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Forget Webster and the cars and Kissoon’s formula for a PPP win 2020; an analysis which sounds like it is more for recreation than critical reading.

Let’s focus on Bai Shin Lin and the under –invoicing of exports that is now under layered investigation by the new Administration; and we have to do this with a side by side examination of the Constitution which has undergone more than its fair share of plastic surgery.

We knew that the 1970 Amendments named us a Cooperative Republic – a form of government we’ve never really lived, if we were to examine, singly, what cooperative and republic mean. But the most blatant manipulation of the system of government came after President Cheddi took office in 1992 and began, through a series of suspicious committees and dubious bodies – the equivalent to surgical nips and tucks- to gut and reconstruct the Constitution to facilitate a system of government that allowed for the Webster’s and car transfers and the questionable acquisition of real estate by government officials and their friends and family and the sale of prospecting certificates to plunder the people’s resources to foreign governments and rich individuals.

What is especially egregious is the wanton disregard for our ecosystem, in this deal. In 2006, Jagdeo went to Europe and read a well prepared speech that made him an Eco system warrior. He pledged, on our behalf, to do our bit to preserve our world, acknowledging that we are an integral part to the rainforest of South America, which creates twenty percent of the world’s oxygen. He was against deforestation and all for reducing 18% of green house gas emissions. He understood the need for agriculture to help fight poverty in Guyana but would never deforest to replace with agriculture.

The Kyoto protocol was formed and pledge to Guyana of $30 million in 2010 and $250 million by 2015.

(Significant motive, to say the least but then we reserve motive for trial…thinking out loud and ahead of myself here).

Up until Ramotar prorogued parliament in October of 2014, Bai Shin Lin was vigorously deforesting Guyana for under-invoiced amounts in violation of the Kyoto Protocol and the terms of the receipt of the $30 million paid to the country in 2010 when Jagdeo still had the key to the treasury.

I think when these guys ‘solemnly swear’, they pledge to “truly, faithfully, impartially and honestly execute the powers vested in him.”They also swore that the would “judge and determine upon all matters and things before them without fear, affection, or malice”.

There was crafted carrot dangling of our rain forest and calculated luring of ecosystem advocates by previous administrations for purposes that were not expressly for the preservation of the portion of the world’s lungs that we have guardianship over. Millions of dollars were paid to these administrations on our behalf, to enact systems to maintain the well being of our portion of the rain forest.

Bai Shinn Lin came in and paid the same administrations, additional money, to deforest the lungs that we are the wards of and the administration called recorded the transaction in the export column of our Gross Domestic Product ledgers.

When a person sells the same item twice to two different purchasers it is known as misleading with intent to defraud.

As the forensic audits pick up steam, names like Kurshid Sattaur of Guyana Revenue Authority, James Singh of Guyana Forestry Commission, come readily to mind.

Bear in mind, this is just the short list.


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