Gordon Forte Contributor
Dear Editor

Stabroek News’ top story today, February 1, is of yet another allegation of law-breaking at state-owned entities in past years.

Surely the Government cannot go on making public accusations of criminal behaviour without prosecution under the law. Neither can the Opposition’s claims of irregularity in local and national governance be taken seriously if they can defend the Constitution only by press conference. A country ruled by nothing but propaganda wars is going nowhere.

What’s the use of allegations without action? Who is responsible for law enforcement? If laws are not enforced, Guyana’s Government loses credibility nationally and internationally. It is not enough to fire state officials after they have already emigrated. The US gift of handcuffs came too late, so now we rely on Interpol?
It’s useless to complain of past mismanagement in the Regions when you have new officials who had been your candidates in the last national elections. We can’t look forward to proper local government when serving public officials are now your candidates in the upcoming elections.

Citizens and voters can’t have the good life through only talk. After 9 months we may only now understand that it takes more time for change than was promised. But our new Parliament is not yet showing results convincing enough for either side to win on propaganda.

At least they can’t say it’s because they’re underpaid.

Yours faithfully
Gordon Forte




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