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Let’s not call Leader Norton a dictator, for even here he has failed to show the requisite caliber and acumen.

His political paralysis was evident from very early and was excused both vociferously, vehemently and interminably by those who, in our opinion, place Party above country and second dexterity to demographics.

Not executing the role of Opposition Leader, that the Constitution grants to the political democracy for which the nation receives foreign aid, was always worrisome but more so because the Leader seemed to be constantly in transit.

Meeting with Guyanese beyond Guyana’s borders is the staple of his tenure. It has never been the part his elected position demands – at the table of governance where all the decisions of national import are made-jobs, infra structure, national improvement.

Could be the fact that he is received as a traveling dignitary and accorded the social graces that attend that portfolio – albeit gratuitously.

We always wondered why he is greeted as the Opposition Leader which intones that he’s on an official visit in the capacity of his office; when in fact he comes in the portfolio of Party Leader – hardly on national business and questionably on partisan errands.

We’re assuming that the disgruntled, concerned about his delay of his elections in order to retain office, will be asking for the pertinent audits, as they measure his output against the man hours of his tenure.

We’ve heard all the indignation over his unilateral and arbitrary decision to hold Congress, outside of its Party’s constituionally set date certain, as some sort of strategy for him to get an extended stay to bask in the sociopolitical elevation of his position.

To us, he’s always been Opposition Leader only in the wink and nod sense, not a fervored leader- especially because he never embraced its functions, seeming to have only run for the office but with no intention of performing its duties.

It would preserve what’s left of the Party to demand that Congress is kept per its constitutional schedule with a show of strident defiance, if ignored.

At the end of the day, we need a government that works.

That especially includes a potent Opposition.

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