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We now know that the main difference...


After what should have been two good meetings the headlines are now tumult and hostility, stepping on the infrequent positives that come out of the Opposition. Too late now, as the Opposition scrambles for the reset button to try to climb out of friendly fire.


The lawless sprawl of incongruence interrupting the...



Trump’s call to voters to withdraw their early votes and re-cast them for him lines up with the sleazy way he has conducted his business for decades.

As he beats the drum for the FBI to expose emails Associated with Hillary Clinton, he is guilty of several instances of hiding court ordered evidence by destroying emails, bludgeoning servers and lying to Federal courts to avoid prosecution for violating businesses practices, bank fraud, employee discrimination and straight up conning finances form Financial institutions that are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

As bad as this Trumphole is, he has brought several often whispered speculations to the discussion table.  The FBI, irrespective of its federally mandated instruction to stay out of politics, is showing, through a series of very coincidental data dumps, psychically foretold by political hustler Jason Chaffetz and Trump himself, that it just could involve itself in politics through sheer happenstance, a term that has been used here with infinite sarcasm.

There is no coincidence that the FBI has suddenly felt the compulsion to release information on Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich, a matter that the Conservatives have been probing to append their failed attempt at impeaching him. There is no coincidence that FBI Director Comey had an attack of conscience when saw what he thought were pertinent emails on Anthony Weiner’s lap top.

The hypocrisy of American politics is out in the open. Democracy is under siege here and its captivity is being led by a bunch of alleged Conservatives who point fingers at the incivility of other countries, as they make soft explanations of their multiple marriages, their consistent infidelities, their sexual perversions and their begrimed characters.

Donald Trump has a deviant proclivity. He is also a bigoted, pathological liar with a flat lined intelligence quotient.

As Conservatives and Republicans explain why Trump is a better choice than Hillary Clinton, why an endorsement of their candidate by David Duke, the Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan that still celebrates lynching people of African descent, they expose what common sense prevents from being covered – how closely aligned with Trump’s malignancy they really are.

Calling for early voters to do over is a new low, never done before by any candidate for President because they typically do not come with a character that drags on its belly, that is is corrosively corrupt and with a mental stability that parallels psychosis.

Even after he loses on November 8th 2016, America will still be explaining how its political process, which is represented as the world’s gold standard, allowed this quack, this social charlatan, this rogue and scoundrel to penetrate its primary process.





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