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This document that boasts of denying safe...


It was the fear of foreign interference...


This document that boasts of denying safe...



The disrespect and disruption are deliberate.
The intent is to provoke the government.
The expectation is for the government to counter.
Then he would have created a ‘climate of collapse’.

The tactics of Bharaat Jagdeo as Opposition Leader are, almost, like he is acting out his dissertation for the course of study he was calculatedly selected to pursue.

He was serendipitous, this Bharaat, because he was on spot at the time when his party’s matriarch was looking for the political reincarnation of her Bharaat – her Cheddi Bharaat- to carry on the party’s dedication to politics that was more ethno divisive than not. He even came prepackaged with the name and showed the requisite malleability.

So, it had to be a sign, divine and a deific directive to get the boy to Moscow to that Patrice Lamumba University – the militant manufacturing machine that churned out Brazilian, Carlos Marighela, author of that feared urban war fare manual, and his Venezuelan counterpart, Illich Ramirez Sanchez who earned the ignominious title of world’s most wanted a couple of times before he started serving a couple of life sentences in a prison in France.

It could have been that they were thinking that Guyana needed to show that it, too, was capable of cultivating similar human capital but whatever the logic was, we got Bharaat Jagdeo whose terrorist foray was confined to the coffers of his country which he pillaged with the fury of Atilla the Hun and the stupidity of Pink Panther, leaving his prints on everything he touched.

Now he has lost his title of feared terrorist and has been demoted to opposition leader where, by definition, he has to show that he could lead by opposing…
…which would explain why, the man who would be terrorist is attempting to assert his new portfolio by raising a ruckus against working on a national agenda with the officially appointed Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo…
….but, does not explain why there is no official riposte from the President’s office on Jagdeo’s attempt to exhume his terrorist remains.

So, we’ll take it from here and will begin by conceding that winning isn’t everything but will submit that it beats anything in second place.

Prime Minister and First Vice President Moses Nagamooto and Home Affairs Minister Ramjataan are first, official appointees of this legitimate government. If they are assigned to create the much needed national healing and unity commission, that is has at its core, the ethno divisive cancer that continues to cripple our sociopolitics, then we expect them to respect the directive of our duly elected president and serve us, the citizens, who elected their party in to office.

…..Now, the room seems to fill only with the voice of the bellowing Jagdeo who seems have received an epiphany that there is magnanimity in inviting the opposition to be a part of policy making; that non politicians could be invited to participate in the formulation of certain approaches ;that even governments can use some consultation….

He’s dipping back in to his training arsenal, collective bargaining when it is opportune, civic minded when patriotism becomes pertinent, offering solutions to situations that his government and party may have employed and if so unsuccessfully.

The game is to keep the divide wide, inject tension, invoke fear, create unease, incite exasperation and embitterment with the hope of creating an atmosphere to foster pockets of resistance like the Urban Warfare booklet said at Moscow U, back when he was studying to be that subversive that he never quite became but may have another shot at.

But his strategy is aimed too much at defacing Ministers Nagamootoo and Ramjattan to be taken seriously and he cannot refrain from citing their expulsion (arguable) from his faction. He seems to think that it is a tactical maneuver to overstate that Team Opposition holds a “dim view” of the former PPP members without realizing that the same sentiment is shared about him and his party.
And the fact that he is viewed through the same dim lens doesn’t help either.

Mr. Jagdeo’s pamphlet says “the political situation of the country will become a military situation and the acts of violence, the mistakes and various calamities that fall upon people will be put down to errors by government”.

He is certainly not potent enough to incite a military situation or acts of violence but has a prominent enough platform to get the attention of those who are still too partisan to appreciate how important the promotion of bridging the racial divide is to our country.

Counter terrorism begins with knowing the threat of terrorism.

They have already received the signal that obstruction, interruption and disruption are his intended weapons.

Shutting down his attempts to create a climate of collapse should now be academic.…/


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