who operate at the base of intelligence, the lower percentile of education, the bottom of civility. Trump emerged as Valedictorian, having been fully endowed with these shortcomings.

He has tainted everything that says American politics for an indefinite period…this misfit that would be President.

FBI Director James Comey has about 24 hours left to provide substance to his press release.

Other than that, he will have to decide how he will work with a President who is now looking at his resume which has, as its last entry, this colossal career blunder.

There’s another point to address here.

The current conversation that suggests this FBI faux pas will lure undecideds to Trump is sheer nonsense. At this 59th minute, no self-respecting, mature voter is waiting for a scandal to determine how to cast his vote.

If that were so, when Trump said – WHILE THERE WERE DEMONSTRATIONS IN SUPPORT OF BLACK LIVES MATTER -he was so popular, he could shoot someone on 5th Ave NY and still command millions of voters –  he would not have received the votes he has.

The election of President Obama has precipitated an anger amongst Conservative America, a disgust within White America and a fear amongst  White Survivalists who feel that they are the shrinking majority that must protect its race.

This election cycle has been many things….the least of which is electing a candidate for President. It has exposed the fragile framework of our politics and confirms that our civility is still a concoction of color and social placement predicated upon the norms of the pre-1960’s.

It also gives us a look in the cauldron that prepares Conservative Campaign stew – with its selection of wind-bag Campaign Manager Kelly-Anne Conway whose last job was managing the failed campaign of Ted Cruz whose intense dislike and distrust of Trump was Cruz’s trade mark.

Conway’s flip to manage the man who was her previous boss’ nemesis adds insight to the contriving that Conservative and Alt Right Republicans have resorted to keep their ‘Granddaddy’s Politics” alive; to add gravitas to the political piracy of Trump, whose unrefined, uncultured, unintelligent, racist  and really dunce approach to wooing voters decoded what many of his supporters prefer to hear in the language of simpletons and dullards – a language that Trump speaks with unquestionable fluency….and one the more educated members of his party prefer to code with pretentious prose.

Meanwhile, Candidate Clinton continues to steam roll her way through the polls, leaving Trump in the haze of her smoke,  giving those of us who are progressive, hope.

Eleven more days before we put the shame of Trump as a candidate to permanent rest.

I’m almost going to miss this Vaudevillian runner-up.



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