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One year after its Grand Opening, the Marriott has a MOLD problem.

The reason is the shoddy, slap dash construction by the Chinese who are continuously allowed to take advantage of Guyanese because our government – the Jagdeo Ramotar Regime – which was corrupt to the core let them in.  They are now left over thorns that we need to get rid of.

There is a serious air conditioner condensation build up throughout the building. Leaks and cracks are everywhere and the front office has been sealed off to treat the mold build up. Of course it was treated like a normal matter. Employees haven’t been advised about possible health risks because of the exposure to this mold. No body has been offered any check ups for possible health issues realted to the mold.

It’s business as usual for this hotel that continues to trample upon the Guyanese employee – especially Afro Guyanese.

Let’s start with the Front Desk which should represent the FACE of our multi ethnic country. These are the people who should represent who we are as a multi ethnic nation:
 Y. Ramnarine , K.Gopual ,D. Persaud, Y. Ramroop, R. Shaw, Gaspari Lieben

Blacks need not apply. They’re never called for interviews when they do. And many vacancies are not shared with staff.

There was a time when there were a few more Afro Guyanese at the front desk but they have now been placed in the back office to answer the phones  – the Marriott AYS- At your Service.
So the face of the hotel is virtually devoid of blacks.

The kitchen remains a revolving door for chefs with integrity who value their licenses and profession more than the Marriott dollar. The general complaint from those who leave is that the Kitchen is constantly out of stock of basic ingredients forcing them to prepare meals that compromise the integrity of the meal and the menu. The chefs with conscience leave.

The Swimming Pool is a disaster, also. It was closed for months because of construction defects. Problems still persist  but they won’t close it to repair it. Why? They don’t want negative feed back from guests .

The Marriott thrives on this bogus scale called Guest Satisfaction Survey and another called Overall Satisfaction Survey. Once the guests check the right boxes, it appears as though all is well then Marriott Int’l can parade their statistics in front of their rivals and shareholders. and the buying market.

Well, all will be well with guests who do not know what they are swimming in, or  how unhappy, dissatisfied, short changed and ill treated the staff that does the real work – the hands on cleaning of everything – feels.

Before Brassington skipped town, he had begun the practice of hiring Indians, predominantly. Back then it was seen as a PPP hotel so the exercise was shameless. It remains the standard hiring practice.

Frustrations run deep here. Many Afro Guyanese, are educated, capable, honest people, eager to learn, yet they are systemically sidelined by what seems to be a culture of disrespect for them.

A report was made to the Ministry of Labor and an official came out to the Marriott. That’s all we know. We need follow up.  We need a union. Right now employees are being warned against looking at unions, being lied to about union dues and there are hints that being in a union could cost the employee his job.

There’s lso talk about some of the reviews. There is talk that employees are asked to write reviews.  This one is a classic.


“Excellent service”

Reviewed 3 days ago NEWvia mobile

I stayed one week at the marriott it was great the servers was really friendly and helpful shonette welcome me with a beautiful smile at the restaurant.i really injoy my stay.thanks to shonette she doing a wonderful job best especially with that million dollars smile. Hope to be back soon.
Bottom line is that we are going to keep talking about this hotel that is owned  by the government. We want  to know why the Minister of Labour is not coming in. And where is the Minister of Tourism? She knows what’s happening here. She’s here almost every time I turn around. Doesn’t she see whats going on here? Or is she to big to help us now that she is in office?

This is the ultimate low bar.

Hopefully we can have some Fact Finding Team come in – one that is completely neutral to look in to all of these infractions that exist at this newly established business that contains  Afro Guyanese to the lower level jobs

Lingua Moulder



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