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This document that boasts of denying safe...


It was the fear of foreign interference...


This document that boasts of denying safe...



The numbers conclude that Trump reached the non – college educated disaffected voter.

I would argue that he reached the under-educated voter.

It was more than disaffectedness that caused millions to vote for a person, so unprepared, so unqualified, so unfit for the post of leader of the free world.

It was the prospect of dialing back the social clock and bringing bigotry and racism back as operating norms of America, that made this Trump the Pied Piper for the disaffected. For decades America pretended that it was improving social cohesion within its communities…all this as there was an ever-increasing number of Aryan and White Supremacy groups growing in all parts of the country, guns and war heads being bought en masse by certain Supremacy groups, bunkers and food storage areas being created by those who were “preparing to take back are country”.

The core constituents of the ‘Trump Movement’ are people who listen to rabid talk radio, Laura Ingram, Rush Limbaugh and get their cues for living from these people who pedal dissension and mayhem.

Allegedly, they want to protect the Supreme Court and reinstate the values of America.

I argue that this will be done at the loss of values of everyone else.

Trump will embrace the National Rifle Association and continue the free-wheeling of guns. He will keep his pledge to punish women who have abortions. And if we thought his account of blacks being shot every second was hyperbole, we have to recalibrate because, with the Police Benevolent Association supporting Trump, blacks will continue to be moving targets…shot with more frequency…

I’m one who is reeling from the continuously escalating cost of needed medication. Under Trump, my prospects for relief are negligible since cost control will now be at the discretion of the Pharmaceutical Lobby which was effectively propped up by the Republican Congress whose members invest in Pharma stocks. The school loan relief that many students anticipated will not be forthcoming because they invest heavily in the Financial sector, as well.

On the world’s stage, we should be prepared for constant embarrassment in the form of blundering and misstepping in policy measures. Hint? Putin has congratulated this Trump, something that he never does to American presidents. Now we’ll see if Trump will “bomb the hell out of Isis”, now that he and Putin are telephone buddies. All that as he prepares to defend the seventy five, – and growing- lawsuits pending against him, and the slow crawl of victims of his sexual abuses.

The Nobel Peace Prize Commission will have an easier choice too, for they will never consider a man with a lexicon that includes words like ‘bigly’,  who doesn’t know when the ‘H’ isn’t silent.

Look, today the world is a dismal place. Stock markets that soared less than twenty four hours ago on the back of a projected Clinton win, have tumbled dramatically for fear of this ignoramus ascending to the leadership of the free world. World leaders are expressing how skittish they are in anticipation of four years of unprecedented operational novelty with this Trumphole. Catastrophe looms in every corner. Allies worry about relationships that have been cemented and enemies celebrate at the prospect of enlisting his ignorance to help them do their bidding.

And it continues at home.

There will be protracted fights between him and Conservative Congress on everything – from Supreme Court nominees to continuing the support of Iraq against Isis. Investors have already begun to step back. The dumping of US Bonds has begun. The privatization of Social Security benefits is now a real prospect. Healthcare will revert to being a privilege.The recession of 2008 will revisit us with exponentials.

The hints are already upon us. It was comical to watch Team Trump trundle through an attempt to brief the world on what Trump’s economic plans are…they have no clue…his economics is file bankruptcy and find an Income tax loophole.

It’s a dark day.

It’s a Political eclipse.

Evangelical Pence will continue to effect the expression of constipation to pretend piety. Billy Graham will get some kind of medal for prophesying a Trump win. The Confederate flag will unfurl again and fly from every government office. Stop and frisk will be revived and blacks and minorities will have to observed unwritten curfews.

Trump will leave his indelible stain on the Presidency of the United States and Melania will be the role- model  First Lady for our young women, with her sleazy outfits and vision-less commentary. Ivanka will be named head of ‘women’s affairs’ because she’s a women’s expert- having operated several sweat shops and child labor operations, mostly women who were not allowed maternity leave- to make her clothing lines.

Donald will get his dream. He’ll occupy a house built by slave -labor.

And if this bothers you, think of Newt Gingrich, the singular warhead, as Secretary of State, Rudy Giuliani, the maligner of law, as Attorney General. With Trump they form the ‘nine-wives-club’ but who’s counting; who’s looking at their social track-record? Grabbing genitalia is, in the words of the erudite Melania, ‘just boy talk’…not evidence of a deviant proclivity.

The ‘Trump Movement’ has now ascended to highest office. White Supremacy, low –level thinking, and sleazy personal history are now the nation’s ID card. We’ll shudder every time Trump makes a speech or he appears with his scantily clad wife at formal events that are not a shooting for Playboy centerfold. His fast talking Campaign manger may become his press secretary, so we’ll have to hear her motor mouth on every channel every hour as she excuses his every blunder every day.

They said we are in end times.

Maybe its true but at least it’s not Prohibition.

I can drink myself happy.


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