Guyana, army, equipped

Data available at the United Nations shows that that Guyana’s military is the weakest and least equipped in South America.

As a country with ongoing border disagreements with all of its neighbors- Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname – this makes the country especially vulnerable and definitely a candidate for almost perpetual United Nations Security Council engagement.

Point to ponder when it disregards the other part of its UN agreement, the section that begs its humanitarian character under Article 14 in reference to refugees.

Of course all of that is subordinated by talk leaders suggesting that Venezuela is too much of an enemy for them to be taken in as refugees.

Guess they’re crossing the border with better weaponry and military vehicles than Guyana’s army.

Refusing fleeing refugees is anathema to Humanitarianism, the core of the United Nations.

And Humanitarianism becomes the need of countries with humans in them.


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