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While the PNCR was in Congress, I was contacted by a person to whom I shall refer as ‘the Whistleblower and/or gender neutral pronoun, ‘They’.

They wanted to send me some information about the recent scandal involving the “woman Broomes”.

I’d had enough of that cauldron bubble but when a person makes a real phone call from a country where calling is a luxury- bypassing the free Apps – you take that call, if not out of courtesy.

I was asked if I had a fax number.

I said I did.

The person said that they’d be sending a set of papers and wanted me to pay close attention to its content and said they’d call back in about 15 minutes.

The papers came.

I looked at them but with nausea.

I’d seen them before. They had made their rounds on the internet. I remember being sickened by their content then and had no intention of revisiting a stomach turn.

Phone rang.

It was bout 45 minutes later.

I answered.

Did you read them.

Not really.

Please look. It’s the real inside info.


I looked and then lowered myself into my chair.

I was ashamed.

Realization was bringing me in to focus.

The letter numbered 1 (click highlight) dated July 11th and very flawlessly printed stated in very clear terms that the Security Service, though regretting the matter had occurred at all, found that Guard Goodluck “acted in accordance with his training and instructions received from the said entity.”

(As if you need a refresher at all, “matter” refers to Broomes’ unproven accusations that security guards threatened her life.)

That letter was signed very clearly by a Chief Security Officer.

Then I looked at the one numbered 2. (click highlight)

It was the same letter from the same security company. On that one, though, were several hand written sentences with asterisks and arrows indicating where the handwritten sentences should be substituted to replace the meaning, the words and the tone of the original typewritten letter, on the Security Firm’s letterhead.

The first thing I noted was that the addressee was changed to cite Honorable -the irony and hubris, I thought with due contempt … and then MP…as an exclamation point to the travesty that was now all of these titles under this person.

I began to wonder what was it that this woman was bringing to the Party… not the office at all…that, she had already defaced -once reflection on the women of the Party who had walked before her had been cast and stock taken of their carat.

My eyes fell to the head of the arrow between the words “followed” and “escalated” then went to the line of the suggested words to fit in and replace the original.

Asterisk, it began…then .. “the security officer did not strictly adhere to the SOP’s –scratched- his training with regard to responding to a reasonable threat and civil engagement”.

It was signed by a journalist /writer/ literary professional who not only endorsed his input by name but with telephone number and email address. I was shocked. I’d met this person before and had read some of his reporting. I’d gotten the sense that he was into his work – not faking the funk, not a partisan hack, just a plain professional and not a writer of fiction.

It continued…the replacement language, that is.

“We also want to make it clear that Mr. Josh Ramroop is in no way Associated with KGM Security Service Inc.”

Ramroop was the other guard, he said when I asked.

No importance, I thought. He had already been relegated in the scandal to ‘the other guard”.

Moving on.

I re-read for clarity.

I was disappointed not by the instructions of the journalist as much as I was in how he was maligning his profession and I wondered again, what was it about this woman infected with abject lack of ‘absurd puritanical standards’ – the yardstick I was accused of measuring her with – that would cause people of reasonable intellectual function to allow her to spread her contagion like a Political Typhoid Mary.

What was her contribution to her Party that would cause men of previously reasonable repute to reduce themselves to a pygmied version of moral decency and social courage to cover her deliberately clumsy missteps with that air of the untouchable?

These men had already crafted a reverse personality for this woman known more for frequent scrapes and petulant threats than for her contribution to the country’s politics…except of course, when she threatens to have the President “take care” of an offender.

I had seen the mold for her reverse engineering – a list of ‘What Ifs’ that spanned an apology, a payment of $100,000 to retract the apology, and the suggestion that a Minister – the one who subsequently apologized for the PNCR arm of APNU –  was somehow involved.

So they were going to take her down too, I thought.


It was a plot.

And this Team was prepared to spread a false narrative and smear anyone to defy what couldn’t be natural to the Broomes political persona – have it smell like a rose.

The misinformation and smear campaign was deployed from a PNCR Launch pad.

I’d noted that not one PNCR leader came out against what was being spread in its name.

By July 9th 2018, Guard Robert Goodluck had become a household name on Social Media…for threatening the lives of Broomes and the guard of her body. By the next day, his personal past became fair game. On July 29th 2018, the government newspaper, ‘Chronicle’, carried a Dear Editor Letter asking “Who cleared US felon to carry a gun”. The article went on to say that Goodluck had spent 20 years in US prison for murder.

In the US, murder is a capital offense. You get either life or you get death. You don’t get to be deported. I would have thought that the legal advisors in this camp would have cautioned the scribe on this point.

But smearing is abstract art. You never color between the lines. The blood sport of ‘Saving Simona’ had begun…everything was fair game, including the image of the Party and its leaders…all of whom were strangely silent.

Special Forces North America, had been commissioned.

