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We now know that the main difference...


After what should have been two good meetings the headlines are now tumult and hostility, stepping on the infrequent positives that come out of the Opposition. Too late now, as the Opposition scrambles for the reset button to try to climb out of friendly fire.


The lawless sprawl of incongruence interrupting the...



Because many of these voters have never voted in a Local Government Election before, we trust that they have been informed about its purpose.

Its original intent was, shamefully, sub merged to politics back in the 1970’s when it became a secondary vehicle to general elections. The village council format then became an extension of the ruling party and the priorities of village maintenance became political favors.

When the PPP ascended to office they compounded the ‘favor system’ exponentially when they gave municipal services mostly to residential areas that were predominantly East Indian.

Two decades later, it is imperative that we bury this practice and to do so would mean educating the voter on the purpose of local government, how it impacts his immediate surroundings and his community and why his voice is more important than that of any politician.

And if this is done, the roster for Mayoral Candidates would  not read like a Rogues Gallery of assorted crimes and misdemeanors. It wouldn’t insult the electorate with names of candidates who are already in trouble with the law.

Dr. Philip Mozart Thomas appears to be running for whatever can make him Mayor of Georgetown. This time, he’s sporting his International Corporate Lawyer portfolio – one of a couple of dozen professions he has, purportedly, snagged over the past decades.

The last time we saw this Mozart running, it was from a law suit filed by the previous Administration for some four million dollars plus administrative costs for a check that bounced, repeatedly,  around an event that was as fictitious as the invitations that were allegedly sent to the lineup of luminaries who, supposedly, know Thomas on a first name basis.

That none of them showed up or even bothered to call and apologize to so many who were awaiting their arrival with rock star anticipation, tells us just how authentic their invitations were – as was the conference, which fell woefully short on all fronts.

And what does Brindley Hamid Sultan Robeson Benn know about running a city? Isn’t this the scandal ridden son of  former PPP Minister,Robeson Benn,  who allegedly beat his girlfriend unconscious after threatening her with a gun and then raping her? Isn’t he the person accused of beating the same girlfriend in the early stages of her pregnancy, causing her to miscarry? Is he running only because he comes form a family of Benn’s who have held political portfolio?

That these people have even dared to run for public office is testament to what they knew the political landscape to be.

Though the government cannot determine who runs for public office, they should be able to deter those of stained character by their very image. So far, we can sit at the international round table with heads held high – a posture we were unable to assume for the past twenty three years.

And since some citizens don’t get it, going forward, the Amended Constitution should include a felony prohibition for persons seeking to hold public office.

Restoration of moral turpitude must be reflected in those who must uphold our laws.

The voters who go to the polls for this historic Local Government Elections should remember that they are making history and setting the stage for elections to come.

That would exclude any thought of electing those who have records with a hint of felony.




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