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I would like to bring your attention to the Labor conditions at the Guyana Marriott Georgetown. This hotel was build without local Guyanese labor and it is now employing Guyanese under present day slavery. In an industry where in the United States of America the lower paying jobs are held by workers of Latino descent, here Afro Guyanese are holding these jobs and Latinos are in positions of authority.

I am appalled at the conditions under which I find my fellow Guyanese working. There is a blatant disregard for International Labor laws such as having workers work extended overtime hours and turn around to work an additional schedule without the benefit of rest of less than eight hours between shifts. They are not paid for the overtime hours after several months. The incentives guaranteed for overtime are not honored for months. The service charge which the clients paid for events and was supposed to go the the workers instead went to the Operating Budget while the Associates were given a minimum increase in the hourly rate.

The job descriptions for many areas are disregarded and workers are forced to work and do anything at the whim of the Latino Management including cleaning mold without the benefit of protected gear. Supervisors are working overtime hours and not paid overtime. Workers are asked to cross trained in areas where there is shortage of labor and are told that they will not be paid for working those days until they are proficient at the position. They are also asked not to come into work when there are no scheduled events and only work one a day per week. These are permanent employees with signed contracts offering forty hours a week.

There is condescending treatment of the workers by the Latino Management by harsh language and disrespect. The communication is disparate between that of the fellow Latinos and Afro Guyanese by the Latino Management. Promotions are given to fellow Latinos without due process of interviews or experience for positions. Cronyism at best. The workers are expected to provide ‘Brilliant Marriott Service,’ yet they work in uniforms that frequently are not ironed, are wrinkled and stained. But they are also expected to adhere to the Appearance Guide Lines which could subject them to Disciplinary Actions. Many times the workers have to spend additional time trying to get appropriate uniforms before they can clock in for their shifts and often result in them clocking in late which subjects them to loss of time and disciplinary action.

There is a total lack of appreciation for the work of our fellow Guyanese and often the focus in on minuscule items when the overall picture of working above and beyond is overlooked. The workers are provided with a daily complimentary meal which oftentimes is leftover meals from an event the previous day or earlier in the day. Most of these meals are ill prepared or lacking in nutritional substance.

In addition, the employees conversations are recorded in elevators and elsewhere in the building and camera surveillance is prominent throughout the building. Big Brother is always watching and listening.

The Guyana Marriott Georgetown has provided jobs for many Guyanese who are in desperate need of employment and income. This comes at a price that diminishes the dignity of working under fair and respectable conditions. The structure is beautiful on the outside and inside but the success is not coming from the building but the people that make it happen daily.

There is a forensic audit of the financing of the hotel but there must also be an audit of the working conditions. We, Guyanese, erred in allowing this hotel to be build without our labor but cannot stand by and be subservient to Ex-Patriate and Latino management. We have qualified Guyanese who must be given a seat at the table where decisions are made about the well being of our fellow Guyanese.

This colonialist mentality must end now before we celebrate Fifty years of independence. Independence from what must be asked if we are in Twenty First Century slavery at the biggest and most expensive hotel ever built in our country.

Kindly use your media to bring this matter to the attention of all Guyanese.



Author Noir.


  1. Your article certainly puts in the spotlight the working conditions under which some employees at the Guyana Marriott are subjected. I hope that this situation receives the necessary attention and that it is addressed as soon as possible. The article’s message is quite clear and pointed. Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention.

  2. It is up to the Guyanese government to step in and demand equal opportunities for the Guyanese people. Guyana belongs to the Guyanese not the Latinos and the Government of Guyana must step in and make their demands and stop these foreigners from taking advantage of the locals. I have heard about the Latinos now feeling that they are superior to blacks. No sense writing about it if the government is just turning a blind eye. I am always shocked that when black people go abroad to work, we are discriminated against in every way, and in our own countries, we are still treated like dogs by these foreign companies. Government of Guyana it is time for you to take a stand. If they don’t like it, they can go back where they came from. It is your country, not theirs. The Guyanese Government also have to create jobs for their people. This is not colonial days.

  3. This article’s attempt to promote Nationalism, is not only a dangerous perspective that will dissuade foreign development in the Guyanese economy , but also is narrow minded in recognizing and accepting the atrocious Guyanese work ethic. Guyanese are incapable of legitimate leadership in any level of gov’t or the private sector.

  4. I don’t believe that some should be promoted base on there ethnic back but the qualification and to suggest that the government should get involve in marriott hiring Guyanese for high management job just because the love in Guyana is rediculous.

  5. Sad state of affairs for my Guyanese people! And where is the department of labor in all if this ? What is your new president doing about it !
    Do not be fooled these things happen on a larger scale in the USA too . Black Americans despise Black foreigners because we do the jobs and overlook the injustice of their labor work ethics ! I have families right now that are allowed to work as many hours as they can with NO OVERTIME after 40 hours ! They have responsibilities so they suck up and go with the flow !
    It is easier for a foreigner to get a job in America than a born USA citizen ~~ that is a fact ~~ why ? They pay less and foreigners are reliable workers ~~ they come to work
    When I was a nurse manager I was told secretly by my mentor to make sure I schedule 80% of my daily nursing staff as FOREIGNERS ~~ especially nurses from Africa and the Caribbean because there will be less call outs and it worked like a charm to my advantage and in turn I got bonuses because I did not have to call in agency nurses at a higher price and stayed within the said budget !
    And most heart wrenching were the “slow days” when I had to tell nurses the census is low so they had to go home and use their accumulated PTO if they wanted to get pay ! ? Guyanese feeling the same squeeze
    This is how the world operates and it will not change !! Foreigners are in another country with a goal and toe the line ! Americans want to charge me $100. Plus to mow my lawns every 2 weeks ? And that is the going rate ~~ guess what ? A Mexican taped a note to my mailbox saying he would do my lawns for $35 ???? I immediately dismissed the American! ~~ It is all about saving that almighty $$$$$
    That is why foreigners are favored by management ! Guyana is no different! Nonetheless my heart bleeds for those going through this!

  6. Fieszal Talib you are out of order, such blatant disrespect for Guyana and it’s people. I visit Guyana recently and I couldn’t beleive what I was seeing, the young black people has no jobs no one is hiring them. what make you think guyanese people are incapable of management position, you are an oppressor, this is why the Presedent is asking for unity not because there’s unity, Guyana is divided, go to georgetown and notice who is working in banks, hotels, stores and so on, then pay a closed attention to those who are husling in the street, injustic is in America it don’t have to be that way in Guyana…without the people you don’t have a country, without a unified people you won’t have peace and growth to sustain the economy of the country… Bumbaclot oppressor.

  7. Germine i don’t think it’s about love, people are waking up to the injustice that has been taking place for donkey years, where’s the Labor Union… Fieszal Tabil is belittling Guyanese people this is why the spanish wants clam and to take the oil now from Guyana.

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