The overarching philosophy is that international migration could benefit the communities of origin when those countries strategically incorporate the resources the emigrants present.

Because development is typically socially and spatially variable in its impact, most emerging countries embed a Diaspora engagement policy into its long term development plan.

Prior to its May 2015 victory, the current Administration made very sensible plans to engage its Diaspora and incorporate the Human Resource knowledge base in to its rebuilding.

This remains a a plan in suspension because the Diaspora is still seen as an outside entity by many decision makers and a mere vessel for barrel remittances and campaign funding.

Fifteen months later the Guyanese Diaspora is still waiting to be called to serve its country. Many have attempted to preempt the call by designing technology to help field the flood of offers.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs remains impotent in the face of Diaspora Engagement. It’s Minister is yet to address his Ministry’s failure to incorporate the Diaspora, per its campaign and Foundation 8 of its Coalition Manifesto.

This video is a poignant visual of how things have progressed since May 2015.

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