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It has become grossly nauseating to read, day after day, the audit reports commissioned by the Granger administration.  On seeing the headline of an article about the excesses committed against this country and its people during the free-for-some of Jagdeo and Ramotar administrations, one is caught between a rock and a hard place on whether or not to read on further.  I mean, how much more can a man, (or woman) take?

True, in some instances, the evidence is so vague that it would be a big mistake to risk litigation and end up with egg-splattered faces.  But even to the blind, it is obvious that there are prima face cases to be made against some of the offenders.  How loose could the contract between CHPA and BK have been to render a case against the supposed developer unwinnable?  Did Mr. Tiwari pay capital gains taxes on the amount he admittedly received?  Or in the GEA case, isn’t there a clear conflict of interest to say the least?  What prevented Mr. Granger et al from taking action against the deputy from GPL who allegedly absconded without repaying the some GYD 27 million which he promised to repatriate?  To be fair to the PPP,  it is almost impossible to believe that the terms of reference of their friends who were so conveniently placed in senior positions, would have included permission to avail themselves of cash, goods and property of the state.  We know the cream of the PPP to be bottom feeders but we do not think they would have reached such depths.  At least, not yet.

Other questions that immediately spring to mind are:

When is the government going to move against all those developers that received land and did not adhere to the terms of their contracts?

Why are so many people named as offenders in the various audit reports, still in the employ of government while swift action was taken against the General Manager Ag. of GPL for an indiscretion from which it is not known that he benefitted?  Not that I condone what he allegedly did, but there seems to be a clear double standard.

What is the government going to do about the fuel export license granted to the chinese company?

Is the government ever going to require those within nouveau riche brigade to explain the source of their phenomenal wealth?

Is the travesty that is Pradoville going to be swept under the rug?

Have the shenanigans at GEA regarding the fuel rip-off been halted?

What is being done about the premium telecommunications licenses?  Will the Mirror and Jagdeo’s handpicked friends be allowed to keep them.  Already we heard of one being sold for a huge profit.

And last, but by no means least – the Bai Shan Lin Emperor.   Are locals going to be condemned to operate on an unlevel playing field while Mr. Hongbo continues enjoying  the largesse granted to him by the PPP?

Why are Chinese trucks still allowed to provide services to the airport expansion project at the expense of locals?

These are all questions that beg for answers – and now.

And then we come to the wholesale giveaway  of sugar lands on the East Bank, to friends and cronies.  What benefit did GUYSUCO receive for this?  The sugar industry is in deep crisis.  Billions have been squandered on the Skeldon factory by Mr. Jagdeo and this white elephant is a disaster that has turned out to be a millstone around the necks of Guyanese.  It is a bottomless hole that would probably spell the demise of sugar in Guyana.  Land would constitute one of the greater assets of GUYSUCO, yet its lands were dole out for mere pittances while the livelihoods of the masses employed in the industry hang in the balance.  And Mr. Jagdeo then has the temerity to journey to Wales to supposedly stand in solidarity with sugar workers.  When the history of the sugar industry is written in Guyana, any honest chronicler would have to conclude that the party that enjoyed the support of the majority of sugar workers was responsible for its destruction.  Yet, it will be the leaders of that same party in the vanguard of disturbances should a decision be made to abandon sugar altogether.  It doesn’t get more hypocritical than that.

The euphoria resulting from the clean-up of the city, coupled with anticipation of the Jubilee celebrations may be enough to contain the young and restless.  But come June, when those that voted for change continue to reap more of the same old, Mr. Granger might find himself in an untenable position.  Those people who supported the coalition government need jobs.  They need help.  Every last one of them.  If given a chance, each of them would be wildly ecstatic to receive even a fraction of the hefty salary increases granted to government ministers who did not have to be interviewed for the jobs they received.   So far, we have not seen any obvious signs that they are deserving of those appointments and are out there working in the interest of the people.  The questions above are positive proof.

Five years is a short time in the life of a politician.  This government would be well advised to take careful note of the many brickbats it receives on a daily basis and do something about it.  The honeymoon is not forever.  Soon the bridegroom is going to be called on to perform …..or else.




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