A group of men with the collective core of a single crappo had taken the assignment to sanitize Broomes. This mission meant the fabrication of her innocence. This fabrication meant the corralling of men from local media to distort facts and create the appearance of a query. Pictures were posted of Broomes and her driver attending an alleged investigation. There was a daily injection of the criminal element of the deported  guard…emphasis always on criminal and deported.

We were being primed.

Then we got the grand finale – a collage of pictures, one showing the letter head of the Security company, the other not, and a soundcloud video of a man that sounded like he was a hostage saying repeatedly, he wanted no trouble he wanted no trouble….

The Whistleblower said that the meeting was forged by Broomes, the whimpering man was the owner of the Security Company and Broomes was dictating to him, in the presence of the local A Team, what she wanted the letter of apology from his company to read, as she threatened him with getting the President involved.

I don’t want no trouble, he whimpered on.

It’s the kind of cry that would massage the heart of the wicked …albeit after the hostage meeting when the fearful man’s vulnerabilities were being secretly recorded for FaceBook audience to see him cower at the feet of Broomes, threatening to “hand the matter over to the President”.

Said the whistleblower – and I paraphrase – everybody who met to manufacture the innocence of Broomes knew they were going to hell one way or the other. Three of them had spoken before about the vicious mission mounted by the North American men of valor; taking devilish delight in lying and blatantly… deciding with blood curdling glee on terms like felon and murderer, enquiring into laws that were suddenly retrieved to disarm the felon/murderer and using government media and government officials to perpetrate the spin, tease the investigation, appear as though the Party leaders were commiserating on the conduct of Broomes and that an official statement was imminent.

The Whistleblower said there was collective guilt.

That may be so but he was the only one on the phone, I told him.

He continued. They had talked about Broomes forging a meeting with the man in the hostage video and threatening to have President Granger look in to his business and shut him down. They said they didn’t sign up for that and felt she had gone too far.

Now I was noting that the pictures circulated by Special Forces North America were clipped and cropped in such a way to hide info, while showing just enough to steer support for Broomes.

Damn, I thought, this is demonic.

My mind wandered to a few days prior. I was sent a video of a man, Nigel Durant, another security guard who said he was abused by Broomes and when he responded in like manner he was transferred. The video had since been pulled down… because there was a suggestion that the company could go out of business if it wasn’t. I was told that that guard, Durant, was forced to make a statement that was dictated to him which of course contradicted his version on the TV clip that was ordered to be taken down – and before Congress.

Full disclosure. I have been unable to verify any of this but there was the stench of repeat offender.

I tuned back in to Whistleblower…who was still explaining the why’s and the wherefores of their involvement in the latest instalment of Broomes’ bad behavior.

Guilt took over and conscience prevailed, he was saying, essentially.

The collage of pictures presented to the public via Facebook with a caption claiming ‘Truth’ and a purported confession from the guard and apology from the Security Company are all lies, said the Whistleblower.

Look at the second picture good, he continued.

That’s not in the set that I sent you. You know why? Because I don’t have that here. That was made up, manufactured by the North American team. It don’t have no letterhead, and the words on the paper were written by them, not that Security Company they claim wrote it and apologized. They made that up and presented that fake letter to the public. You see?

Who made it up, I asked.

The same man that wrote the article in Chronicle. Why you think it shows no letterhead or no signature at the bottom like the letter from the Security Company…and is he circulating it on Facebook?

You gotta be kidding me, I managed to stutter…shocked at the depth of the deception. It was then that I noticed the difference in the stock of paper.

Why all this, I asked, why all the lies, all this craftiness, for what outcome?

I don’t know, said the Whistleblower but I am ashamed of myself and the way I disgraced my profession.

Don’t tell me your profession, I said. Just give me the facts.

The facts are in the fax that you have. Do you have one with the words that say the Company admits that the guard didn’t adhere to established training protocols?

No, I said.

Do you see any signature there, like on the letter I sent you, Number 2?

No, I said again.

Well good.

That’s the facts.

And I’ll take that as the facts until Special Forces North America produces a letter on the letter head of the Security Company that was placed (in the collage) next to the bogus letter like a no frills box of cereal in the supermarket with the same coloration but not the same gravitas.

Proximity to Broomes risks exposure to her infection. I don’t know how she benefits her Party but I do know she’s helping them lose face and support.

I can’t see how the Party would be unaware of this latest attempt to Salvage Simona but their absence from this issue stains them as much as it does the North American spinners.

As the larger arm of the Coalition and the Party of Simona…APNU is sullying what government should represent …and will do so everyday Simona is allowed to sit in Parliament as their pick to represent the people.

This is the stuff non-democracies are made of; the commandeering of state media, silencing of witnesses by threats to their livelihood, misinformation and disinformation campaigns by white collar goons, all as the Party focuses on its Congress, an assembly that could not, by any stretch of imagination, be conducted in good faith without the cloud of Broomes looming and large.

I thanked the Whistleblower for having confidence in me and promised to share the conspiracy and regret they expressed, for being part of what they now see as furthering of the stagnation of the country.

We said our goodbyes.

I remain disappointed in the people I thought could be our political pilots.

What did I miss?

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